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David Letterman


Late Night With David Letterman http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083441/
      Disk 1     09-22-82 Pee Wee Herman, Bowie Kuhn, Cheap Movies
                     07-05-83 Pee Wee Herman, P.J. O'Rouke, Small Town News
                     09-08-83 Pee Wee Herman, Kim Koran, Int. Symbols, Viewer Mail
     Disk 2     10-31-83 Pee Wee Herman, Elizabeth Ashley, Frank Zappa
                     01-03-84 Pee Wee Herman, Joe Theismann
                     05-24-84 Pee Wee Herman, Fishing/Colin Fisher, Eliz Devine
     Disk 3     02-16-87 Iggy Pop, Marilu Henner, Jack Elam
                     07-21-88 Jackie Mason, Iggy Pop
     Disk 4     11-14-85 Marilu Henner, Sam Kinison, Sol Ashkanarzi
                     06-18-85 Kurt Russell, Sam Kinison, Mummenchantz
                     02-10-89 Tom Brokaw, Sam Kinison, Electric Clothing
     Disk 5     10-21-84 Pee Wee Herman, Bob Green, Edith Peterson
                     07-16-85 Pee Wee Herman, Julia Nixon
     Disk 6     1987 Sony and Cher
     Disk 7     02-06-86 Mary Tyler Moore, Tom Waites, Elliott Ach. Awards
                     10-05-88 Billy Crystal, Tom Waites, Steve Trimmins
     Disk 8     11-08-90 Marv Albert, Iggy Pop, Tim Robbins
                     05-26-93 Jerry Seinfeld, Iggy Pop
     Disk 9     10-16-92 John Malkovich, George Miller, Johnny Cash
                     10-05-93 Isabella Rosselini, Bob Saget, Johnny Cash
     Disk 10   04-23-92 Terri Garr, Jeff Goldblum, Tori Amos
                     03-28-94 Bob Saget, John Waters, Tori Amos
                     06-28-94 Penolope Ann Miller, Mary Madeline, Tori Amos
     Disk 11   06-10-94 David Brenner, Johnny Cash, Keanu Reeves
                     05-01-95 Mario Van Peebles, Marilu Henner, The Highwaymen
     Disk 12   Compilation of many guests, skits
     Disk 13   1982-Very first Letterman Show 
                     09-17-01 First show after 911    
     Disk 14   11/17/82 Andy Kaufman, Dr. Ruth, Alec Baldwin
                     07/07/82 Mr. T, Ron Howard
     Disk 15   04/11/89 Dolly Parton, Bread making
                     02/14/83 Dr. Ruth, Lorne Michaels
     Disk 16   '83 Julia Child, REM
                     11/15/83 Custom MAde Show, Dr. Ruth, Terri Garr
     Disk 17   12/22/88 Art Donovan, Geena Davis
                     '85 Bruce Willis, Charlie Hill, Dumb ads
     Disk 18    '88 Candice Bergen, Jon Lovitz
                     10/16/86 Paulina Porskova, John Waters, Bonnie Raitt
     Disk 19   05/19/87 From Las Vegas, Sammy Davis Jr.
                     11/16/83 Andrea Martin, Gaylord Perry
     Disk 20    '89 Richard Lewis, Van Morrison
                      '89 Gary Shandling
     Disk 21    10/05/88 Billy Crystal, Tom Waits
                      08/13/86 Eugene Levy, John Candy, Steve Winwood
     Disk 22    08/16/84 Jay Leno, Gilda Radner
                      '86 Jonathon Winters, Robin Williams
     Disk 23    05/24/83 Barry White, Jacqueline Bisset
                      '83 Billy Crystal, Loraine Newman
     Disk 24    12/08/86 Jane Fonda, Steve Martin
                      '89 Shelly Winters, O.J. Simpson
     Disk 25    01/22/88 Tracy Ullman, Mike Ditka
                      '83 Bill Cosby, New Dial it Services
     Disk 26    12/25/87 "Dave's Old Fashioned Christmas", Teri Garr, Ted Nugent
                      09/17/86 Brother Theodore, Billy Joel
     Disk 27    '89 Robbin Williams, Joe Jackson
                      10/20/89 Bruce Willis, Gary Kasparov
     Disk 28    '83 Bill Cosby
                      02/14/85 Jack Hanna, Rich Hall, Douglas Adams
     Disk 29    05/04/89 Tony Danza
                      '84 Tony Danza, Carl Lewis
     Disk 30    12/88 Carrie Fisher, Melissa Etheridge
                      12/01/89 Rob Reiner (1/2 episode)
     Disk 31    09/21/09 President Barack Obama
                      09/22/09 President Bill Clinton
    Disk 32    Michael Keaton, Mr. Wizard, Mary Frann

     Disk 33     1984 Christmas Special

    David Letterman Anniversery Shows
          1st and 3rd Anniversery Shows 1 DVD
          4th and 5th Anniversery Shows 1 DVD
          6th and 7th Anniversery Shows 1 DVD
          8th and 10th Anniversery Shows 1 DVD

Bill Mahr

Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 1 (episodes 91 and 92)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 2 (episodes 93 and 94)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 3 (episodes 95 and 96)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 4 (episodes 97 and 98)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 5 (4/20/07 and 4/27/07)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 6 (5/4/07 and  5/11/07)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 7 (5/18/07 and 5/25/07)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 8 (8/24/07 and 8/31/07)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 9 (9/7/07 and 9/14/07)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 10 (9/21/07 and 9/28/07)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 11 (10/12/07 and 10/19/07)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 12 (10/26/07 and 11/2/07)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 13 (1/11/08 and 1/18/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 14 (1/25/08 and 2/1/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 15 (2/8/08 and 2/15/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 16 (2/22/08 and 2/29/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 17 (3/7/08 and 3/21/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 18 (3/28/08 and 4/4/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 19 (4/11/08 and 4/18/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 20 (4/25/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 21 (8/29/08 and 9/5/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 22 (9/12/08 and 9/19/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 23 (9/26/08 and 10/3/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 24 (10/10/08 and 10/17/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 25 (10/24/08 and 10/31/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 26 (11/7/08 and 11/14/08)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 27 (2/20/09 and 2/27/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 28 (3/6/09 and 3/13/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 29 (3/20/09 and 3/27/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 30 (4/3/09 and 4/10/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 31 (4/17/09 and 4/24/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 32 (5/1/09 and 5/8/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 33 (5/15/09 and 5/22/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 34 (5/29/09 and 6/5/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 35 (6/12/09 and 6/19/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 36 (6/26/09 and 7/17/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 37 (7/24/09 and 7/31/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 38 (8/7/09 and 8/14/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 39 (8/21/09 and 8/28/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 40 (9/18/09 and 9/25/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 41 (10/2/09 and 10/9/09)    
Real Time With Bill Maher  Vol. 42 (10/16/09)


Bill Maher: I'm not Wrong http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1600656/

Bill Maher: The Decider http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1039915/

Howard Pay Per View and Videos

Howard Stern's Butt Bongo Fiesta (Home Video)
Howard Stern's Negligee & Underpants Party (1988, home video)
Howard Stern's New Year's Rotten Eve '94 (PPV)
U.S. Open Sores (Home Video)

Howard’s Roast of Artie Lang



WOR Show Complete on 23 DVDs


#1:Jessica Hahn,Stuttering John interviews Walter Mondale,Kennith Keith blows smoke out his eyes
Sam Kinison,Stuttering John interviews Roy Sheider and Joey Ramone
#3:Richard Simmons,Young MC,Penthouse Pet Amy Lynn
#4:Female Wrestlers,Pat Cooper,Stuttering John interviews Dick Clark
#5:Kimberly Taylor hidden camera,Kennith Keith throws up
Barbra Streisand impersonator,Stuttering John interviews Phil Donahue
Gilbert "Dice" Gottfried,The Ramones,Stuttering John interviews Melanie Griffith
#8:Stuttering John at a ZZ Top press conference,Paula Abdul then and now
#9:Stutterin John trys to interview Eddie Murphy
#10:Howard contacts Elvis,Stuttering John vs. Morton Downey Jr
#11:Joe Piscapo,Kimberly the Babysitter,Larry Holmes
#12:Stuttering John interviews Connie Chung and Richard Gere at the Dahli Lama press conference
#13:Out of the Closet Munsters with Al "Grandpa" Lewis
Linda Blair stars in “The Sexorcist”
Baba Booey’s Personal Irrigation helmet,Howard eats cat chow
#16:Celestine the armless and legless woman,Baba Booey gets locked in car trunk
#17:Howard's mom,Joan Rivers,Halloween massages
#18:yearbook photos of Howard and everybody on the show,Amazing Joe gets buried alive,Stuttering John interviews Justine Bateman
#19:Lesbian Dating Game
#20:Dr.Marshall King hypnotizes the House Party girls
#21:Lesbian Love Connection
#22:Stuttering John at the Lost in Space convention
#23:X-mas bowling special with Jessica Hahn,Grandpa Al Lewis,The Ramones,Young MC
A Night at the Movies with RUN DMC
#25:Superbowl Party
#26:This Is Your Life Howard Stern with Dee Snider and more of Howards friends
Stuttering John vs. Tourettes Don
#28:Swinging Couples Dating Game
#29:Howard plays Twister with a spokesmodel
#30:Barbie Booey Doll,Stuttering John tries to interview Pete Rose and George Foster and gets kicked out of the baseball convention
#31:Howard trains with the Harlem Globetrotters
Female Family Feud with Hookers vs Call Girls
#33:Stuttering John tries to interview Madonna,Rock n Roll slut fantasy makeover
#34:Howard's Salute to the Troops of Desert Storm Special
#35:Howard shows highlights from past shows
#36:Dr. Ruth Westheimer advises Howard and his wife Allison
#37:Insanity Fair magazine cover photo shoot
Pee Wee's Play With Yourself Playhouse
#39:Out of the Closet Stern,Stuttering John interviews Cher, Stallone & chases Arsenio
#40:Crown Heights Jeopardy, John interviews Duff from Guns n Roses & Sally Jessie Raphael
#41:You Bet Your Ass starring Howcho Stern,Porn Star Hypthia Lee
#42:Baba Booey gets his head shaved
#43:The $20 Pyramid with Chuck Norris
#44:Stuttering John interviews Oliver North,Lesbian Love Connection
#45:The Helen Stern Show with Tula the Transexual
#46:House Party with Stuttering John and his band
#47:Christmas Show with Cheech and Chong
#48:The Howard Stern Roast
#49:Fartman meets Batman/Adam West,Gary Busey stars in the Head Injury Club for Men
:Howard as Captain James T. Kirk in Stern Trek
#51:Stuttering John at the Jennifer Flowers press conference,The Dating Game with Tawney Kitaen
#52:Superbowl Party
#53:Who Has The Cancer Bags with Lita Ford
#54:Homeless Howiewood Squares part 1
#55:Homeless Howiewood Squares part 2
#56:Stuttering John interviews Warren Beatty
The Stern Illustrated Swimsuit Show,Howard interviews Cindy Crawford and Van Halen
#58:Howard Stern People's Court
#59:St.Patrick’s Day Party
#60:Stuttering John interviews Bea Arthur,Club Howie with Right Said Howie and Corey Feldman
#61:Howard Stern’s Tribute to breasts
Lesbian Love Connection,Baba Booey’s Birthday
#63:Johnny Carstern's Tonight Show,Stuttering John interviews Walter Cronkite and Chevy Chase
#64:Scrapple in the Apple Boxing Match with Geraldo Rivera vs Frank Stallone
The 1st Annual Sphinctie Awards
#66:Hooker Howiewood Squares
#67:Howard presents "Gagagain’s Island" starring Bob Denver (Gilligan) and Dawn Wells (Mary)
#68:Hooker's Price Is Right
#69:The Sternlywed Game #1:Jessica Hahn,Stuttering John interviews Walter Mondale,Kennith Keith blows smoke out his eyes

Howard's Best 

on the E Channel

1) Ba Ba Booey loses the Gary Puppet
Hank the Angry Dwarf goes on a Date
Hank the Angry Dwarf in a Easter Bunny Costume
Pamela Anderson promotes the Thong she is selling part 1 & 2

2) Anna Nichole Smith 1st appearance part 1 & 2
Pamela Anderson gives Howard a lap dance part 1 & 2
Ba Ba Booey gets a freckle removed from his lips

3) Extreme Fan Challenge; Handicapped Star Search; Jason loses virginity on porn vacation; Beatlejuice and Camille (wants to apologize to the world) and wants to date Beetlejuice

4) Politically Incorrect II - Beetlejuice,Carver,Gary the Retard & Slow Adam
Howard farts in Ba Ba Booey's face part 1 & 2
Gary the Retard's Birthday Party part 1 & 2

5) Howard,Ba Ba Booey,Jackie measure their penis's part 1 & 2
Porn Star Jasmine St Clair promotes her Gang Bang porno part 1 & 2
Porn Stars Jill Kelly,Jenna Haze & Jeff The Drunk

6) Politically Incorrect- Beetlejuice,Crackhead Bob,Croix,Elephant Boy Part 1,2
Porn Star Houston gives a naked massage to a girl part 1 & 2
Scoot the Engenier has trouble doing Howard's music bumpers

7) Howard in New Orleans part 1,2,3,4,5

8) Pamela Anderson 1st appearance 1994 part 1,2,3
Gary Busey part 1 & 2

9) Howard & Stutterin John argue about use of the phone
Wack Pack Porno with Porn Star Dynamite part 1 & 2
Hypnotized Scores Strippers part 1 & 2

10) Susan Selles- porn star and lawyer; Jennifer wants a breast exam; Sable (Rena Mero) from WWF; Jennifer in bikini, but only after staff does too.

11) Jesus Twins preform live in Howards Studio
Andrew Dice Clay part 1 & 2
Hollyweird Squares part 1 & 2

12) Ba Ba Booey gets a new set of teeth,Jackie borrows a toothbrush
Halloween Show 1997 with The Amazing Kreskin part 1 & 2
Rodney Dangerfield & Jackie's $1000 debt part 1 & 2

13) Stutterin John at The Red Ball Party part 1 & 2
Elliot Offen & Hi-Pitch Eric argue & man who thinks he's Jesus
Stuttering John at Oscar Party
Porn Star Jevon and Jon King

14) Las Vegas 2001 Show part 1,2,3,4
Howard meets Hank the Dwarf

15) Ozzy Osbourne 1st Appearance Pt. 1 & 2
Stuck on You Contest: Jeff the Drunk 1,2,3

16) Porn Star Annie "Vaginal Millionaire" 1,2,3
Kennith Keith Kallenback's Porno
Ozzy and Marylyn Manson

17) Ralph take Lie Detector Test to See if he's gay Pt. 1&2, Howard 
Meets the Jesus Twins Pt. 1&2, A Guy Drinks Howard's Toilet Water, 
Girl gets Naked in Park for Husband's Band, Hi-Pitch Eric v. Crazy 
Cabbie in a Race

18) Staff measure their genitals Pt. 1&2, Beetlejuice auditions for 
Jackie's job, The Crew takes gay lie detector tests, UZO moves to LA

19) Homeless Jeopardy Pt. 1&2, BaBa Booey loses Howard's Mail, 
Robin becomes Gary & Scott's Boss, Grillo thinks he has aids

20) Scott the Engineer & Gary sings, Howard steps in Dog Crap & 
Benjy does pushups, BaBa Booey at the Learning Seminar, Howard 
farts in Gary's Face Pt. 1&2

21) Porn of the Month Club w Janine L., Howard smells girls to see 
if they are on their period, B-Real, Colt 40 Feinburg, & Mr. Skin 
evaluate girls for Playboy

22) Gary the Retard directs a porno, Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf 
v. Mark McGrath in Rock n' Roll trivia, Gary hooks Howard up to the 
Sega Channel, Grillo becomes Gunga Din, Sal the Stockbroker's prank 
phone calls to BaBa Booey

23) The Real Doll, Fred has Sex w the Real Doll, Gary & Interns 
drink all of Howard's water, ICP argues w Sharon Osbourne, Howard 
interviews "O.J." in the studio, Howard brings East & West Coast 
rappers together

24) Porn star Houston has sex w listener Pt. 1&2, Beetlejuice v. 
Gary the Retard Trivia Contest Pt. 1&2, Stuttering John's practical 
joke on Jackie

25) Scott the Engineer's pushup challenge Pt. 1&2, BaBa Booey's 
efficiency expert, Staff pees in diapers, Howard gets mad at Scott 
for not doing music bumpers

26) Gary the Retard's Bday Pts. 1 & 2 (1st of many the show has 
celebrated), Penthouse Pet Strip Trivia Pts. 1 & 2 (Janine's first 

27) Steve-O from Jackass, Kelly LeBrock, Ralph smells Howard's Farts, Fred Quits pt1 & pt2, Crackhead Bob sings Van Halen

28)  Jack Gordon, ex-husband of Latoya Jackson; brings 3 girls in bikinis to put Melrose Larry Green in a guillotine; Paul McCartney pt.1; Juliette Carriega-Penthouse Pet 2000; Paul McCartney pt.2

29) Juliette Carriega-Penthouse Pet 2000 pt. 2; Leila Arcieri-Son of the Beach; Fart contest; Lita and Trish Stratus-WWF; Taylor Hayes, porn star, gives contest winner a nude massage 

30) Jenna Jamison and Nikki Tyler Lesbian Dating Game; Stephen Baldwin promotes “Fled”; Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowen; Scores Girls Get hypnotized by Paul McKenna pt. 1

31) Nikki Shiering, Price is Right model promoting FHM shoot; Scores Girls get hypnotized by Paul McKenna pt. 2; Tabitha Stevens, porn star pt. 1; Scores Girls get hypnotized by Paul McKenna pt. 3

32) Tabitha Stevens, porn star pt. 2; Charity, Scores stripper lived with Charlie Sheen; Fran Drescher; Nico Treasures, porn star

33) Mia St. John and Amanda Skelton (boxers) promoting fight; Girls being evaluated for Playboy; Gary’s makeover, Brenda Cooper-Fashion Emergency (ex-wife of Corbin Bernsen); Angelica Bridges, Playboy Playmate

34) Dave, a caller thinks he is better looking then Howard; 1st Annual Crapitatica Contest (farting); Hank vs. Beetlejuice pt 2; man sucks Hank’s nasty toes for wife’s breast implants; Dr. Natasha, sex doctor; Sandra will show Howard her G-spot

35) Bijou Phillips, actress/model; Judy wants to be humiliated into losing weight; Rei-stripper who performs Shakespeare; Michelle wants to be a stripper and wants breast implants

36) Brad takes porn star, Houston to his prom. Pt. 1; Scott the Engineer and his weight problem and betting..loses bet and has to walk down street in bikini; Houston prom date pt.2; Fan, Sean Lennon says he will do anything for a Private Parts package.

37) Woman has to kiss Gary the Retard to meet the Backstreet Boys; Tristan-ultimate guide to anal sex for woman; Guess Who’s the Porn Star with Tabitha Stevens; Rapper, Busta Rhymes; contestants need to eat a piece of chocolate out of Jackie’s ass for Private Parts Package

38) Women compete for breast implants; Kira Reed-Playboy’s Sexy Urban Legends pt. 1; Beetlejuice with his agent and best friend; Kira Reed, pt. 2

39) Rose McGowen promotes “Charmed”; Lesley, Skye and Taylor nude carwash; Small penis contest; Beetlejuice dressed as a leprechaun auditioning for Jackie’s job; turkey callers; Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne (cut off)

40) Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne; Stacy and Laura want to be evaluated for Playboy pt. 1; Fabio; Stacy and Laura Playboy evaluations pt. 2

41) Linda wants to eat cake out of Fred’s ass for a Private Parts package; Meghan wants to be Howard’s girlfriend; Beetlejuice; Porn star Dynamite wants to bang 21 guys for her 21st birthday; Kid Rock promotes new record

42) Strippers get naked for Howard (Becky and Becky); midget act; Bob Saget and Gallagher promotes ‘Becoming Dick”; Hank in bunny outfit and takes a breathalizer; Paulina Porizkova

43) Janine-porn star; Bridget the Midget, porn star; Jade and Taylor, lesbian sisters pt.1.; Kim-fan of Mark Wahlberg

44)Jade and Taylor, lesbian sisters pt. 2; Jeff wants Kendra Jade to vomit on him; The Rock; Elliott, cross dresser and High Pitch Eric; Bebe Buell- had sex with rock stars and promoting book

45) Robin’s horse show; Stuttering John and Baba Booey emcee Ms. Spice Channel contest; Motley Crue; Jen wants breast implants

46) Tori Spelling; Riley, abducted by space aliens; Name that Caucasian; Hank dressed as a bunny

47) Kendra wants to touch Howard; Stuttering John goes to Oscar Party; Stacy Sanchez-Playmate of the Year 1996 and Julie Cialini-1995 Playmate of the Year- Howard gives them a quiz

48) Howard’s love doll he ordered, 2 girls from “Night Calls” Playboy TV- Julie and Doria; The Bacon Brothers; Suzanne Somers pt.1 and pt.2.

49)  Anus Man has 2 anuses a/k/a Camo; Jennifer, 23 year old virgin; Japanese broadcasters tour studio; Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini; Tori Spelling pt. 2; Vicot claims Howard communicates with him through the radio.

50) Howard rags on Ralph, then Gangi; Howard talks about calling a psychologist; Fred the Elephant boy and his girlfriend; Salt and Pepa and Spinderella

51) Savannah from Scores; Zurnya, Queen of Dreams; Mary, stripper from Dallas; Veronica Webb, super model; Fran Drescher; Robert Duvall

52) Jaleel White (Urkel); Paul Rodriguez; To Tell the Poof, pt. 2 (Who is gay?); Amber Brkich (Survivor) posed for Stuff Magazine; Mystique Magazine (Black vs. White models)

53) Celestine Tate- no use of arms or legs; Jenny McCarthy promotes her book; Tiny Tim pt. 2; Chris Rock promoting album

54) Stuttering John stupid interviews; Sophie B. Hawkins; Halloween Show and Kreskin the magician pt. 1; Davis Peele and Tommy; Halloween/Kreskin pt. 2

55) Scott the Engineer does pushups

56) Jenna Jameson, porn star-1st visit to show; World AIDS Day; Grillo getting laid by girl at PPV special; Melrose Larry Green and Grillo argue; Garry Marshall‘snew book; Robert Downey Jr. pt. 1 “Home for the Holidays“;

57) Traci Bingham pt 2; Diaper contest; Howard’s book Miss America is released; Howard discovers Crackhead Bob; Reggie Miller (Pacers) promotes his book

58) Marlena Andreda and Traci Bingham (Baywatch), and David Brenner play Jeopardy; Sandy Taylor (Playmate) and William Shatner -pt.1 and 2; Jenna Jameson, and her father and bodyguard.

59) Drew Carey promotes new book; Penthouse Jeopardy; Drew Carey pt.2; Penthouse Jeopardy pt.2.

60) Howard announces he is running for governor of NY; Howard rags on Gary’s new haircut; Robert Downey Jr. pt 2; Dennis has erection problem and a goofy smile; ______ wants a singing career and gives Howard a peek at her breasts.

61) Jaid Barrymore (Drew’s mom); Victoria, the Russian playmate pt. 2; Howie Mandel and “What’s Up with My Secret?” ; Tim Allen

62) Jasmine St. Clair- no longer doing gang bangs; Stuttering John goes to interview Cindy Crawford; Drew Carey and Sam Simon, Simpsons creator; Victoria, the Russian Playmate pt.1

63) Melanie Good-actress/model; Insane Clown Posse; Allison’s new role (Fred’s wife) pt.1; Insane Clown Posse pt. 2; Allison’s new role Pt. 2

64) James-has solution to Iraq crisis; Kelly who is mad at Christopher Reeves (she has C.P.); Jan Michael Vincent pt. 2; William Katz\

65) William Shatner and fan, Croix; Scores girls, Patrice and Madison; crew discussion about hamburgers; Lou Diamond Phillips and wife, Kelly. His new movie the “Big Hit”; Jan Michael Vincent pt1

66) George Clooney pt. 2; Gary’s breasts problem; Ralph goes to Star Trek Convention and interviews Terry Farrell from Deep Space Nine; Natasha Hendridge

67) Matt-has world’s biggest foot; Nicollette- says she is better looking than Pam Anderson; William Shatner just got married; George Clooney-mystery guest

68) The Jesus Twins pt. 2; Hypnotized Scores Girls pt 1; Jason Priestly; Hypnotized Scores Girls pt 2 and Guess Who’s the Virgin

69) Howard in Hollywood-day 2; David Spade; The Jesus Twins; Keilbasa Queen and Dallas Deep Throat

70) Jasmine St. Claire pt 3; David Schwimmer promotes “Kissing a Fool“; Howard in Hollywood-Billboard Live Club; Karen-claims world’s greatest ass; High Pitch Eric

71) Howard Birthday Bash pt 3; Jasmine St. Claire and Annabelle Chong pt. 1; Howard’s Birthday Bash pt. 4; Jasmine st. Claire and Annabelle Ching pt. 2; Howard’s Birthday Bash pt. 5.

72) William Shatner and new book, pt. 2; Howard’s Birthday Bash pt.1; Howard’s Birthday Bash pt. 2; David Duchovny pt. 2

73) Branford Marsalis; Grin Cynic band drinks Howard’s toilet water to perform; girl gets naked in Central Park so boyfriend can get on show; William Shatner‘s new book pt 1; Cheryl gets naked-lingerie model for Playboy

74) Tawny Kitaen; Mark Harris-gay husband of Martha Raye; Tawny Kitaen pt 2; Judy Nelson-ex-lover of Martina Navratilova pt 1; Anna the foot fetish girl

75) Jade St. Clair (Miss Nude World) and porn stars, Jasmine St. Clair and Nico Treasures; Ozzy and Jack Osbourne; Lee and stripper; Lee and stripper pt. 2

76) Dr. Ruth pt. 2; Stuttering John sets up Jackie’s comedy act; Howard’s masturbation machine; Michelle Yeoh-James Bond Girl; Milton Berle

77) Nicole Bass; Judy Nelson pt 2; Lisa pt 1; Lisa pt 2; Dr. Ruth pt. 1

78) Mark Harris and Davide; Stuttering John at the Red Ball pt 2; Geraldo Rivera and Richard Belzer and Chris Darden (Robin’s Jeopardy warm-up) pt 1; Robin’s Jeopardy warm-up pt 2

79) David Duchovny pt 1; Julie Schwartz-playmate; B.J. Thomas; Savanna Sampson and strippers


Edit Howard Delete Jackie Move Up BaBaBooy Move Down Ted the Drunk Get beers and coke for Artie

2 Hours each disk

1. Artie Lange Strikes Teddy and Quits - 4-14-08
2. Artie's Waist Measurement
3. Artie Snacks
4. Artie on Conan Feb 08

1. Artie Returns 4-20-08
2. Howard TV 2008 Animated Shorts

1. Garypaloza - Gary The Retarts Birthday Apr 2008
2. Creative meeting for GARypalloza

1. The Gary Dell'Abate Roast

The Artie Lange Roast and back stage mayhem.

Gary Friers Club Induction 03-05-08
Gary Bored in Vegas 02-04-08
Small penis Contest
Benji Nude Yoga
Kim sings the National Anthem
The Iron Sheik plays Anal ring toss 08-02-07
The Iron Sheik returns 10-15-07
Gary I want you back tape fan screening
Howard mad at Gary
The Newlywierd Game with George Takei 04-01-08
Artie Confess to George Takei he is Gay; 12-05-07
Artie loses his Charity 04-01-08

Howard TV 9-11-01 Retrospective
Howard TV 9-12-01 Retrospective
Stripper spanked with a Fish
Miss Girls Gone Wild spins the wheel of Sex
Worst Comic Sitting
The Gary Puppet is Stolen
The Jackie Puppet debut
Naked DareDevil
Foo Fighters with Richard Christy

The Stupid Bowl II
Vouyer Bus
Brandi Love wants to be evaluated for Playboy

Steve-O Meets the Sterns
Scott VS. Gary

Sly Stallone
George Lopez

Porn Factor
Porn Star- Beauty Contest

Erika The Gymnist

Penthouse Pet: Fantastic 4 Contest
Porn Star Dynamite

Frostebite Girls
Jenna Jameson gives nude massage
Puppetry of the Penis

Cake Girl
Jessica Rabbit
Mariah Carey IQ Test
Scott Goes Nuts
Joey Boots Icey Hot

Artie's Apology Letter
Artie and J.D. in Hollywood 4-07-08

Tabitha Steven's Game 5-14-08
Shantner's Book 5-14-08
Lisa Lampanellis Fat Camp 5-12-08

Celebrity Superfans 5-13-08
Postgame and News

Courtney Love and Houston
Tabitha Stevens Bleaches Her Ass

75 Year-Old Pornstar Ann
Lisa Marie Presley

Get My Dad Laid!!
Dyanne Lauren

Who is the Transexual?

Jim J. Bullock
Cory Feldman
Paul Anka

Trish and Lita WWE
Juliette Lewis
Pat Cooper

The Evaluators With the Napiar Brothers
Jessica James and Captain Sack

Janice Dickenson
Heidi Fleiss

Stump the Perv With Ron Jeremy
Richard and Jessi
Courtney Culkin

Tracy Morgan's Divorce
Lisa Lampanelli Grammys

Jeff The Drunk Will Not Leave K-Rock
Shaved or Unshaved

Richard Pees in a Diaper 5-03-08
Richard at Rocklahoma
Richard Drumming Special

Steve Guttenberg 05-06-08
Jackies 75th Jokehunt 04-29-08
Jay Thomas 02-26-08

ERIC the Midget's Girlfriend Calls in 02-25-08
Eric the Midget Quits the show 02-26-08
Eric the Midget Returns to Show 3-13-08

Staff Revelations

Artie Drunk in Vegas
Sal and Richard Messing with Ronnie
Benji: Scream Fest

Ugly Guy/Hot Wife Contest 05-01-08
Jason and His Mom 05-01-08
Delivery Guy Game with Roxy 5-05-08

Miss Howard Stern's New Body
Girls Throw Up on Each Other
Lori Lust

Bowling Beauties 1 & 2

Bowling Beauties 3 & 4
Marlena Intern Tryout

Slow Adults VS. Porn Stars
Anal Ring Toss
Jon Bon Jovi

Paula Gloria
Al Roaker

Hottest Girl: Ugliest Scars
Flower Sal

Will The Farter Paints
Phyllicia and Vicky
Miss Howard TV: June Gracie
PlayMates: Jayde and Juliette

Artie's Eye Injury
Artie's Herion Story
Artie's Letterman

Kid Rock
Artimus Pyle
The Ramones

Artie's Possible Book Covers
Yucko and Nicole's Marriage Problems

Chyna Doll
Elliot Offer

Anna Benson
Adrianna Curry and Donald Trump

Hulk Hogan and Family

Norah Vincent
Gianni Russo
Ozzy and Sharon

Penny Cries
Howard's Tribute to Artie

The Dirty Cop

Savana Sampson

Kristy Anne and Buck Aryel

Andrew Dice Clay

Cancer Make a Wish Guest

The Evaluators and Howard's First Day

Jillian and Pilar
Drunken Henry Hill

Fucking Machines
Shawn King

Daniel Carver Roast

Tori Spelling and Darrell Hammonds

Sandra Bernhardt
Artie's Gambling
Bon Levy's Standup

Richard Gets Sick

Bobby Badfingers
Gary Gets Sick

Blue Iris
Kendra Jade is Drunk

Carmen Electra

The Ralph Roast

Callera From Playboy 3/10/08
Justine Alexis 4/29/08

Bad Skin Richard 4/8/08
Jason Reitman 4/10/08
Ryan Philippe

Butt Bongo Fiesta (1992)

Sal's Wife Shoots him in Ass 3/22/08
Blue Iris and Bigfoot 6/2007

Nick Dipala 4/05
Miss Howard TV
Nick Dipalo 1/3/08

Gilbert is Cheap 6/24/08
Ronnie Dyes his Beard 6/24/08
Magic Johnson and Gilbert
Greg Fitzsimons

Gary's Stinky Breath 5/20/08
Channel Aslow Memories 6/08
Piers Morson 6/18/08

Anal Ring Toss (Artie vs., Richard) 6/24/08
Pat Cooper Roast
Arties Man Cave 6/15/08

Sarah Silverman 10/03/07
Smell Richard's Balls
Bob Levy's Drug Problems 2008
Bijou Phillips 9/07
Chevy Chase Charity

Artie Weight Game 1/07
Artie vs. Dog (Pizza Eating)
Howard Questions Fred and JD's Women Count

Bubba's Wedding Weekend 3/14/07
Newlyweird Game

Verne Trayer "The Love Guru" 6/17/07
Carly Simon 6/19/07
Brewtopia With JD and King of all Blacks

Jim and Robin
Jim Controversy
Robin in  Love

Cindy Margolis Dating Game
Dave the Lunch Meat Guy
Cindy Margolis Strip Jeopardy (1998)

Artie and George Fight
Sal's Rapping 6/16/08
Christine: Miss Howard for June 6/17/08

Andrew Dice Clay 4/26/06
Artie and Norm
Artie's First Show (1998)

Henry Rollins

Jenny McCarthy 4/25/06
Robin's Polygraph

Amy Miller 5/03/06
Cliff Palate

Film Feast

Tera Patrick

Stunts for Film 4/24/06
Festival Tickets
Richard Streaks

Krystal Llear

Danny Bonaduche
Lisa Loel and Sister

Mitch Fatel 4/15/06
Artie Lange "What's So Funny"

Sal vs. Robin 4/17/06

Bob Levy's Meltdown
Cyndi Lauper

Howard Stern Misc. (appearances and skits etc.)

 -Misc. #1-
Private Parts Promo Tour and Interviews
Feb 97 SNL/Letterman
E Behind the Scenes
Larry King
E! Live at the Premiere Party
MTV Behind The Scenes
7-2-98 Magic Johnson Show w Fart Orchestra

-Misc. #2-
Gay dance party
Siamese twins
Retard rappers
Jamie Lee Curtis goes nuts
Kid Farter
Fish beating
Robin's breasts
Obnoxious stripper
Howard's slave
Howiewierd Squares
Fart in girl's face
"Brown fingers"
Gary cleans his teeth

-Misc. #3-
Oct 93-July 94
VH1 Music Talks Interview
MTV Week in Rock News Story
Howard on the Geraldo Show
"Howard Stern on Tour" (E! book special, rare look into Howard's 
personal life)
Rolling Stone Special
Various News Clips
Howard on Leno (brings out life size stand-ups of the other late 
night talk show hosts)
Ronnie the Limo Driver on the Vicki Lawrence Show
Inside Edition Story on the allegations of an orgy after the PPV
Leno w Blue Man Group
Sat Night Live Debate Skit
News Clips on his political run
Stuttering John on Conan
Howard on Letterman w the OJ shirt
E! Show: Howie's Dance Party/Scott's Wig Talks
Billy West on Leno

-Misc. #4-
Aug 94-July 95
Howard on Letterman discussing withdrawal from Governor's race
Donahue Show discussing Librarian in Texas controversy
E! Show: Halloween Party
E! Show: Pat Cooper Blows Up Parts 1 & 2
E! Show: Ralph The Tunnel Bunny (Ralph dresses like a woman and 
walks the streets)
E! Show: Jackie's "dump" in the Stanley Cup

-Misc. #5-
E! Show:Chaunce Hayden brings Debbie Tay's ashes
Robin and Linda Ronstadt on Leno
E! Show: Scott the Engineer's "Brown Fingers" Video
E! Show: Staff investigates bathroom smells
Howard on 20/20
Howard on Leno 11-30-95 (Howard takes over the show)
12-1-95 News Reports
Howard's Book Infomercial (very rare)
Letterman 12-20-95 (Howard does the show in drag)

-Misc. #6-
E! Show: 4/27/01 Mr Methane
E! Show: Girl wants to marry Howard
CBS Show: Staff drunk at 2000 VMAs
CBS Show: Scott the Engineer and Gary argue
CBS Show: Staff picks out girl with vaginosis
Wack Pack on WCW Nitro
CBS Show: Insane Clown Posse
CBS Show: Pamela Anderson & Natalie Ratano gets feet tickled
CBS Show: Chyna
Jackie on Son of the Beach
E! Show: '01 AJ Benza punches Stuttering John
E! Show: '01 Gary Busey goes nuts and attacks Howard
E! Show: Yucko the Clown
E! Show: Slapping High Pitch Eric with a fish
E! Show: 5/31/02 Flunky vs. Junkie
Howard on Letterman 11-6-03

Classic Commercials

100 Pepsi Commercials (1946-84)

The Best Of Animated Commercials

60 Minutes of Vintage Beer Commercials - Falstaff, Hamms, Blatz, Jax and more.

Sports Commercials - over 2 hours from the 50's thru the 90's.

41 Commercials From Joe Sedalmaier - "Where's the beef?" and 40 more. Funny, odd, surreal...by far the strangest advertisements on TV. They may have also been the funniest. 50 minutes.

Celebrity TV Commercials - 88 minutes with M.Monroe, A.Griffith, L.Tomlin, J.Winters, R.Welch, Durante, Namath, D.Hoffman, G.Marx, Reagan, Fawcett, Butkus, Cosell and many more.

Classic Commercials #1 - Sports and Cars - with Mantle, Aaron, Chamberlain, Berra, the Edsel, Nash, Thunderbird and more. Color and B + W. 2 hours.
Classic Commercials #2 -
Favorites and Cereal - includes The Frito Bandito, Cracker Jack, Tang, Andy Griffith, 3 Stooges, and a lot more. Color and B + W. 2 hours.



Commercials Comp DVD 1
Pepsi-Spice Girls/Photon Electronic Laser Game/Maxell Video Tapes/Dianetics Book Offer/Hostess Twinkies/Halls Cough Drops/Aurora AFX Formula 1 Toy Racetrack/Ninja Uniform Offer/BC Pain Pills/Scope Mouthwash/USA Network PSA-Conserve Wildlife/Yoplait Yogurt/Pepto Bismol/Hitachi Electronics/Flex Power Tires Toy Truck/Airwolf TV Show Promo/Hostess Pudding Pies/Sanchez of BelAir TV Show Promo/Check It Out TV Show Promo/WWF LJN Action Figures/Dance Party USA TV Show Promo/Don Young Ford Trucks Dealership/AA Office Equipment and Furniture/Bic Shaver Razor Blades/The Beatles Live Video Tape Offer/Giant Grip Wheels Power Machine Toy Truck/Stetson Cologne/Rambo Action Figures-Assault Vehicle and General Warhawk's Headquarters/Mitsubishi Car Dealership/Luckett and Lowery Jewlery Repair Shop/Oakland Buisness Exchange Magazine/USA Network College Basketball Promo/Sweetheart Gold Watch Offer/USA Network Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV Show Promo/Isomax Wonderbar Workout Machine/Players Club International Gold Card With Telly Suvales/The All Niter Record and Tape Offer/Tennesse Tourist Promo/Mars Candy Bar/Over The Top Movie Trailer Version 1/Bic Shaver Razor Blades/Gillette Good News Plus Razor Blades/From The Hip Movie Trailer/Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream/Vivarin Stay Awake Pills/Dream Away Diet Pills/Blistik Lip Balm/Old Spice Deoderant/Nestle White Chocolate Candy Bars/BC Pain Pills/Statue Of Liberty Watch Offer/Skittles Candy/Oxy 10 Acne Cream/WWF LJN Steelcage Playset/Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes/Milky Way Candy Bar/Clearisil Acne Cream/Over The Top Movie Trailer Version 2/Crest Toothpaste/Bass Master Fishing Magazine Offer/Hostess Choco Bliss Cakes/Casio Pulse Databank Watches/Kawasaki Motorcycles/Thompsons Waterseal Varnish/Nestle Crunch Candy Bars With Larry Bird/N.R.A. Membership Offer/Carquest Autoparts Store/Gillette Atra Plus Razor Blades/Axis Cologne/WWF LJN Action Figures/Planet of the Apes Action Figures/Planet of the Apes Action Figures-Fortress Playset/Planet of the Apes Action Figures-Forbidden Zone Playset/Planet of the Apes Action Figures-Catapult and Wagon/Worlds Greatest Superheros Action Figures-Spiderman,Green Goblin,Hulk,Superman/Batman Action Figures-Joker and Penguin/Batman Action Figures-Jokermobile/Batman Action Figures-Batman and Robin with Fist Fighting Action/Batman Action Figures-Batman's Crimelab/Justice League Action Figures-Hall of Justice Playset/Batman Batcoder Walkie Talkies/Batman Action Figures-Base Station Playset/Batman Bat Recorder Tape Recorder/Batman Action Figures-Wayne Foundation Playset

Commercials Comp DVD 2
Peanut Butter Captain Crunch Cereal/McDonalds-Playhouse/Shout N Shoot II Watergun/7UP Soda-Nintendo Game Giveaway/7UP Soda-Turn Un/7UP Soda-Xmas Tree/10K Soda-Nickelodian Giveaway/16 Wheel Monster Machine Toy Truck/Wendys-99 Cent Crispy Chicken Nuggets/Hubba Bubba Bubblegum-Gunfight/Cookie Crisp Cereal-Now With Bigger Chips/The Clapper-Clap On Clap Off/McDonalds-Arch Deluxe Burger and Deluxe Monopoly Game/Taco Bell-2 Tacos For 99 Cents/Taco Bell-Godzilla/Taco Bell-Taco Revolution/ABC 1970's Saturday Morning Preview/ABC 1980's Saturday Morning Xmas Preview/Wrestlemania Nintendo Game/Acclaim Wireless Video Game Controllers/Coors Extra Gold/10-10-220 Long Distance Phone Offer with Hulk Hogan and Alf/Aliens vs Predator Action Figures-Queen Mother Playset/Wendys-Kids Meal with All Dogs Go To Heaven Toys/Alpha Bits Cereal-Wizard/Alpha Bits Cereal-Jackson 5/Marshmellow Alpha Bits Cereal-Alpha Bits Land/Frosted Alpha Bits Cereal-Watersking/Alpha Bits Cereal-Computer/The Animal Toy Monster Truck/Armitron Wrist Watches/Atari 2600 E.T. Game/Atari 7800 Video Game System/Atari Computers and Video Games/Atari Centipede Game/Atari XE System/Back to the Future Movie Trailer/Back to the Future 2 Movie Trailer/Back to the Future 3 Movie Trailer/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Bambi Toys/Batman Movie Trailer/Batman and Robin Movie Trailer/Batman Forever Movie Trailer/Batman the Animated Series Action Figures-Batmobile/AWA Wrestlers Remco Action Figures-Battle Royal Playset/Wendys-Where's the Beef Girls at the Drive Thru/He Man Action Figures-Beam Master He Man and Skeletor/Bedbugs Board Game/Coors Light-Right Beer Now/Berry Berry Kix Cereal/McDonalds-Big Dreams/Big Frank Talking Frankenstein Action Figure/Big League Chew Bubblegum/McDonalds-Big Mac 1970's/Burger King-The Late Show/Burger King-Bacon Mega Supreme/Burger King-Free Xmas Disney Glasses/Burger King-BK Doubles/Burger King-French Toast Sticks/Burger King-Mega Double Cheese Burger/Burger King-Kids Meal with Men In Black Toys/McDonalds-Bowling For Burgers/Brain Warp Toy/Time For Timer PSA-The Importance of a Good Breakfast/Trix Cereal-Now with Brighter Trix/Bubble Magic Toy/Budweiser Bud Bowl 3/Budweiser Bud Bowl 4/Budweiser-Nothing Beats a Bud/Budweiser-The Frogs/Burger Chef-Free Star Wars Poster/Burger King-Aretha Franklin/Burger King-Free Frosted Coca Cola Glass/Burger King-Flame Broiled Whopper/Burger King-Masters of the Universe Meal Pack/Burger King-Jet Age Meal Pack/Butterfinger Candy Bar-Bart Simpson and Nelson/Star Wars C3PO's Cereal/Cadbury Candy Cream Eggs/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Fun Globes Toy/Captain Crunch Cereal Bars

Commercials Comp DVD 3
Captain Crunch Cereal-Treasure Hunt Contest/Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal-Free Animal Stickers/Captain Crunch Cereal-The Captain Plays Video Game/Casio Remote Control Watch/Crave Cat Food/Atari 2600 E.T. Game-Xmas Version/Chargertron Action Figure/Chatbot Toy Robot/Cheerios Cereal-Jack and the Beanstalk/Cherrios Cereal-Free Bag of Skittles Candy/McDonalds-Cheesy Cheese/Cheetos Chips-The Mouse Painter/Chex Cereal-Free Chexman CD Rom Game/Alvin and the Chipmunks Action Figures/PSA For Healthy Teeth-The Chopper/Chuck E Cheese Pizza-Smile America/Chuck E Cheese Pizza-Sisters/Clash of the Titans Movie Trailer/Coca Cola Soda-Santa Can/Batman Legos/Kitchen Safty PSA with Bugs Bunny/Marshmellow Dino Pebbles Cereal/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Barney's Robot Car/He Man Action Figures-Point Dread and Tallon Fighter/He Man Action Figures-Buzzoff and Whiplash/Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal-Hulk Hogan/Incredible Hulk Radio Controled Inflatable Figure/Karate Kid Action Figures-Competition Playset/Knight Rider Impossibles Toy Race Track/Lazer Tag Game/McDonalds-McDLT/McDonalds-McRib/Mickey Mouse Playhouse/Mike Tyson's Punchout Nintendo Game/Mr.T Action Figure/Burger King-Mr.T promotes The New Whopper/Photon Laser Game/Instant Quaker Oatmeal with Popeye/Rambo Action Figures-General Warhawk and Rambo/Real Ghostbusters Action Figures-Color Changing Slime Outfits/She Ra Action Figures-Cat Ra and Frosta/Smurf Crazy Foam Bubblebath/Star Wars Action Figures-Admiral Ackbar/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader Tie Fighter and X Wing/Star Wars Action Figures-Han Solo and C3PO with Backback/Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Troop Transporter/Star Wars Action Figures-Jabba the Hutt Playset/Flintstones Playset/Bigfoot Board Game/Grandprix Electronic Racing Game/Muhammed Ali Action Figure and Playset/Batman Action Figure-Batcopter/Superman Action Figure-Fortress of Solitude Playset/Batman Action Figure-Batmobile and Exploding Bridge Playset/Wonder Woman Action Figure-Invisible Plane and Collapsing Tower Playset/Spiderman Action Figure-Spidercar and Exploding Sky Scraper Playset/Fonzie and the Happy Days Gang Action Figures-Stunt Cycle and Fonzie's Garage Playset/Superpowers Action Figures-Green Arrow and Darkseide/Superpowers Action Figures-Superman and Martian Manhunter/Superpowers Action Figures-Supermobile and Lexor 7/Superpowers ACtion Figures-Hall of Justice Playset/Superpowers Action Figures-Joker,Lex Luthor,Aquaman,Robin/Superpowers Action Figures-Batmobile/Voltron Action Figures-Motorized Lionforce/He Man Action Figures-Spikor/Gobots Action Figures-Boomer Vehicles/Nestle Quik-Gobots Action Figure Giveaway/Smurf Pasta/GI Joe Cereal/Pacman Pasta/He Man Action Figures-Stonedor and Rokkon/Hershey's Kisses Candy with Rocky and Bullwinkle/GI Joe Action Figures-Hydroforce/GI Joe Action Figures-Sgt Slaughter Giveaway/Nintendo Video Game System with Rob the Robot/GI Joe Action Figures-Devilfish and Hydrosled/Thundercats Action Figures-Rataro/Inspector Gadget Cartoon Promo/GI Joe Action Figures-Serpentor/GI Joe Action Figures-Snowcat Vehicle/Ghostbusters Cereal/He Man Action Figures-Terror Claw Skeletor and Flying Fist He Man/PSA for Cerebal Palsey with Tony Danza/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Survelliance Playset/He Man Action Figures-Spydor/He Man Action Figures-Modulok/GI Joe Action Figures-Battle Platform Playset/He Man Action Figures-The Evil Horde/Superpowers Action Figures-Superman with Power Action/He Man Action Figures-Castle Greyskull/Superfriends Safty PSA-Aquaman Teaches Safe Swimming/He Man Action Figures-Dragon Blaster Skeletor/He Man Action Figures-Thunderpunch He Man/GI Joe Action Figures-Sky Striker,Cobra Rattler,Dragon Fly Copter/GI Joe Action Figures-Bridgelayer/He Man Action Figures-Thunderpunch He Man and Castle Greyskull/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Mamba Vehicle/Welcome Back Kotter TV Show Promo/Munsters Today TV Show Promo

Commercials Comp DVD 4
Godzilla vs Gigan Trailer/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-Valentine's Day Cake/Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla Trailer/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-The Death Wish/Super Fuzz Trailer/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Free Dinosaur Puzzle Kits/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Dr Fudgerock/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Super Cocoa Man/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Barney is Hercules/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Barney's Time Machine/Coca Cola Soda-Jackie Gleason/Coleco Handheld Video Games/Donkey Kong Cereal/Dominos Pizza-The Noid Plays Video Games/Afro Sheen Afro Blowout Kit/Players Jherri Curl Kit/Radio Shack Color Computer 3/Cookie Crisp Cereal-Free Spiderman Trading Cards/Cookie Crisp Cereal-Crook Scratches Back with Box/Cookie Crisp Cereal-Free Bubbleicious Gum/Corn Pops Cereal-Free Toy Flute/Eficol Cough Whip Cough Medicine/Count Chocula Cereal-Free Gummy Monster Candy/Micro Machine Toy Cars-Count Micro Machine/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Giant Computer Sale/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Greatest Video Sale Ever/Creepy Crawlers Toy Oven/Crispy Critters Cereal/Super Crocadile Mile Water Slide/Crunch n Munch Snack/Stop Pollution PSA with The Crying Indian/Cybersplash Laser Game/Diet Coke Soda-Batman/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Dinosaur Toys/Disneyworld-Remember the Magic/Dizzy Dolphin Disco Board Game/Dr Dreadful Drink Lab Toy/Dr Dreadful Food Lab Toy/Dominos Pizza-Xmas Buffalo Wings/Dominos Pizza-Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza/Dominos Pizza-The Noid and his Cold Gun/Dont Wake Daddy Board Game/Family Double Dare Live Tour Show Promo/Double Dragon Action Figures/Star Wars Droids Action Figures/Dr Pepper Soda-Guy From American Werewolf in London/McDonalds-Study Break/Dungeons and Dragons Board Game/HI C Ghostbusters Ecto Cooler Fruit Drink/McDonalds-Cowboys Eating a Egg McMuffin/McDonalds-Election Time in McDonald Land/Keebler E.L.Fudge Cookies/Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer/Elvira Mistress of the Dark Trailer/Empire Strikes Back Trailer version 1/Empire Strikes Back Trailer version 2/Empire Strikes Back Trailer version 3/Empire Strikes Back Trailer version 4/Sprite Soda-Ernest/McDonalds-E.T. Happy Meal/McDonalds-Evil Grimace in McDonald Land/Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D Trailer/Famicom Japanese Nintendo Video Game System/Burgerking-Fiesta Whopper/Flex Toy Truck With Power Wheels/Flintstones NFL Trading Cards/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Taste Adults Have Grown To Love/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Flintstones Comic Book/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Flintstones Frisbee

Commercials Comp DVD 5
Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Fred and Barney meet Santa/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Barney the Ghost/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Color Changing Toy Dinosaur/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Beanie Babies/Gator Golf Toy Golf Game/Ghostbusters Trailer/Street Fighter II Action Figures/Viewmaster Liteup Glow Sticks/GoBots Action Figures-Super GoBots/GoBots Action Figures-Destroyer,Cy Kill and Leader 1/GoBots Action Figures-Boomer Vehicles/GoBots Action Figures-Thruster Renegade GoBot Headquarters Playset/Grape Escape Board Game/He Man Action Figures-Castle Greyskull/Grease Trailer/Incredible Edible Gross Eries Maker Toy Oven/McDonalds-McDonald Land is the Happy Eating Place/Harley Davidson Kids Bike/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-Cookie Puss and Cookie O Puss/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Eddie Has Disco Fever/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-Cookie Puss and Hug Me The Bear/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Big TV,VCR and Video Game Sale/Coors Light-Elvira/Godzillas Revenge Trailer/Terror of Mechagodzilla Trailer/Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game/Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal/He Man Action Figures-Dragon Walker Vehicle/Disneyworld Hilton Hotel/Honeycomb Cereal-Kung Fu Louie/Godzilla vs Biollante Trailer/McDonalds-Ronald Meets The Rocking Hotcakes/McDonalds-Green Shamrock Milk Shakes/Japanese Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures/Watermellon Jello-Bill Cosby/Diet Pepsi Soda-Michael J Fox and his Cyborg/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Chicken Nuggets/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Clay People/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Mega Meal with Free looney Tunes Glasses/Killer Klowns From Outer Space Trailer/Karate Kid Action Figures/Knockout Boardgame/Star Wars Action Figures-Land of the Jawas Playset/Laser Combat Game/Laser Tag Game-Laser Stadium/License To Drive Trailer/Lifecall Medic Alert-I've Fallen And I Cant Get Up!/Little Caesers Pizza-Pizza Rock Band/Long John Silvers-Lil Rascals/Long John Silvers-Popcorn Chicken/Long John Silvers-Santa and his Popcorn Fish/Looney Tunes Smush Em Board Game/Crystal Pepsi-Van Halen/He man Action Figures-Man E Faces/Mario Bros Atari Game/Marshmellow Rice Krispees Cereal-Barney the Balloon Salesman/Masters of the Universe Trailer/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Animal Kingdom Toys/McDonalds-Hey Little man/McDonalds-Breakfast Bisqit Sandwich/McDonalds-1st Day of High School/McDonalds-Flintstones Movie Promo/McDonalds-John Madden/McDonalds-Free Gillette Razor Blade/McDonalds-Happy Meal with McNuggets Buddy Toys/McDonalds-McDLT/McDonalds-Evil Grimace Steals all the Cups in McDonald Land/McDonalds-Singing McDonald Land/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Food Changable Toys/McDonalds-Ronald in Hole in One/McDonalds-A Day in the Life of Ronald McDonald/McDonalds-Chicken McNugget Wedding/McDonalds-Grilled Steak Sandwich/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Cabbage Patch Kids Toys/McDonalds-The McPack/McDonalds-Mike the Mentally Handicap Guy/McDonalds-Xmas Gift Certificates/McDonalds-The Wishing Star/McDonalds-The All American Meal/McDonalds-Ronald in Scared Silly/McDonalds-Scrabble Game Contest/McDonalds-Moonman Sing Mac Tonight/McDonalds-Willie Tyler and Lester/McDonalds-Arch Deluxe Sandwich and Deluxe Monopoly Game/McDonalds-McNuggets Square Dance Song/McDonalds-The Happy Meal Monster/Coca Cola Soda-Mean Joe Green/Transformers Action Figures-Menasaur/Pepsi Soda-Xmas with Mickey Mouse

Commercials Comp DVD 6
Mighty Max Board Game/Star Wars Action Figures-Millenium Falcon/Monsterface Board Game/Coors Light-The Workout Beer/Motocyckes Kids Bike/Mr Big Candybar/Pepsi Soda-Miami Vice/Revenge of the Ninja Trailer/Nintendo Video Game System-Deluxe System/New Kids On The Block Action Figures/Dominos Pizza-The Noid and his Pizza Crusher/Dominos Pizza-The Noid and his Pizza Puncher/McDonalds-McNuggets Basketball Game/McDonalds-On The Go Happy Meals/Operation Wolf Nintendo Game/Orville Redenbocker Popcorn-New Popcorn Snacks/Ouija Board Game/McDonalds-Our New Song/Pathmark Grocery Store/Pepsi Soda-Gotta Have it/Pee Wee's Big Adventure Trailer version 1/Pee Wee's Xmas Special Promo/Pee Wee's Big Adventure Trailer version 2/Pepsi Soda-The Pepsi Challenge/Pepsi Soda-Robert Palmer/Pepsi Soda-Be Young Have Fun Drink Pepsi/Pepsi Soda-Michael Jackson/Pepsi Soda-Michael J Fox/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Xmas Sale/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Presidents Birthday Sale/Godzila vs Mechagodzilla Part 2 Trailer/Godzilla vs Mothra Trailer/Godzilla vs The Thing Trailer/Long John Silvers-Carol Ann from Poltergiest/Pepsi Soda-Cindy Crawford/Pizza Hut-Free Flintstones Glasses/Pizza Hut-Kids Pack with Free Star Wars Posters/Pizza Hut-Bigfoot Pizza and Free Blockbuster Video Rental/Pizza Hut-Pan Pizza/Pizza Hut-Kids Pack with Free Xmen Comic Book/Pizza Hut-Free Xmen Video/Playboy Magazine Xmas Offer/Playdoh Fun Factory Toy/PSA for Library Cards with Jaleel White aka Urkel/Pop R Corns Snacks/Alpha Bits Cereal-There's a Robot in my Cereal/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Stoney Scrambler Toy/The Princess Bride Trailer/PSA on Chewing Tobacco with Scott Baio/PSA on Crack Cocaine with Walter Cronkite/PSA on Drunk Driving with Magic Johnson/Time For Timer PSA-Quick Snack Carrot Sticks/Raiders of the Lost Ark Trailer version 1/Raiders of the Lost Ark Trailer version 2/Raiders of the Lost Ark Trailer version 3/Revenge of the Jedi Trailer/Robots VCR Board Game/McDonalds-Summer Backyard Fun/Rubiks Magic Puzzle-Macho Man Savage/McDonalds-Ronald Ice Skates/Little Caesars Pizza-2 Pizzas For $5.99/Wendys-Free World Wildlife Stuffed Animals/McDonalds-Xmas Gift Certificates/How to make a Saturday Ice Cream PSA/Burger King-99 Cent Big King Burger/McDonalds-Free Cinderella Stuffed Animals/Sectaurs Action Figures/Back to the Future 2 and 3 Nintendo Game/She Ra Action Figures-Crystal Castle Playset

Commercials Comp DVD 7
Simon Electronic Game/Sink A Dink Kids Toy Sink/Six Flags Amusement Park-2 Dogs/Orange Slice Soda-Frog Eater/Nickelodian Smud Toy/Smurf Colecovision Video Game/Smurf Xmas Record Offer/Dont Do Drugs PSA-The Snakeman/He Man Action Figures-Snakeman/Snickers Candy Bar-I'm Batman!/Spaceballs Trailer/Space Jockey Atari 2600 Game/Speak and Spell Toy-Bill Cosby/Dominos Pizza-The Noid and his Weather Machine/Dominos Pizza-Free 2 Liter of Coke/Star Wars Trailer version 1/Star Wars Action Figures-Admiral Akbar/Star Wars Action Figures-Han Solo and C3PO/Star Wars Action Figures-Micro Machine Action Sets/Star Wars Trailer version 2/Star Wars Trailer version 3/Star Wars Action Figures-Zuckess and At At Commander/Wendys-Wheres The Beef!?!/Burger King-Kids Meal with M and M Toys/Sugar Crisp Cereal-The Bear Chases Granny/Sugar Smacks Cereal-Bowling Frog/Time For Timer PSA-How to make Sunshine on a Stick/Post Cereal's Create A Supervillain Contest/Japanese Super Mario 3 Game/American Express Credit Card-Superman and Seinfeld/Surge Soda-The Mud People/USA Network Survivor Series Showdown Promo-Bret Hart vs Yokozuna/Swiss Chalet Restaurant-Xmas Dinner Special/Taco Viva-The Really Big Burrito/Electronic Talking Battleship Boardgame/Thundercats Action Figures-Lion O and The Berzerkers/Teddy Grahms Breakfast Bears Cereal/Teddy Ruxpin Talking Bear-Show and Tell/Teddy Ruxpin Talking Bear-Storybook Cassettes/Time For Timer PSA-How to keep your Teeth Healthy/Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer-1970's Version/Cosby Show and Family Ties TV Shows Promo/Pizza Hut-Free Land Before Time Toys/The Lost Boys Trailer/Radio Shack Color Computer 3/Real Ghostbusters Action Figures-Granny Gross/2XL Talking Robot-1970's Version 1/2XL Talking Robot-1970's Version 2/2XL Talking Robot-1970's Version 3/2xl Talking Robot-Batman The Animated Series/3 Musketters Candy Bar-Floating Candy Bars/7UP Soda-What Uncola Stands For/7UP Soda-See The Light/7UP Soda-Disco/7UP Soda-Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran/7UP Soda-Makes Old People Young/7UP Soda-Pacman/7UP Soda-Casino/1 900 Dial A Insult Phone Line/1 900 New Kids on the Block Phone Line/McDonalds-Jumprope/Burgerking-Burgerking Now Has Pepsi/RCA Selectavison Laser Disk Player/Pepsi Soda-David Bowie and Tina Turner/Nintendo Mario Bros and Zelda Cereal/McDonalds-Blind Date/54321 Candy Bar/1 900 999 Luck Party Line/1971 ABC Saturday Morning Promo/Addams Family Cereal/Alexanders Department Store/Smurfs and Alf Cartoon Promos/Alf Xmas Special Promo/Rexall Supermarket-1 Cent Sale version 1/Rexall Supermarket-1 Cent Sale version 2/Alpha Bits Cereal-Its So Good Eating Up The Alphabet/Alpha Bits Cereal-The Hippo/Alpha Bits Cereal-Dracula/Alpha Bits Cereal-The Jackson 5/Alphie Toy Robot/Alpo Cat Food-Garfield/Commadore Amiga Computer/Arbys-Hot Ham and Swiss Sub/Coney Island Astroland Amusement Park/Atari 5200 SuperSystem/Atari Computers and Video Games/Atari 2600 System with Free Pacman Game/Atari Video Games-The Valley Girl/A and W Restaurant-Bear Plays The Tuba/A and W Soda-Peanuts Gang make Root Beer Floats/A and W Soda-Mr.T

Commercials Comp DVD 8
Winston Cigarettes-The Flintstones version 1/Ayds Diet Candy/Back To The Future Cartoon Promo/Bartles and James Wine Coolers-Snow Storm/Batman and Robin Batcoder Walkie Talkies/Batman Batmobile Bigwheel/Batman The Animated Series Action Figures-Batmobile/Diet Coke Soda-Batman/Batman The Animated Series Action Figures-Jetblade/Battle Beasts Action Figures/Robotech Japanese Action Figures/Battlestar Galactica TV Show Promo/Tansformers Micro Machine Battle Masters/Diet Pepsi Soda-Billy Crystal/Beverly Hills Cop 2 Trailer/Big Red Soda/Big Trak Toy Truck/Big Wheel Bigwheel/Bill and Teds Cereal/Bing Bang Boing Board Game/Burgerking-Kids Meal with Dino Crawlers Toys/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Bonanza Restaurant-Montey Hall/Brain Bash Electronic Game/Bravestarr Neutralizer Toy Gun/Burger King-$1.99 Breakfast/Barbie Cereal/Bristle Bear Blocks Toy/Brooke Shields Doll/Bubble Yum Bubblegum-2 Flavors In 1/Budweiser Bud Bowl 6/Bud Lite-Gimmie A Lite version 1/Bud Lite-Gimmie A Lite version 2/Budweiser-Pick a Pair/Budweiser-I'm a Bud Man/Budweiser-Rappers on the Farm/Budweiser-Olympics/Trix Cereal-Rabbit Pretends to be Bugs Bunny/Kool Aid-Bugs Bunny the Cowboy/Tang Orange Drink-Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck/Burger King-Great Balls of Fire/Burger King-Triple Jump Checkers Game/Burger King-Chicken Bundles/Burger King-The King and his Motorcycle/Burger King-The Magician/Burger Chef-The Works Bar and Salad Bar/Burger King-Disco King/Burger King-Whopper vs McDLT version 1/Burger King-Whopper vs McDLT version 2/Burger King-Breakfast Buddy Combo with Evander Holyfield/Burger King-We Made The Switch To Pepsi/Butterfinger Candy Bar-Purely For Pleasure/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Captain Crunch Cereal-New Goldelicious Color/Captain Crunch Cereal-The Indians Attack/Aim Toothpaste-Hurtfull J Cavity/Fruit Chewy Fig Newtons/Alpha Bits Cereal-Nasty McEvil and Free Alpha Bits Stickers/E.T. Atari 2600 Game/Cosmic Kids Pasta/Campfire Bluebirds Promo/Eggo Waffles/Star Wars Action Figures-Zukuss and At At Commander/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal/Nestle Quik-Rabbit Plays Atari/Kit Kat Candy Bar-Deserted Island/Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal-Free Animal Stickers/Barbie Dolls-Enchanted Evening Costume Pack/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Free Funhouse Mirror Toy/Crayola Crayons/Humane Society Promo/McDonalds-No Snow/Family Feud TV Gameshow Promo/Cherrios Cereal-Drummer Boy/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal/Hersheys Kisses Candy-Frankenstein and Catwoman/Sugar Corn Pops Cereal-Porcupine/Tidal Wave Bubblegum/McDonalds-Ronald Meets The Man in the Moon/Chips Ahoy Cookies-More Chocolate Taste/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Free Tony The Tiger Rub On Stickers/Kit Kat Candy Bar-So Good You'll Roar/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Flintstones Poster/American Dental Association PSA-Pirate Crocadiles/Cookie Crisp Cereal-Free Art Pen/Hersheys Chocolate Syrup-Messy Marvin/Lucky Charms Cereal-Crocadile Steals Cereal/M and M's Candy/Crest Toothpaste-The Cavity Creeps/Chuck E Cheese Pizza-Smile America/Rice Krispees Cereal-The Pirate/Rough Rider 4x4 Toy Truck/Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires PSA/Carpeteria Carpet Store-Once A Year Inventory Clearance Sale/Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal-Free Granola Bar/Lucky Charms Cereal-Giant Catipillar/Cosmic Kids Raviolies

Commercials Comp DVD 9
Stag Beer-Mr.Magoo/Captain Crunch Cereal-Secret of the Crunch/Captain Crunch Cereal-Singalong with the Captain/Captain Crunch Cereal-Captain Meets Robinson Cruesoe/Captain Crunch Cereal-Sweet Tooth Carlile/Captain Crunch Cereal-The Crunch Berry Beast/Captain Crunch Cereal-Pirate LeFoot Cinnamin Crunch Cereal/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Fun and Games Book/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Crunch Combo Lock/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Crunch Cruiser Toy/Captain Crunch Cereal-The Peanut Butter Crunch Bird/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Crunch Dinosaur Spoon/Captain Crunch Cereal-Pirate LeFoot Trys To Blow Up The Cinnamin Crunch/Captain Crunch Cereal-Now With Pirate LeFoot Shapes/Captain Crunch Cereal-Xmas Crunch Cereal/Carefree Sugarless Gum/Carpeteria Carpet Store/Crazy Color Foam Bubble Bath/Cassanos Pizza/CBS Saturday Morning Preview/Star Wars Holiday Special Promo/Bugs Bunny and Fat Albert Halloween Specials Promos/Centurions Action Figures-Doc Terror/Cheech and Chongs Nice Dreams Trailer/Cheerios Cereal-The wicked Witch/Cherry 7UP-Isnt it Cool in Pink/Alvin and the Chipmunks Action Figures/Chiquita Ice Cream Pops/A Christmas Story Trailer/Chuck E Cheeze Pizza-Its Tough Being a Kid/Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal-Xmas Version/Circus Fun Cereal-version 1/Circus Fun Cereal-version 2/He Man Action Figures-Sy Klone/Close and Play Toy Record Player/Coca Cola-Monsters of the Gridiron Game/Coca Cola-Disney Video Offer/Coca Cola-Coke Classic Red white and You/Coco Wheats Cereal/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Barneys Time Machine/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Free Wriggle Ring Toy/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Sonny Lost at Sea/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Sonny Strikes Oil/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Sonny on Merry Go Round/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Sonny on a Boat/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Free Bobbin Cucu Bird Toy/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Free Crazy Ball/Coca Cola-Mean Joe Green/Coleco Table Top Video Games/Colgate Toothpaste-Flip Wilson/Arrid Extra Dry Deoderant-Brooke Shields/Raisen Bran Cereal-John Denver/Coors Light-Silver Time/Coors Light-Tap the Rockies/Corn Flakes Cereal-Top Cat/Corn Flakes Cereal-Babe Ruth/Corn Flakes Cereal-Free Captain Power Stamps/Cosmic Ark Atari Video Game/Country Club Malt Liquor/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Greatest Video Sale Ever/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Xmas Sale In August/Crispy Wheats and Raisens Cereal/Dairy Queen-Hotdogs and Mister Misty Floats/Family Double Dare TV Show Promo-Weird Al Yankovich and Lou Ferigno/Delmonte Gel Fruit Cup Deserts/Dennis The Menace Cartoon Promo/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/1 976 Dialajoke/Diet Slice Soda-Whos Got the Juice?/Dino Riders Action Figures/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Disneyland-Main Street Electrical Parade/Disneyworld-Be our guest put our magic to the test/Disneyworld-Alice in Wonderland/Donkey Kong Jr Cereal/Double Dragon II Nintendo Game/Dolly Parton TV Show Promo/Dollyworld Amusement Park/Dominos Pizza-Giant Dominos/Porky Pig and Donald Duck Soakie Toys/Cheerios Cereal-Donald Duck/Dont Blow Your Top Board Game/Doritos Tortilla Thins-Chevy Chase/Pacman Cereal/Tunnel Runner Atari Video Game/Dr Pepper-At The Beach/Drag King Toy Car/Dragon Warrior Nintendo Game/Dukes of Hazzard Slot Car Racing Set/Dukes of Hazzard Slam Shifters Racing Set/Dunkin Hines Cake and Pudding Mix/McDonalds-Ronald and his Toy Train Set/Voltron Action Figures-Castle of Lions Playset

Commercials Comp DVD 10
Hostess Twinkies-Twinkie the Kid/Pacman Cereal-now with Ms Pacman Marshmellows/McDonalds-Ronald in Hand Warming/Corn Pops Cereal-Free Wacky Wall Walker Toy/Honey Smacks Cereal-Free Wacky Wall Walker Toy/Cheerios Cereal-Pepperment Patty and Marcey riding a bike/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Free M and M's Candy/Fruit Loops Cereal-Madame Gypsey/Commadore Plus 4 Computer/Transformers Action Figures-Optimus Prime/Kenner Motorized Easyshow Toy Movie Projector/Electro Shot Shooting Gallery Toy/Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Trailer/Star Wars Action Figures-Chewbacca and Imperial Stormtrooper/Star Wars Action Figures-Lando Calrisian/Eskimo Pie Ice Cream Bars/Star Wars Ewoks Stuffed Animals/Fantastic Four Trailer-1990's version/Fast Eddie Marble Board Game/Flashman Japanese Toy/Welch's Grape Jelly-The Flintstones/Welch's Frozen Grape Juice-The Flintstones/Flintstones Cassette and CD offer/Winston Cigarettes-The Flintstones version 2/Winston Cigarettes-The Flintstones version 3/Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs-Foghorn Leghorn/Transformers Action Figures-Fortress Maximus Playset/Frankenberry Cereal-The Wishing Well/Frankenberry Cereal-The Scardy Cat/Frankenberry Cereal-Free Mini Monster Toy/Frankenberry Cereal-Free Super Bubble Bubble Gum/Count Chocula Cereal-The Grandfather Clock/1 900 Freddy Krueger Phone Line/Fresh Prince Of Belair TV Show Promo/Friendly's Food and Ice Cream Restaurant/Fruit Loops Cereal-Sam speaks pig latin/Frosted Flakes Cereal-What Frosted Flakes is Made Of/Frosted Flakes Cereal-The Secret Formula/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Put a Tiger on your Team/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Year of the Tiger/Frosted Flakes Cereal-The Haunted House/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Barney's Video Game/Ghostbusters Cereal-Free Glow in the Dark Trading Cards/Ghostbusters Cereal-What Ya Gonna Crunch?/Ghostbusters Cereal-Free Record/Real Ghostbusters Action Figures-Haunted Car/Filmation Ghostbusters Action Figures/Real Ghostbusters Action Figures-Firehouse Playset/GI Joe Action Figures-Tigerforce Vehicles/Filmation Ghostbusters Cartoon Promo/Superstation WTBS Gilligans Island Contest/GoBots Action Figures-Creepy/GoBots Action Figures-Japanese Version/GoBots Action Figures-Puzzler/GoBots Action Figures-Tux/Wendys-Free GoBots Toys/Godzilla 1985 Trailer/Godzilla Action Figure with Launching Claw/Godzilla vs Biollante Trailer-version 2/Godzilla vs Megaguirus Trailer/Godzilla vs The Smog Monster Trailer/Guess Who Board Game/Popeye,Mickey Mouse,Fred Flintstone Gumball Banks/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Godzilla vs Megalon Trailer/Hangman Board game-Vincent Price/Hardee's-Free Ghostbuster Ghostblaster Toys/Haunted Mansion Haunted House in Long Branch,NJ/Headshrinkers Toy-Make your own Shrunken Heads!/He Man Cartoon Promo/He Man Mighty Cycle Big Wheel/He Man Action Figures-Hurricane Hordak/He Man Action Figures-Ram Man/He Man Action Figures-Snake Mountain Playset/He Man Action Figures-He Man and Skeletor/He Man Action Figures-Skeletor Skull Staff/He Man Action Figures-He Man Power Sword/Hersheys Instant Chocolate-Cow Roundup/Hersheys Candy Bar-The All Time Great/Hersheys Candy Bar-The Haunted House/Corn Flakes Cereal-The Beverly Hillbillys/Honeycomb Cereal-The Biker/Honeynut Cheerios Cereal-Predictable Howard/Transformers Action Figures-Horrorcons/Hostess Snacks-You cant skimp when it comes to your Kids/Hostess Snacks-Its a Kids World/Hostess Cupcakes-The Funhouse/Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies-Twinkie the Kid and Captain Cupcake save the Snacks

Commercials Comp DVD 11
Hostess Chocolate Ding Dongs-King Ding Dong/Hostess Fruit Pies-Fruit Pie the Magician/Hostess Pudding Pies-Brother and Sister/Hostess Twinkies-How do they get the cream inside?/Hostess Twinkies-The Twinkie Train/Husker Du Board Game/Starsky and Hutch Action Figures-Chase Playset/Demon Attack Atari Video Game/Beast Wars Action Figures-Inferno/Jiban Action Figures/Jack in the Box Restaurant-The Firemen/Jack in the Box Restaurant-Ham and Cheese Supreme Sandwich/Japanese Toy Models/McDonalds-Japanese McDonalds Commercial!/Japanese Voltron Action Figures/Japanese Soccer Handheld Video Game/Japanese GoBots Action Figures/Jello Pudding-Bill Cosby/Pantene Shampoo-Kelly LeBrock/Slice Soda-Phil Hartman/L.A. Beer-George Burns/Hot Bites Frozen Dinners-Gilbert Gottfried/Pizza Hut-Free 2 Liter of Crystal Pepsi/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Col Sanders and his Giant Bucket/711 now sells Beer Promo-Dabney Coleman/Pepsi-Madonna/Beverly Hills Cop Trailer/Apple Computers-Kevin Kostner/E.T. Board Game/Burger King-Bacon Double Cheeseburger/Bud Lite-The Black Guy From Police Academy Movies/Tab Cola-Elle McPhersen/Cool Ranch Doritos-Jay Leno/Synth Coke-Fake Cocaine!/Six Flags Amusement Park/Carefree Sugarless Gum-Milli Vanilli/Disneyworld-The Cosby Kids/Slim Jim's Snack-Ultimate Warrior/Coca Cola-Bill Cosby/Wherehouse Records and Video Store/Diet Coke-Whitney Houston/Budweiser-The Window Cleaners/Taco Bell-Free Batman Cups/Bud Lite-Spuds McKenzie in a Limo/Modifiers Toy Truck/Shasta Soda/Cherry 7UP-Amusement Park/They Live Trailer/Stove Top Stuffing-Vanna White/Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Trailer/Michelob Beer-Phil Collins/Life Cereal-Mikey all grown up/Sprite Soda-Kurtis Blow/Pepsi-Lionel Richie/Tab Cola/Panasonic Electronics/Pepsi-Cool Cans and Young MC/Coca Cola-Win the Ghostbusters Ecto Mobile Contest/1 900 Paula Abdul Phone Line/1 900 Sheena Easton Phone Line/Kentucky Fried Chicken-The Special Taste You Cant Replace/NWA Great American Bash 1988 Video Offer/Sun Country Wine Coolers-Charro/Coca Cola-New Coke and Bill Cosby/Sea Breeze Skin Cleaner-Elle McPhersen/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-Cupie Puss/Coors-Steve's Party/Taco Bell-The New Taco Light/Journey Atari Video Game/Disneyland-Fantasyland Promo/Pizza Hut-Refillable Pepsi Jug/Scrooged Trailer/This Is Spinal Tap Trailer/Incredible Hulk Kids Shoes/Jingle Ring Phone Ring Changer/Miller Lite-Joe Piscipo/Michael Jordan Jordan Jammer Toy Basketball Hoop/Joysticks Trailer

Commercials Comp DVD 12
Judas Priest Turbo Record Promo/Transformers Action Figures-Jump Starters/Product 19 Cereal/Rice Krispees Cereal-Free 1 Pound of Bananas/Sugar Pops Cereal-The Cowboy/Sugar Smacks Cereal/Star Wars Action Figures-Sy Snootles and The Rebo Band Playset/Kentucky Fried Chicken-The Boxing Chicken/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Why Cook?/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Original or Crispy?/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Foghorn Leghorn/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Monster That Ate Toyko/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Kids Baseball Team/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Rotessirie Gold/String Racer Toy/King Kong vs Godzilla Trailer/King Vitaman Cereal-version 1/King Vitaman Cereal-version 2/Kiss Kiss Your Face Makeup Kit/Kool Aid-Skateboarding/Kool Aid-Bugs Bunny meets The Monkeys/Kool Aid-Bugs Bunny Kool Aid A Go Go/Kool Aid-Free Kool Aid Man Comic Book/Kool Aid-Nintendo Game Offer/Corn Flakes Cereal-Corney goes to Africa/Corn Flakes Cereal-Corney meets Colombus/Korvettes Electronic Store/Kraft Mac and Cheese-DC Superhero Shapes/Kronoform Transformer Wristwatch/Laser Challenge Game/Life Cereal-Mikey Likes It!/Japanese Metroid Nintendo Game/Log Cabin Maple Syrup/Long John Silvers-Free Refillable Beach Mug/Japanese Transformers Action Figure/Lucky Charms Cereal-With Swirled Up Marshmellows/McDonalds-Ronald in The Great Basketball Playoff/McDonalds-Ronald in The Hamburglar Touch/McDonalds-Rockin French Frys/McDonalds-Behind the Scenes of a Xmas Commercial/Madballs Toys/Mad Magazine Board game/Magic Mountain Amusement Park/Magicworks Magic Trick Sets/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Manglors Action Figures/Maple Leaf Village Amusement Park/Super Mario Bros Rice/Mars Almond Candy Bar/Marvel Superheros Cartoon Promo/M.A.S.K Action Figures-Boulder Hill Playset/Japanese Masked Rider Bikes/M/A.S.K Action Figures-Buzzard and Goliath/Masters of the Universe Trailer/Matchbox Superfast Raceset/Coca Cola-Max Headrom/Mays Department Store/Burger King-The New Whopper/McDonalds-3 Great Tastes/McDonalds-Ronald takes Photos in McDonald Land/McDonalds-Its Mac Tonight/McDonalds-Homework/McDonalds-Its Such A Happy Place/McDonalds-Early Birdie Learns to Fly/McDonalds-Ronald in Back in Time/McDonalds-Ronalds Invisible Car/McDonalds-Michael Jordan vs Larry Bird/McDonalds-Chicken McNuggets Shanghi/McDonalds-Dick Tracy Crimestopper Game/McDonalds-It Was A Great Year/McDonalds-Ronald in Hamburger University/McDonalds-Disney Favorites Happy Meals/McDonalds-NFL Kickoff Payoff Game/McDonalds-McDLT/McDonalds-McKids World/McDonalds-Monopoly game/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Lego Toys/McDonalds-Hamburglar Steals the Cheeseburgers/McDonalds-The Recital/McDonalds-Tic Tac Mac Game/McDonalds-The Backup Oven/McDonalds-You Deserve A Break Today Game/Batman and Robin Action Figures/Merlin Electronic Game/Transformers Action Figures-Metroplex/Michelob Beer-The Night Belongs to Michelob/Mickey Mouse Talking Phone/Microman Action Figures/Transformers Action Figures-Micromaster Bases Playset

Commercials Comp DVD 13
Micronaut Action Figures-Centarus,Cronos and Lobros/Micronaut Action Figures-Equestron The Demon Horse/Milk Bone Dog Biscuits/Milky Way Candy Bar/Miller Lite-Case of the Missing Case with Rodney Dangerfield and Bob Euker/Miller lite-Recliner Ski Jump/Mini Wizzars Toy/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Pepsi-Michael Jackson/M and M's Candy/Transformers Action Figures-Monster Pretenders/Transformers Action Figures-Monster Bots/He Man Action Figures-Landshark Vehicle/He Man Action Figures-Monstroid Vehicle/He Man Action Figures-Figures From The Movie/He Man Action Figures-Spydor Vehicle/Mountain Dew-The Hillbillys/Mr.T Cartoon Promo/Mr.Salty Pretzels/Mug Root Beer-Kid with ESP/Mug Root Beer-The Mug Train/Muppet Babies and Monsters Cartoon Promo/Croonchy Stars Cereal-The Muppets/NBC Saturday Morning Preview with The Smurfs/Nerds Cereal/Nintendo Video Game System Promo with Bill Oreily/Nestle Crunch Candy Bar-Kids at the Movies/Nestle Quik-Rabbit Plays Guitar/Nesbitts Orange Soda/Coca Cola-Deserted Island/Nickelodian Gak Slime Toy/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Talking Turtles/No Holds Barred Trailer/Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs-Foghorn Leghorn/Outta Control Board Game/Pacman Pasta/Pacman Cereal/Panasonic VHS VCR/Paperboy Nintendo Video Game/Parkay Margarine/Dont Do Cocaine PSA-Guy Going In Circles/Cheerios Cereal-Charlie Brown the Boxer/RCA Laser Disk Player-Comes With 2 Free Discs/Atari 2600 Video Game System-Now Under $50/Tang Orange Drink-Bugs Bunny and Yosimite Sam/Tang Orange Drink-Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck/Seven Ex Record Store-Michael Jackson's Thriller Promo/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-Twin Hearts Cake/Taco Bell-Score 64 Nintendo Game/Creepshow Trailer/Creepshow 2 Trailer/Dragonball Z Nintendo Game/Orange Crush Soda/Trix Cereal-Free Chocolate Ovaltine/Rice Krispees Cereal-Free Wacky Wall Walker Toy/Alvin and the Chimpunks Live Show Promo/Apple Jacks Cereal-Free Wacky Wall Walker Toy/M.U.S.C.L.E Action Figures/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Sonny at the Circus/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Free Ronald McDonald Toothbrush/Count Chocula Cereal-Now With Crunchy Ghosts/Fruit Loops Cereal-Free Wacky Wall Walker Toy/Frankenberry Cereal-Top of the Castle/Hahn Beer/Japanese Nintendo Video Game System with Gun/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Bacon Cheeseburger Combo/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Col's Crispy Strip Combo/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Popcorn Chicken Combo/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Twister Chicken Burrito/M.A.S.K Action Figures/McDonalds-Big Mac Meal Combo/McDonalds-Its Big Mac Time/McDonalds-Grilled Chicken Burger/Colgate Toothpaste-Mighty Mouse/Ducktales Nintendo Video Game/Pacman Cereal/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Now With Lime Green/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-The Fruity Monster/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Fred Rides The More/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Barney as Bedrock Jones/Pee Wee Herman Talking Action Figure/Pepsi-Don Johnson and Glen Fry/Pepsi-The Pepsi Home Run Sweepstakes/Pepsi-Johnson named City Editor/Pepsi-Guy Opens Bottle With Guitar/Pepsi-Pepsi Free/Pepsi-The Horserace/Pepsi-At Disneyland/Pepsi-E.T. Likes Pepsi Better Than Coke/Pepsi-Pepsiman/Pepsi-The Pepsi Nintendo Holiday Game

Commercials Comp DVD 14
Pepsi-Shaq/Pepsi-Tina Turner and David Bowie/1 976 0300 Chat Line/Pillsbury Pop N Fresh Dough/Pink Panther Flakes Cereal/Pitfall Atari 2600 Video Game/Pizza Hut-Meat Lovers Pizza/Pizza Hut-Hand Tossed Pizza/Pizza Hut-Super Supreme Pizza/Pizza Hut-Bigfoot Pizza/Pizza Hut-Thin and Crispy Pizza/Pizza Hut-Pizza Lovers Pizza Deal with Andy Dick/Planet of the Apes Action Figures/Polly O String Cheese/Popeye Jack In The Box Toy/Kellogs Frosted Pop Tarts/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Powertrons Toy/Prell Shampoo-Christie Brinkly/Transformers Action Figures-Pretender Beasts/Dont Smoke Pot PSA-I Learned It By Watching You!/Puffa Puffa Rice Cereal/Putt Putt Golf and Games Fun Center/$50,000 Pyramid and Card Sharks Game Shows Promos/Quisp Cereal-The Mad Ball of Yarn from Outerspace/Raisen Bran Cereal/Battle Beasts Action Figures-Rampage and Depth Charge/Randazzos Restaurant,Fish Market and Clam Bar/RCA Colortrak Television/RCA Selectavision VCR/RCA Selectavison Laser Disk Player/Real Ghostbusters and Transformers Cartoon Promos/Burger King-Free Star Wars Glasses/Star Wars Cookies/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader,Lando Calrisian and 4LOM/Return of Godzilla Trailer/Revenge of the Cheerleaders Trailer/Revenge of the Nerds Trailer/Rice Krispees Cereal-Free Action Popper Toy/Rice Krispees Cereal-At The Circus/Robo Force Action Figures/Japanese Transformers Action Figures-Robot Base Playset/Robot Battle Board Game/Japanese Robotech Action Figures/Block The Clock Board Game/Rock Lords Action Figures/Diet Coke-Roger Rabbit and Jessica/Ruffles Potato Chips-At the Bowling Alley/Quisp Cereal-Free Gyro Cycle Toy/Quisp Cereal-Quisp vs Quake/Star Wars Action Figures-Speeder Bike Vehicles/Japanese Saint Saiya Action Figures/Transformers Action Figures-Triple Changers/Sanford and Son TV Show Promo/Post Cereals with Free Scooby Doo Poster/Japanese Transformers Action Figures-Scramble City Playset/Japanese Transformers Action Figures-Toy Watches/Seagrams Lime Mist Wine Coolers-Mario Van Peebles/Seal Test Ice Cream/Sears Telagame Video Game System/Sectaurs Action Figures-The Hive Playset/Shakeys Pizza Parlor-Free Frisbee/She Ra Action Figures-Free Mystery Doll Offer/He Man and She Ra Power Hour Cartoon Promo/Shogun Warriors and Godzilla Action Figures/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/ShowBiz Pizza Place-Free Billy Bob School Starter Kit/Silo Electronics Store-Super Saturday Sale/Silo Electronics Store-Spring Clearance Sale/Burger King-Kids Meal Pack with Silverhawks Toys/1 800 Collect-Homer and Bart Simpson/Sisters Chicken and Bisquits Restaurant/Transformers Action Figures-Six Shot/Smash Up Derby Playset/Super Mario 2 Nintendo Game/Smurfs All Star Show Record,Cassette and 8 Track Offer/Snap Cap Party Poppers Toy/Snickers Candy Bar-The Romans/Snickers Peanut Butter Munch Candy Bar-The Slaveship/Special K Cereal-At The Beach/Spiderman Cartoon Promo/Spiderman Triple Stream Web Blaster and Light Up Spider Sense Mask Toys/Spiderman 1970's TV Show Promo/Energized Spider Man Action Figure and Spider Copter/Spiderman Youth Fitness Workout System/Japanese Spiderman Action Figures/Sprite Soda-What is Lymon?/Sprite Soda-Xmas Morning/Sprite Soda-Kid Trades in His 7UP for a Sprite/Mountain Dew-Spy vs Spy/Star Wars PSA-Dont Drink and Drive/Star Wars PSA-Dont Smoke/Star Wars Action Figures-R2D2 Remote Control Figure and Deathstar Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Early Bird Certificate Offer

Commercials Comp DVD 15
Star Wars PSA for Child Immunization/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Frogger and Empire Strikes Back Atari 2600 Video Games/Star Wars The Phantom Menace Trailer/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Star Wars Trailer/Star Wars Action Figures-Large Size Bobba Fett/Star Wars Action Figures-Large Size Darth Vader and Chewbacca/Star Wars Action Figures-Dewback Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Hothworld Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Luke Skywalker/Star Wars ACtion Figures-Y Wing Vehicle/Star Wars HBO Promo/Star Wars Holiday Special Promo/Pepsi-Star Wars/Taco Bell-Feel The Force Star Wars Game/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal-Apricop and Hopsalot/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal-Its Berry Delicious/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal-Sweetscents Toy Oven Offer/Sugar Crisp Cereal-Sugar Bear vs The Blob in Space/Sugar Crisp Cereal-Sugar Bear vs The Blob on a Boat/Sun Country Wine Coolers-Ladies Man Bear/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Superman 3 Trailer/Superman Action Figure with Flyaway Action/Corn Flakes Cereal-Free Flying Superman Toy/Superman Peanut Butter/Tab Cola-Only 1 Calorie/Tab Cola-Bikini Babe/Taco Bell-50 Ways to Leave Your Burger Game/Taco Bell-Grande Meals and Free Blockbuster Rental/Talkboy Toy Tape Recorder/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Superstation WTBS Super Scary Saturday Promo with Grandpa Al Lewis/Teen Wolf Trailer/Trasformers Action Figure-Train/Dont Drink and Drive PSA with The Thundercats/Tootsie Pops-Mr Owl,How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center?/The Exorcist Trailer/A and W Restaurant-Tarzan and Jane/McDonalds-Jr High School Yearbook/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Cheapskate Vehicle/Pizza Hut-Little League Baseball/USA Network Tuesday Night Fights Promo with Sylvester Stallone/Toys Galore Credit Card Offer/Toys R Us-Atari 2600 Video Game System/Toys R Us-Xmas Promotion/Frankie and Johnie Furniture Store-Free 10 Piece Box of Chicken!/Montgomery Flea Market-The Rappin Furniture Salesman/Pepsi-Britney Spears version 1/Pepsi-Britney Spears version 2/Pepsi-Beyonce,Pink and Britney Spears/Pepsi-Dave Chappelle/Pepsi-J Lo and Beyonce/Pepsi-Mariah Carey/Pepsi-Michael Jackson version 1/Pepsi-Michael Jackson version 2/Pepsi-Michael Jackson version 3/Pepsi-Michael Jackson version 4/Pepsi-Michael Jackson version 5/Pepsi-Coke vs Pepsi Truckers

Commercials Comp DVD 16
Flintstones Yabba Dabba Dew Soda/Corn Flakes Cereal-Yogi Bear version 1/Corn Flakes Cereal-Yogi Bear version 2/Zappers Video Game Store/Zelda 2 Nintendo Game/Zylatron Board Game/Cotton Club Soda/I Cant Believe Its Not Butter-Fabio as Tarzan/I Cant Believe Its Not Butter-Fabio as a Statue/Starkist Tuna-Charlie The Tuna/Star Wars Action Figures-B Wing Fighter/Star Wars Action Figures-Ewok Village Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Scout Walker Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Armoured Centinal Transport Vehicle/Time For Timer PSA-Eat Healthy Because You Are What You Eat/Tranzor Z Action Figures/Trix Cereal-Trix Rabbit Meets Bugs Bunny/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Shredder/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Chrome Dome/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cookies/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Krang/Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles Action Figures-Ooze Torture Machine/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Party Turtles/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Shelltop 4x4 Vehicle/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Pizza Thrower Vehicle/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Shreddermobile and Cowabunga Surf Buggy Vehicles/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-The Sewer Sword/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Technodrome Vehicle/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Live Show at Radio City Music Hall Promo/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Wacky Action Windup Turtles/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal/KTXA Channel 21 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Contest/Twins Trailer/Two Guys Department Store/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald's 1st Commercial/Visionaries Action Figures/Taco Bell-Viva Gorditas/Voltes V Action Figures/Aunt Jemmima Waffles-Waffle Waffle Bird version 1/Aunt Jemmima Waffles-Waffle Waffle Bird version 2/Wall to Wall Sound and Video Electronics Store/McDonalds-Feed the Wastebaskets in McDonaldland/WCW Wrestlers Giga Fighters Toy/Wendys-Crispy Chicken Nuggets/Wendys-Hotdogs/Wendys-Hot Stuffed Baked Potatos/Whamo Water Wiggle Toy/Win Lose or Draw Gameshow Promo with Burt Rynolds/Woolco and Woolworth Department Store-Xmas Promo/Woolco and Woolworth Department Store-Halloween Promo/World Trade Center Observation Deck Visitors Promo/X Men Action Figures-Water Wars Playset/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald in No Snow/Boy Scouts of America Promo/Fruit Loops Cereal-Free Kalidascope Toy/Cheerios Cereal-Watch and Play Contest/Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Candy/Halfsies Cereal-Free Glow in the Dark Crazy Ball/Lucky Charms Cereal/Star Wars Action Figures-Han Solo/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal/Sugar Corn Pops Cereal/Crayola Crayons/Capri Sun Fruit Drinks/Family Feud Gameshow Promo/Tidal Wave Bubble Gum/M and M's Candy/He Man Action Figures-Castle Grayskull Playset/Apple Jacks Cereal/Hot Wheels-67 Camero/Marshmellow Rice Krispees Cereal/Penny Racers Toy Cars/Balian Ice Cream/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Free Funhouse Mirror/Barbie Doll-Pink and Pretty Barbie/Nestle Chocolate Quik/Crayola Markers/Rough Riders Omni Force Toy Cars/Crest Gel Toothpaste-The Cavity Creeps/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Flintstones Poster/Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum-The Hyena/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader,Lando Calrisian and 4LOM/Aim Toothpaste-Hurtfull J Cavity/Superman Peanut Butter/Sugar Crisp Cereal-Free Sugar Bear Stickers/Clutch Poppers Toy Cars/Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum-The Sidewinders

Commercials Comp DVD 17
Spiderman Action Figures-Carnage,Hobgoblin and Spidey Webcopter/X Men Action Figures-Magneto and Wolverine Battle Bases/Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal-Free Olympic Medalion/Bead Magic Hair Braiding System/Digimon Electronic Game/Marshmellow Alpha Bits Cereal-Free Cartoon Drawing Kit/Gigapets Electronic Toy Pets/Bad Boys Of Wrestling Show Promo/Mighty Max Action Figures-The Hand/Born to be Wild Trailer/Barbie Doll-Bubble Angel Barbie/Nickelodian Floam Slime Toy/Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal/Hot Wheels-Top Speed Racetrack/Fisher Price Dream Doll House/Fisher Price Big Things/Captain Crunch Crunch Berry Cereal/Barbie Doll-Cut and Style Barbie/Nickelodian Smell My Gak Slime Toy/Barbie Doll-Highstepper Horse/Oreo Cookies/Hot Wheels-G Force Race Track/Fantastic Sand Jewelery Maker/Halfsies Cereal-Free Fun and Games Book/McDonalds-The Captains Golden Treasure/Rice Krispees Cereal-The Pirate/Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum-The Gum Runners/Moskatels Party Supplies Store/Kit Kat Candy Bar/Hot Wheels-Free Hot Wheels Belt Buckle/Colgate Gel Toothpaste/Capri Sun Fruit Drinks/Tonka Clutch Poppers Toy Cars/Tidal Wave Gum/Milk/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal/Honey Nut Cherrios Cereal/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald meets The Man in the Moon/Kool Aid Ice Cream Pumps/Sugar Smacks Cereal/Santa's Village Amusement Park/Pop Tarts/Trix Cereal-Vote Yes or No Should The Rabbit Get Trix/Solar Power Research Foundation Promo/Nestle Chocolate Quik/Star Wars Action Figures-Return of the Jedi Sweepstakes/General Mills Cereal's Watch and Play Sweepstakes/Hershey's Kisses Candy/Fruit Chewey Fig Newtons/Nerf Boomerang/Frosted Flakes Cereal/Color Sticks Markers/Super Yum Bubble Yum Bubble Gum/Hershey's Chocolate Syrup/He Man Action Figures-Man E Faces and He Man/Different Strokes and Silver Spoons Tv Show Promos/Wide World of Sports Promo/Zips Shoes/Chips Ahoy Cookies/Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park/Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Candy/Cosmic Kids Pasta/Sugar Smacks Cereal/Hot Wheels-1980's Firebird/Belt Racer Toy Cars/Fruit Loops Cereal/Battletech Action Figures/Dr Mario Nintendo Game/Dominos Pizza-Medium Pizza with Unlimited Toppings for $8.99/Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars-Bart Simpson and Apu/Visine Eye Drops/Oxy 10 Acne Cream/7UP Soda-Find the Cool Spot Contest/Profesional Office Supply Store/Dentyne Gum/Extra Strength Rollaids/Greyhound Bus-$68 or Less Special/Kodak Gold 400 Film/Milk/USA Network Tuesday Night Fights Promo/Combos Pizza Snacks/Right Guard Deoderant-Hulk Hogan/R.C and G.O Clothing Store/Jean Dixon 1 900 Psycic Phone Line/Stridex Acne Pads/Energizer Batteries/McDonalds-Surfer Dude at Stoneheng/Nestle Crunch Candy Bar-Chi Chi Rodriguez/Autozone Autoparts Store/Backdraft Trailer/Pittsburgh Paints Store/Burger King-Snickers Ice Cream Bars/Alka Seltzer Plus Sinus and Cold Medicine/Hudson Hawk Trailer/McDonalds-Surfer Dude in the Desert/Clearasil Acne Creme/Tree Tops Tree Trimmers/Sweets Kitchen Center Kitchen Remodelers

Commercials Comp DVD 18
Ghostbusters Ecto Blaster Water Gun/Marshmellow Alpha Bits Cereal/Fat Albert Cartoon Promo/Crest Pump Toothpaste/Smurf Pasta/M and M's Candy/Hostess Twinkies/He Man Action Figures-Fright Zone Playset/3 Musketters Candy Bar/Hulk Hogans Rock n Wrestling Cartoon Promo/Gobots Action Figures-Tux,Fliptop,Zero 1 and Leader 1/Captain Crunch Cereal-Sog Master and The Sogies/Whamo Big Wheel Carwash Water Toy/He Man Action Figures-Roboto/McDonalds-Making Music/Chewey Chips Ahoy Cookies-Free Mystery Poster/Super Fruity Bonkers Fruit Candy/Nerf Baseball/Nestle Chocolate Quik-Free Steve Garvy Baseball/Star Faries Dolls-Lavender the Unicorn/OJ's Cereal/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Pack of Tidal Wave Bubble Gum/Cheerios Cereal-Charlie Brown the Surfer/6x6 High Risers Toy Trucks/Fruit Chewey Apple Newtons/Zooroni Macaroni/My Little Pony-Baby Buggy/Gobots Action Figures-Destroyer/One To Grow On PSA-Get Lots of Sleep/Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal/Jonny Cat Cat Litter/Wet Banana Super Waterslide/Alvin and the Chipmunks Stuffed Animals/McDonalds-Ship Shape Happy Meals/Sunkist Oranges/Colgate Gel Toothpaste/Captain Crunch Cereal-Pirate LeFoot finds Crunch Island/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald in Going Batty/Barbie Doll-Dream Cottage Playset/Saturday Supercade Cartoon Promo/Smurf Berry Crunch Cereal/Slam Shifters Crossfire Countdown Racetrack/Smurf Spin Around Board Game/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald in Good Morning/Q Bert Board Game/Sugar Corn Pops Cereal/Reeses Pieces Candy/Happi Returns Laughing Doll/Pop Tarts/Time For Timer PSA-You Are What You Eat/Rubik the Amazing Cube Cartoon Promo/Keebler Tato Skins Potato Chips/Popsicles and Creamsicles/Barbie Doll-Peaches and Cream Barbie/Rainbow Brite Cereal/He Man Action Figures-Bashasaurus Vehicle/Aim Toothpaste/Honey Smacks Cereal-Free Dairy Queen Sunday/Captain Crunch Cereal-Monster Phone Contest/Oreo Cookies/Honeycomb Cereal-Free Mini Metal Licence Plates/Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum-The Blueberry Bandit/He Man Action Figures-Ram Man,He Man and Castle Grayskull/Keebler Swirly Q's Cookies/Good Humor Ice Cream-The Shark Popsicle/Get Along Gang Stuffed Animals/Spaghetti O's Pasta/Spiderman Energized Wallclimber Action Figure and Spidercopter Vehicle/Speed Burners Toy Cars/Lucky Charms Cereal-Lucky The Surfer/Milky the Cow Action Figure with Pretend Milk Tablets/Weinershnitzel-99 Cent Hamburger and Coke Special/Dancerella Dancing Doll/Koolaid-Koolaid Man in the Mummy's Tomb/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Magic Tricks/Oreo O's Cereal-Free Fortune Finder Toy/Wendys-Kids Meals with Looney Tunes Action Pens/Micropops Popsicles/Burger King-Big Kids Meal with Chicken Run Toys/Hersheys Cookies and Cream Candy Bar/Fantastic Fruity Popsicles/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Now Its Supercharged!/Sprinklers Ice Cream Bars/Pokemon Cereal/Snackums Snacks/Marshmellow Alpha Bits Cereal-With Land Before Time Marshmellows/Lick A Color Popsicles

Commercials Comp DVD 19
Burger King-Snickers Ice Cream Bars/Camay Soap/Kodak Film-Bill Cosby/WWF Prime Time Wrestling promo with Hulk Hogan/Covergirl Liquid Pencil Eyeliner-Carol Alt/Brut Cologne-Kelly LeBrock/Pat McKowen Ford and Dodge Car Dealership/Westmarc Cablevision Promo/Bazooka Bubble Gum/Sega Genesis Video Game System-Free Altered Beast Game/Burger King-Buy 1 Whopper Get The 2nd For 59 Cents/WWF Prime Time Wrestling promo with Sgt Slaughter/Nestle Crunch Lite Ice Cream Bars/Quick Grip Bar Clamp/Plax Mouthwash/USA Network Tuesday Night Fights Promo/Swamp Thing tv show promo/Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars-Bart Simpson and Apu/Energizer Batteries/Scope Mouthwash/Kit Carson Wallpaper and Paint Store/Secret Womans Deoderant/K Mart/Raisenets Candy/General Nutrition Center-The Juice Energy Drink/Thompsons Water Seal/General Nutrition Center-The Right Stuff Amino Acid Powder/Fritos Corn Chips/Stridex Acne Pads/The Sunglass Shoppe/Naked Gun 2 1/2 The Smell of Fear Trailer/Trident Sugarless Gum/Bayview 1 Hour Photo Developing Store/Terminator 2 Judgement Day Trailer/Bacardi Breezer Wine Coolers/Legs Inn Mueseum and Restaurant/7UP Soda-The Spot at a Wedding/Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Trailer/Subaru By The Bay Car Dealership/Burger King-International Chicken Sandwiches/Nu Finish Once A Year Car Polish/McDonalds-99 Cent Chicken Fajitas/General Nutrition Center-Heavyweight 900 Weight Gainer Powder/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Cop Pulls Over Speeder/Sega Genesis Video Game System-Free Sonic Game/Welcome Back Kotter tv show Promo/Swamp Thing tv show Promo/Crest Neat Squeeze Toothpaste/Boys in the Hood Trailer/Soloflex Workout Machine/Mountain Fresh Dial Soap/F1 Race Gameboy Game/Bodyslam Movie Promo/Coast Soap/Barq's Rootbeer/Bear Creek Power Equipment Store/Check for Radon in your Home PSA/Another You Trailer/Troy Bilt Tillers/Milk/Skittles Candy/1 900 Confidentialy Yours Party Line/1 900 Phone Friends Party Line/Wendys-Grilled Chicken Sandwich/Dont Do Drugs or Steroids PSA with Vince McMahon/Long John Silvers-99 Cent Crystal Mugs/Autozone Autoparts Store/Clint Eastwood Video Collection Offer/Hero Quest Board Game/Era Plus Detergent/F Zero Super Nintendo Game/TV Guide/1 900 Womens Confessions and Dreams Party Line/Green Giant Mushrooms/Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix/Fruit of the Loom Underwear/Sudafed Severe Cold Formula Pills/Blossom Hill Wine/General Nutrition Centers-Carbo Hit Weightgainer Powder and Amino 15 supplements/Super Mario World Super Nintendo Game/Burger King-Steak Sauce Burger/Iron Cologne/Star Trek 6 Trailer/Sega Genesis Joe Montana Sports Talk Football Game/Electronic Survivor Shot Lazer Tag Game/Wendys-Big Dave's Deluxe/Metroid 2 Gameboy Game/TV Guide-Holiday Viewing Guide/GMC Trucks/Stetson Cologne/Burger King-Free K Mart Xmas Coupons/Skybox Basketball Cards/1 900 Big,Blonde and Black Girls Party Line/Long John Silvers-Xmas Glasses Offer/Joe Montana Football Game Gear Game/Electronic Hotshot Basketball Game/Sega Genesis Video Game System-Sega vs Nintendo/Puffs Extra Strength Tissues

Commercials Comp DVD 20
Hot Wheels-Triple Color Changer Racers/McDonalds-Early Birdie Learns To Fly/Tang Orange Drink-Free Allowance Contest/Radio Shack-Off Road Radio Controlled Cars/Fruit Loops Cereal-Free Glow in the Dark Signal Flashers/Sunkist Fun Fruit Funny Feet Snacks/Pizza Hut-Free Land Before Time Dinosaur Toys/Hardee's-Free Halloween Hideaway Toys/Teen Looks Jazzie Dolls/Hot Wheels-Drive It Clean Carwash Playset/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Rappin Barney/Police Academy Action Figures-Mahoney,Jones and Crash Cycle Vehicle/Megaforce Action Figures-Fighter Jet/Bouncin Babies Nursery Playset/Poptarts/PJ Sparkels Doll/Lifesavers Candy/M and M's Candy-Mickey Mouse/Hyper Drivers Toy Race Track/Rice Krispees Cereal/Colgate Junior Toothpaste/Apple Jacks Cereal/Wendys-Halloween Kids Meal with Playdoh Toys/Megaforce Action Figures-Backlash Bomber/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Toys/Toys R Us-You'll Never Outgrow Us/Fruit Loops Cereal-The Moviestar/Barbie Doll-Animal Loving Barbie/Little Lost and Founds Stuffed Animals/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Bike Wheel Rattlers/Legos-Pirate Set/Cherry Merry Muffin Doll and Kitchin Playset/Playdoh-Make A Meal Playset/McDonalds-Ronald and The McNugget Buddies/He Man Action Figures-The New Adventures of Heman Figures/Barbie Doll-Superstar Barbie/Rice Krispees Cereal-Free Xray Viewer Toy/Devils Ditch Racetrack Set/McDonalds-Ronald's Tandem Bike/Instant Quaker Oatmeal-Popeye/Chips Ahoy Cookies-Rescue the Cookie Queen Nintendo Game Contest/Honeycomb Cereal-Free Honeycomb Watches/Captain Crunch Xmas Crunch Cereal-Free Captain Crunch Xmas Ornimants/Teddy Grahams Snacks/Real Cooking Tasty Baking Toy Oven/Trix Cereal-Free Trix The Rabbit Magic Wallet/Little Miss Dress Up Doll/Lucky Charms Cereal/Pocket Rockers Player and Cassettes/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald in Fry Kids/Barbie Doll-Cool Times Barbie Soda Shoppe Playset/The Wizard Trailer/Sweetie Pups Stuffed Animals/Golden Grahams Cereal/Playdoh-Snack Shop Playset/McDonalds-The Xmas Wishing Star/Honeycomb Cereal-Andre The Giant/Barbasol Gel Shaving Cream/Oxy Night Watch Acne Cream/Watson's Hot Tub and Pool Store/Hamburger Helper Zesty Italian/7UP Soda-The Spot Plays Pool/1 900 909 Boys Party Line/Sure Credit Card Offer/Hunter tv show Promo/1 550 Date Partyline/Hairclub For Men/Oxy Clean Pads/Afterburner Sega Genesis Game/Know Your Rights Legal Advice Phoneline/Bay State Aluminum Siding and Remodeling/Andover Tractor Trailer School/Beyond Fitness Electro Muscular Stimulation Workout Store/Lite Beer-Jumpin Joe Piscapo/1 550 Gabb Partyline/The Time Ring/Gary Shandling and Tracy Ullman tv show promos/Mary Dixon Psycic Phoneline/Head and Shoulders Shampoo/1 550 Teen Partyline/1 900 Glow Wrestling Girls Phoneline/Sega Master System Video Game System/Dianetics Book Offer/New Generation Shampoo-Stops Hairloss!/Robocop Video Tape Offer/Coast Soap/Contour Electronic Chairs-Free Panasonic Phone with Purchase/1 550 Date Partyline/Landriver 3 Nail Driver/Hollywood Hits Record,Cassette and CD Offer/Lee Press On Nails/Daniel Rogers Natural Hair Replacement System/Budweiser Winter Nationals Monster Truck Event Promo/Mystic Places Book Offer/The Laserbeam Wristwatch/New Image Hair Replacement System/The Butterfly Diamond Ring/Topps Baseball Cards and Stickers

Commercials Comp DVD 21
Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Troop Transporter Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Creature Cantina Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Death Star Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Patrol Dewback Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Droid Factory Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Mini Action Figure Collector Case/Star Wars Action Figures-Land of the Jawas Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Land Speeder Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Large Size Darth Vader,Luke Skywalker,Chewbacca/Star Wars Action Figures-Large Size C3PO,R2D2,Han Solo,Stormtrooper/Star Wars Action Figures-Death Star World Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Tie Fighter and X Wing Fighter Vehicles/Star Wars Action Figures-Greedo and Luke Skywalker X Wing Pilot/Star Wars Action Figures-Radio Controlled R2D2/Star Wars Action Figures-Radio Controlled Jawas Sand Crawler Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Hoth World Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Bespin Guard and Lando Calrisian/Star Wars Action Figures-Yoda and At At Driver/Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot,4LOM,Zuckuss/Star Wars Action Figures-Boba Fett and Bosk Alien Bounty Hunter/Star Wars Action Figures-Han Solo and C3PO With Backpack/Star Wars Action Figures-Twin Pod Cloud Car Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Cloud Car Pilot/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader Collector Case/Star Wars Action Figures-Empire Display Arena/Star Wars Action Figures-At At Vehicle and Daygobah Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-R2D2 with Sensorscope/Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Attack Base Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Hoth Ice Planet Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Large Size Boba Fett/Star Wars Action Figures-Millenium Falcon and Imperial Tie Fighter Vehicles/Star Wars Action Figures-Bespin World Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Yoda Puppet and The Force Lightsaber/Star Wars Action Figures-Micro Collection Line/Star Wars Action Figures-IG88 and Bosk Alien Bounty Hunter/Star Wars Action Figures-Ughnaught and Lobot/Star Wars Action Figures-FX7/Star Wars Action Figures-Hoth Luke Skywalker/Star Wars Action Figures-9NOM/Star Wars Action Figures-Return of the Jedi Sweepstakes/Star Wars Action Figures-Slave 1 Vehicle and Frozen Han Solo/Star Wars Action Figures-Rebel Armoured Snowspeeder Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader Star Destroyer Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Taun Taun Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Rebel Transport Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Turret and Plobot Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Hoth Wampa and Taun Taun with Open Belly/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader Tie Fighter Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Yoda,Obi Wan Kenobi,R2D2 with Sensorscope/Sega IR7000 Handheld Message Sender/Selsun Blue Shampoo/Sega CD and Sega 32X Video Game System/McDonalds-Bacon Double Cheeseburger/Magic Works Magic Tricks-The Severed Skeleton/Power Gladiators Radio Controlled Fighting Robots/The Interactor Video Game Vest/Skittles Candy/Steel Tec Toys/Singer Tiny Tailor Sewing Machine/Wes Cravens New Nightmare Trailer/Got Milk? with Marvel Superheros/Shick Desposable Razor Blades/WWF Magazine Promo/The Sidewinder Emergency Flashlight and Radio/Kodiak Chewing Tobacco/Remington Micro Screen Electric Razor/Tegrin Shampoo with Lyle Alzado/Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Bars/Kawasaki Motorcycles/Levi 501 Blues Jeans/WWF LJN Thumb Wrestlers/Seagram Wine Coolers with Bruce Willis/Hostess Pudding Pies/Franklin Mint Woodland Suprises Porcilin Figures/Rub 3 For Free Hostess Snacks Contest/Sun Country Wine Coolers/Disney Channel Promo-Free Mickey Mouse Beach Towel/Big Brothers Big Sisters PSA with Fat Albert/Lee Press On Nails/Players Club International Gold Card/Vinyl Mender Repair Kit/Mathew Lesko Book Offer/The Gator Grip Drill Attachment/Fubu Fat Albert Clothing Line/Preffered Stock Cologne/F1 Race Gameboy Game/General Nutrition Centers-Victory Anabolic Mass Kit/Lady Stetson Perfume/TCI Cablevision Promo With Super Dave/Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires PSA with Smokey The Bear/Fritos Corn Chips/GMC Trucks/The Wagner Power Painter/7UP-The Spot at a Wedding/Topps Baseball Cards-40 Years of Topps Contest/1 800 Uppercut Boxing Phoneline/Burger King-The BK Broiler

Commercials Comp DVD 22
GI Joe Action Figures-1981 Figures Preview/GI Joe Action Figures-1982 Figures Preview/GI Joe Action Figures-1985 Figures Preview/GI Joe Action Figures-1990 Figures Preview/GI Joe Action Stars Cereal/GI Joe Action Figures-Air Commandos and Attack Cruiser Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Arctic Blast Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Breaker and Attack Cannon/GI Joe Action Figures-Awestriker and Bridgelayer Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Badger and Paralyzer Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Destro and Battle Tank Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Battlebear Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Battlecorps/GI Joe Action Figures-Battleforce Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Bar B Que and Shipwreck/GI Joe Action Figures-Claw and Skyhawk Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra and GI Joe/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Commander/GI Joe Action Figures-Evil Twin Brothers Tomax and Amol/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Launch Base Playset/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Mamba Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Night Raven Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Rage and Dictator Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Zartan and Chamellion Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Defiant Complex Playset/GI Joe Action Figures-Dreadnoks and Swampfire Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Drug Elimination Force/GI Joe Action Figures-Falcon and Viper Glider Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Havoc Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Hydrofoil Vehicle and Tactacal Battle Platform Playset/GI Joe Action Figures-Legend of GI Joe Figures/GI Joe Action Figures-Mirage Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Mobile Command Center Playset/GI Joe Action Figures-Ninja Force/GI Joe Action Figures-Phantom X19 and Cobra Bug Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-William The Refrigerator Perry/GI Joe Action Figures-Road Toad Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Rolling Thunder Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Sgt Slaughter/GI Joe Action Figures-Shadow Ninjas/GI Joe Action Figures-Shark and Water Moccasin Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Skystriker,Rattler,Dragonfly Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Snowcat Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Swampmasher Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Thunderclap Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Tommahawk Vehicle/GI Joe Action figures-USS Flag Aircraft Carrier Playset/GMC Trucks/Clearasil Clearstick/Finish 2001 Car Polish/Swamp Thing TV Show Promo/Heinz 57 Sauce/Vanish Dropins Toilet Bowl Cleaners/Hillshire Farm Sausage/Semicid Vaginal Contraceptive Inserts/7UP-The Spot on a Deserted Island/McDonalds-Surfer Dude's Vacation Photos/Butterfinger Candy Bar-Bart Simpson and Psyciatrist/Wendys-Bacon Mushroom Melt/Autozone Autoparts Store/General Nutrition Centers-Genesis Real Strong Stuff Powder Drink/Dentyne Gum/Extra Strength Rolaids/Counterstrike TV Show Promo/World League Football Promo/7UP-Spot and The Blues Musician/Dominos-Medium Pizza for $8.99 and 2nd Medium for $4.99/Twix Candy Bar/Mountain Fresh Dial Soap/Swamp Thing TV Show Promo/WWF Primetime Wrestling Promo with Hulk Hogan/Thompsons Water Seal/Nestle Crunch Candy Bar-Chi Chi Rodriguez/Holiday Inn Hotels/Turtle Wax Car Wax/Vidal Sasson Ultra Care Shampoo/K Mart/Butterfinger Candy Bar-Homer and Bart Simpson/3 Musketeers Ice Cream Bars/Right Guard Deoderant with Hulk Hogan/Fram Oil Filters/Combos Pizza Snacks/Profesional Office Supply Store/Jean Dixon 1 900 Psycic Phone Line/Hudson Hawk Trailer/Tallberg Geo Tracker Car Dealership/Become A Nurse PSA/Treetops Tree Trimmers/Tallberg GT Cavalier Car Dealership/Burger King-The Whopper with Bacon/Crest Neat Squeeze Toothpaste/British Knights Shoes/Bic Wavelength Pens/USA Tuesday Night Fights Promo with Larry Holmes/Dominos-Free NFL Trading Cards/ICS Home Schooling Program with Sally Struthers/LA Gear Shoes with Joe Montana/Encyclopedia Britanica/Barq's Root Beer/Long John Silvers-Baked Fish Lite Meals/Noxzema Skin Creme/1991 WWF Summerslam Spectacular Promo/Mystery Date Trailer/Hulk Hogan Children's Vitamins/Woolite Tough Stain Rug and Carpet Cleaner/Rid X Septic Tank Cleaner

Commercials Comp DVD 23
The Survivor Survival Knife/Flight of the Navigator Trailer/Burger King-Double Deluxe Burger/Transformers(1986) Trailer/Gillette Microtrak Razor Blades/WWF All American Wrestling Promo with Bobby Heenan/Bowcraft Amusement Park in New Jersey/Sun Country Wine Coolers with Morgan Fairchild/Levi 501 Blues Jeans/Lee Press On Nails/Battle of the Monster Trucks VHS Tape Offer/WWF LJN Action Figures/Burger King-Double Deluxe Burger/Help Find Missing New Jersey Children PSA/Super Strength Clearasil and Clearasil Soap/Dianetics Book Offer/Zest Soap/Seagrams Golden Wine Coolers with Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone/National Alliance of Senior Citizens PSA/Flight of the Bird Windup Flying Bird Toy/One Crazy Summer Trailer/Cocaine The Big Lie PSA/News Week Magazine Offer-Free Walkman with order/Bullies Trailer/Prevent Child Abuse PSA/Sports Illustrated Magazine Offer-Free Football Follies VHS Tape/Manhunter Trailer/Nestle Crunch Candy Bar with Pete Rose/Wrestlemania 2 VHS Tape Offer-Now Only $39.95!/Sporting News Magazine Offer/Peach Riunite Wine/Advanced Dreamaway Diet Pills/Right Guard Deoderant/Flex Toy Truck with Power Wheels/YWCA of New Jersey PSA/Dance Party USA TV Show Promo/Oxy 10 Acne Cream/The All Niter Record and Cassette Offer/Seagrams Wine Coolers with Bruce Willis/Herbalife Diet Pills/Riptide TV Show Promo/Macgyver TV Show Promo/Active Length Lee Press On Nails/Maximum Strength Clearasil/Metamucil Fiber Drink/Time In Sports TV Show Promo/The Better Half Clothing Store for Large Size Women/Perfect Strangers TV Show Promo/Proline Sports Handicapping TV Show Promo/Brut Deoderant/Ivory Soap with Steve Largent Quarterback for the Seatle Seahawks/Take A Bite Out Of Crime PSA with McGruff The Crime Dog/Wear Saftybelts PSA with The Crash Test Dummys/Autolite Spark Plugs/GMC Trucks/Edge Gel Shaving Creme/Crest Toothpaste/Tegrin Shampoo with Lyle Alzado/The Living Planet TV Show Promo/Buisness Week Magazine Offer-Free Solar Calculator/It Figures Workout TV Show Promo/WWF LJN Bendies Action Figures/Hulk Hogan Hulkamania Workout Set/Castrol GTX Motor Oil/Thurocrete Concrete Mix/Seneca Frozen Grape Juice/Stick Trailer/Monroe Car Shocks/Kawasaki Eliminator Motorcycles/Night Flight TV Show Promo/Rolaids/Sinex Nose Spray/Tulsa Welding School/Crisco Cooking Oil/Shop Vac Wet Dry Vaccums/The Company of Wolves Trailer/National Buisness Employment Weekly Magazine Offer/The Sidewinder Emergency Flashlight and Radio/Pepto Bismal/Super Mario World Super Nintendo Game/Fram Extra Guard Oil Filters/Womens Confessions,Fantasies,Private Dreams 1 900 Phone Line/The Royal Family TV Show Promo-Redd Foxx/Ricochet Trailer/Electronic Survivor Shot Laser Tag Game/M and M Peanut Butter Candies/McDonalds-Surfer Dude at a Rich Guys House/General Nutrition Centers-Cybergenics Kit/Necessary Roughness Trailer

Commercials Comp DVD 24
Levi 501 Blues Jeans with Wesley Snipes/Pound Puppies Stuffed Animals/Cinemax Cable Channel Promo/Sporting News Magazine Offer/Tegrin Shampoo with Lyle Alzado/Grapefruit 45 Diet Pills-Free Pair Of Earrings With Order/USA Today Newspaper Offer-Free USA Today Tote Bag/The WWF Wrestling Album Offer/Wildcats Trailer/Old Spice Deoderant/Ricky Nelson Record,Cassette,VHS,Beta Offer/Loretta Lynn Record and Cassette Offer/Hitachi Electronics/Eliminators Trailer/Old Spice Aftershave/Charles Schwab Discount Brokerage/WWF LJN Sling Em Fling Em Wrestling Ring Playset/Soild Gold Party Rock Record,Cassette,8 Track Offer/The Platters Greatest Hits Record and Cassette Offer/Casio Keyboards/Diamells Fake Diamond Ring Set/Crazy Calls Joke Answering Machine Cassette/Franklin Mint Civil War Chess Set/Inside Sports Magazine Offer/Bug Away Electronic Bug Killer/The Power Stretch Exercise Machine/Tarter Control Crest Toothpaste/Jokers Wild TV Gameshow Promo/Petrocelli TV Show Promo/Chloraseptic Sore Throught Spray/1986 NBA Catalog with Dr.J/Mercury Cougar Cars/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald in Good Morning/Star Wars Action Figures-Sy Snootles and The Rebo Band Playset and Jabba The Hut Playset/Juicy Fruit Gum/6X6 Highrisers Toy Trucks and Crunch Canyon Playset/Zips Velcro Kids Shoes/Captain Crunch Cereal-$1000 Crunch Island Treasure Chest Contest/Chocolate Nestle Quik/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald in Dreamy Breakfast/Hot Wheels Cobra Stuntset Race Track/Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Promo/Honeycomb Cereal-The Honeycomb Kid/Win A Party With Strawberry Shortcake and The Care Bears Contest/Chips Ahoy Cookies-Now With 24 Chips In Every Cookie/Crest Gel Toothpaste-The Cavity Creeps/Alvin And The Chipmunks Action Figures/Its Flash Beagle Charlie Brown Cartoon Promo/Daffy Duck's Easter Special Cartoon Promo/Spaghetti O's/Gobots Action Figures-Turbo/Star Wars C3PO's Cereal/Care Bears Battle The Freeze Machine Cartoon Promo/Adventures Of Batman and Robin Sega Genesis Game/Slim Jims-Macho Man Randy Savage/McDonalds-The Double Big Mac/Waterworld Trailer/Coca Cola-Its Always Summer With Coke/Zymol Car Wax/Baby Ruth Candy Bar-Babe Ruth/Big Red Gum/Molsen Ice Beer with Courtney Love/A and W Root Beer/Arid XX Deoderant/Clueless Trailer/The Basshunter Mini Fishing Boat/Arizona Blue Jeans/A and W Root Beer-Want 1 Win 1 Contest/Alka Seltzer/Hardees-Bring Em Home Family Value Meal/Operation Dumbo Drop Trailer/Bold Plus Fabric Softner/Butterfinger BB's Candy/Armour All/Rockin USA Cassette and CD Offer/The Duzzit Handy Hanger Picture Hanger/Soloflex Workout Machine

Commercials Comp DVD 25
Haunted Highway Electronic Racing Set/Playdoh Burger and Maltshop Playset/Junk Jammer Smash Up Derby Toy Car Playset/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Balloon Door Alarm/Marvel Super Hero Pez Dispensers-Hulk,Spider Man,Captain America/Barbie Doll-Star Traveler Motor Home Vehicle/Trix Cereal/Spirograph Drawing Toy/Energized Web Climber Spider Man and Spidey Copter/Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts/Pinocchio Trailer/Kenner Family Treehouse Playset/Baby Wet and Care Doll/Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon Promo/M and M Peanut Butter Candy/Getting Home From School Safe PSA With McGruff The Crime Dog/Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills TV Show Promo/Weird Science TV Show Promo/Raisen Bran Cereal-4 Free Video Game Tokens From Aladdins Castle Arcade/Barbie Doll-Cut and Style Barbie/Corn Pops Cereal/Art Instruction School Offer/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Nickelodian Floam Slime Toy/Beauty and the Beast TV Show Promo/Monster Bash Cartoon Bumper-The Monsters Learn To Recycle/Sidewinder Handheld Marble Game/Levi Color Jeans/NFL Just Stuff Foot Lockers/Maniac Mouse Boardgame/Cheerios Cereal/Nerf Ballzooka Gun/Colorado Springs Sports Sporting Goods Store/Digital Music Express Cable Channel Promo/Apple Jacks Cereal/Barbie Doll-Dreamboat Vehicle/Mighty Mouse Cartoon Promo/Monster Bash Cartoon Bumper-The Monsters Have A Bar B Que/Problem Child Cartoon Promo/Party Mania Boardgame/Jungle Book Trailer/Pretty Pretty Princess Boardgame/Z Bots Action Figures-Mega Bot/Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal-Ebanezer Scrooge/Star Wars Micro Machine Transforming Action Playsets/Zoo Books Magazine Offer/Flash Screen Glow In The Dark Toy/Alvin and the Chipmunks Xmas Special Promo/National Geographic Swinging Safari VHS Offer/Pizza Hut-Free Mascot Misfits Toys/Highlander Cartoon Promo/Frosted Cherry Poptarts/Hi C Boppin Berry Fruit Drink/Apple Jacks Cereal-Free Stunt Race FX Toy Car/Liberty Toyota Car Dealership/Koolaid-Free Spiderman and Xmen Comic Books/Tyco RC Firepower Remote Control Car/Monster Bash Cartoon Bumper-The Monsters Steal Cable TV/Cookie Crisp Cereal-Free Bobby's World Pogs/Micro Machines Battle Zones Playsets/Denver The Last Dinosaur Cartoon Promo/American Dental Association PSA with Dudley The Dinosaur/Peanut Butter Captain Crunch Cereal-The Sogie Zombies/Dr Dreadfull Food Lab/Willie Go Boom Board Game/Ask Zandor Talking Wizard Board Game/Viper Electronic Racing Set/Newborn Nancy Doll/Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal-Free Cool Crazy Color Changing Straw/Matchbox Rapid Shot Slam Race Track/Fashion Magic Jewelery Maker/Futon Lifestyle Furniture Store/Stretch Armstrong Action Figure/Tonka Rev Up Chainsaw Monster Truck/Monster Bash Cartoon Bumper-Draculas Toothache/Barbie Doll-My Size Wedding Bride Barbie/Nerf Ultimator Gun/The Picture Bible Offer/Beautiful Beads Jewelery Maker/Techno Zoids Build Them Yourself Robots/Monster Bash Cartoon Bumper-Frankenstein's Dirty Laundry/Skydancers Flying Dolls/Dont Do Drugs PSA with Glitch and Davey/Dannon Crazy Crunch Chocolate Pudding/Monster Bash Cartoon Bumper-Dracula Orders A Pizza/Street Sharks Action Figures/Pizza Hut-Party At Pizza Head's House/Fruit Loops Cereal/Battletech Action Figures/Cocoa Krispies Cereal-Free Nintendo Stickers/Monster Bash Cartoon Bumper-Skeleton Buys A Wig/News Week Magazine Offer-Free Ultimate Trivia Boardgame/Bug Away Electronic Bug Killer/Denorex Shampoo/Dristan Long Lasting Nasal Spray