Dave's DVD Collection

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     1. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)
     2. Charlie Brown's All-Stars (1966) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060230/
     3. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060550/
     4. You're in Love, Charlie Brown (1967) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062513/
     5. He's Your Dog Charlie Brown (1968) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063048/
     6. It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown (1969) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0064501/
     7. Play it Again Charlie Brown (1971)
     8. You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown (1972) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069525/
     9. There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown (1973) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070793/
     10. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0068359/
     11. It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown (1974) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071678/
     12. It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (1974) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071679/
     13. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975)
     14. You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown (1975) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073922/
     15. It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown (1976) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074697/
     16. It's Your First Kiss Charlie Brown (1977) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076217/
     17. What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown (1978) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076911/
     18. You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown (1979) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080161/
     19. She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown (1980)
     20. Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown (1980) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0173983/
     21. It's Magic, Charlie Brown (1981) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082570/
     22. Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown (1981) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0174226/
     23. A Charlie Brown Celebration (1982) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0173721/
     24. Is This Good Bye, Charlie Brown (1983)
     25. It's An Adventure, Charlie Brown (1983) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0123123/
     26. What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? (1983) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0123322/
     27. It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown (1984) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0123122/
     28. Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown (1985) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0174220/
     29. You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (1985)
       30. Happy New Year, Charlie Brown (1986) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0123099/
     31. Snoopy The Musical, Charlie Brown (1988) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0174222/
     32. It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown (1988)
     33. Why, Charlie Brown, Why? (1990) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0123325/
     34. Snoopy's Reunion (1991) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0174221/
     35. It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown (1992) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0173933/
     36. It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown (1992) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0104534/
37. You're in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown (1994)
     38. It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown (1997) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0173932/
     39. It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown (2000) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0203593/
     40. A Charlie Brown Valentine (2002) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0283987/
     41. Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales (2002)
     42. Lucy Must be Traded, Charlie Brown (2003) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0389128/
     43. I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown (2003) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387301/
     44. He's a Bully, Charlie Brown (2006) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0906322/

Charlie Brown Movies
     A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969)
     Snoopy Come Home (1972)
     Race For Your Life Charlie Brown (1977) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076591/
     Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (1980) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080461/

Zumba DVD Fitness Collection: Complete Q=10 http://www.zumba.com/us/ 5 DVDs

P-90X http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/p90x.do?t=p90x2a2&code=P90XDOTCOM 12 DVDs

Richard Simmons
     Sweatin' to the Oldies
     Sweatin' to the Oldies 2
     Sweatin' to the Oldies 3
     Sweatin' to the Oldies 4
     Boogie Down the Pounds
     Party Off the Pounds


Classic Commercials

100 Pepsi Commercials (1946-84)

The Best Of Animated Commercials

60 Minutes of Vintage Beer Commercials - Falstaff, Hamms, Blatz, Jax and more.

Sports Commercials - over 2 hours from the 50's thru the 90's.

41 Commercials From Joe Sedalmaier - "Where's the beef?" and 40 more. Funny, odd, surreal...by far the strangest advertisements on TV. They may have also been the funniest. 50 minutes.

Celebrity TV Commercials - 88 minutes with M.Monroe, A.Griffith, L.Tomlin, J.Winters, R.Welch, Durante, Namath, D.Hoffman, G.Marx, Reagan, Fawcett, Butkus, Cosell and many more.

Classic Commercials #1 - Sports and Cars - with Mantle, Aaron, Chamberlain, Berra, the Edsel, Nash, Thunderbird and more. Color and B + W. 2 hours.
Classic Commercials #2 -
Favorites and Cereal - includes The Frito Bandito, Cracker Jack, Tang, Andy Griffith, 3 Stooges, and a lot more. Color and B + W. 2 hours.



Commercials Comp DVD 1
Pepsi-Spice Girls/Photon Electronic Laser Game/Maxell Video Tapes/Dianetics Book Offer/Hostess Twinkies/Halls Cough Drops/Aurora AFX Formula 1 Toy Racetrack/Ninja Uniform Offer/BC Pain Pills/Scope Mouthwash/USA Network PSA-Conserve Wildlife/Yoplait Yogurt/Pepto Bismol/Hitachi Electronics/Flex Power Tires Toy Truck/Airwolf TV Show Promo/Hostess Pudding Pies/Sanchez of BelAir TV Show Promo/Check It Out TV Show Promo/WWF LJN Action Figures/Dance Party USA TV Show Promo/Don Young Ford Trucks Dealership/AA Office Equipment and Furniture/Bic Shaver Razor Blades/The Beatles Live Video Tape Offer/Giant Grip Wheels Power Machine Toy Truck/Stetson Cologne/Rambo Action Figures-Assault Vehicle and General Warhawk's Headquarters/Mitsubishi Car Dealership/Luckett and Lowery Jewlery Repair Shop/Oakland Buisness Exchange Magazine/USA Network College Basketball Promo/Sweetheart Gold Watch Offer/USA Network Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV Show Promo/Isomax Wonderbar Workout Machine/Players Club International Gold Card With Telly Suvales/The All Niter Record and Tape Offer/Tennesse Tourist Promo/Mars Candy Bar/Over The Top Movie Trailer Version 1/Bic Shaver Razor Blades/Gillette Good News Plus Razor Blades/From The Hip Movie Trailer/Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream/Vivarin Stay Awake Pills/Dream Away Diet Pills/Blistik Lip Balm/Old Spice Deoderant/Nestle White Chocolate Candy Bars/BC Pain Pills/Statue Of Liberty Watch Offer/Skittles Candy/Oxy 10 Acne Cream/WWF LJN Steelcage Playset/Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes/Milky Way Candy Bar/Clearisil Acne Cream/Over The Top Movie Trailer Version 2/Crest Toothpaste/Bass Master Fishing Magazine Offer/Hostess Choco Bliss Cakes/Casio Pulse Databank Watches/Kawasaki Motorcycles/Thompsons Waterseal Varnish/Nestle Crunch Candy Bars With Larry Bird/N.R.A. Membership Offer/Carquest Autoparts Store/Gillette Atra Plus Razor Blades/Axis Cologne/WWF LJN Action Figures/Planet of the Apes Action Figures/Planet of the Apes Action Figures-Fortress Playset/Planet of the Apes Action Figures-Forbidden Zone Playset/Planet of the Apes Action Figures-Catapult and Wagon/Worlds Greatest Superheros Action Figures-Spiderman,Green Goblin,Hulk,Superman/Batman Action Figures-Joker and Penguin/Batman Action Figures-Jokermobile/Batman Action Figures-Batman and Robin with Fist Fighting Action/Batman Action Figures-Batman's Crimelab/Justice League Action Figures-Hall of Justice Playset/Batman Batcoder Walkie Talkies/Batman Action Figures-Base Station Playset/Batman Bat Recorder Tape Recorder/Batman Action Figures-Wayne Foundation Playset

Commercials Comp DVD 2
Peanut Butter Captain Crunch Cereal/McDonalds-Playhouse/Shout N Shoot II Watergun/7UP Soda-Nintendo Game Giveaway/7UP Soda-Turn Un/7UP Soda-Xmas Tree/10K Soda-Nickelodian Giveaway/16 Wheel Monster Machine Toy Truck/Wendys-99 Cent Crispy Chicken Nuggets/Hubba Bubba Bubblegum-Gunfight/Cookie Crisp Cereal-Now With Bigger Chips/The Clapper-Clap On Clap Off/McDonalds-Arch Deluxe Burger and Deluxe Monopoly Game/Taco Bell-2 Tacos For 99 Cents/Taco Bell-Godzilla/Taco Bell-Taco Revolution/ABC 1970's Saturday Morning Preview/ABC 1980's Saturday Morning Xmas Preview/Wrestlemania Nintendo Game/Acclaim Wireless Video Game Controllers/Coors Extra Gold/10-10-220 Long Distance Phone Offer with Hulk Hogan and Alf/Aliens vs Predator Action Figures-Queen Mother Playset/Wendys-Kids Meal with All Dogs Go To Heaven Toys/Alpha Bits Cereal-Wizard/Alpha Bits Cereal-Jackson 5/Marshmellow Alpha Bits Cereal-Alpha Bits Land/Frosted Alpha Bits Cereal-Watersking/Alpha Bits Cereal-Computer/The Animal Toy Monster Truck/Armitron Wrist Watches/Atari 2600 E.T. Game/Atari 7800 Video Game System/Atari Computers and Video Games/Atari Centipede Game/Atari XE System/Back to the Future Movie Trailer/Back to the Future 2 Movie Trailer/Back to the Future 3 Movie Trailer/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Bambi Toys/Batman Movie Trailer/Batman and Robin Movie Trailer/Batman Forever Movie Trailer/Batman the Animated Series Action Figures-Batmobile/AWA Wrestlers Remco Action Figures-Battle Royal Playset/Wendys-Where's the Beef Girls at the Drive Thru/He Man Action Figures-Beam Master He Man and Skeletor/Bedbugs Board Game/Coors Light-Right Beer Now/Berry Berry Kix Cereal/McDonalds-Big Dreams/Big Frank Talking Frankenstein Action Figure/Big League Chew Bubblegum/McDonalds-Big Mac 1970's/Burger King-The Late Show/Burger King-Bacon Mega Supreme/Burger King-Free Xmas Disney Glasses/Burger King-BK Doubles/Burger King-French Toast Sticks/Burger King-Mega Double Cheese Burger/Burger King-Kids Meal with Men In Black Toys/McDonalds-Bowling For Burgers/Brain Warp Toy/Time For Timer PSA-The Importance of a Good Breakfast/Trix Cereal-Now with Brighter Trix/Bubble Magic Toy/Budweiser Bud Bowl 3/Budweiser Bud Bowl 4/Budweiser-Nothing Beats a Bud/Budweiser-The Frogs/Burger Chef-Free Star Wars Poster/Burger King-Aretha Franklin/Burger King-Free Frosted Coca Cola Glass/Burger King-Flame Broiled Whopper/Burger King-Masters of the Universe Meal Pack/Burger King-Jet Age Meal Pack/Butterfinger Candy Bar-Bart Simpson and Nelson/Star Wars C3PO's Cereal/Cadbury Candy Cream Eggs/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Fun Globes Toy/Captain Crunch Cereal Bars

Commercials Comp DVD 3
Captain Crunch Cereal-Treasure Hunt Contest/Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal-Free Animal Stickers/Captain Crunch Cereal-The Captain Plays Video Game/Casio Remote Control Watch/Crave Cat Food/Atari 2600 E.T. Game-Xmas Version/Chargertron Action Figure/Chatbot Toy Robot/Cheerios Cereal-Jack and the Beanstalk/Cherrios Cereal-Free Bag of Skittles Candy/McDonalds-Cheesy Cheese/Cheetos Chips-The Mouse Painter/Chex Cereal-Free Chexman CD Rom Game/Alvin and the Chipmunks Action Figures/PSA For Healthy Teeth-The Chopper/Chuck E Cheese Pizza-Smile America/Chuck E Cheese Pizza-Sisters/Clash of the Titans Movie Trailer/Coca Cola Soda-Santa Can/Batman Legos/Kitchen Safty PSA with Bugs Bunny/Marshmellow Dino Pebbles Cereal/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Barney's Robot Car/He Man Action Figures-Point Dread and Tallon Fighter/He Man Action Figures-Buzzoff and Whiplash/Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal-Hulk Hogan/Incredible Hulk Radio Controled Inflatable Figure/Karate Kid Action Figures-Competition Playset/Knight Rider Impossibles Toy Race Track/Lazer Tag Game/McDonalds-McDLT/McDonalds-McRib/Mickey Mouse Playhouse/Mike Tyson's Punchout Nintendo Game/Mr.T Action Figure/Burger King-Mr.T promotes The New Whopper/Photon Laser Game/Instant Quaker Oatmeal with Popeye/Rambo Action Figures-General Warhawk and Rambo/Real Ghostbusters Action Figures-Color Changing Slime Outfits/She Ra Action Figures-Cat Ra and Frosta/Smurf Crazy Foam Bubblebath/Star Wars Action Figures-Admiral Ackbar/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader Tie Fighter and X Wing/Star Wars Action Figures-Han Solo and C3PO with Backback/Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Troop Transporter/Star Wars Action Figures-Jabba the Hutt Playset/Flintstones Playset/Bigfoot Board Game/Grandprix Electronic Racing Game/Muhammed Ali Action Figure and Playset/Batman Action Figure-Batcopter/Superman Action Figure-Fortress of Solitude Playset/Batman Action Figure-Batmobile and Exploding Bridge Playset/Wonder Woman Action Figure-Invisible Plane and Collapsing Tower Playset/Spiderman Action Figure-Spidercar and Exploding Sky Scraper Playset/Fonzie and the Happy Days Gang Action Figures-Stunt Cycle and Fonzie's Garage Playset/Superpowers Action Figures-Green Arrow and Darkseide/Superpowers Action Figures-Superman and Martian Manhunter/Superpowers Action Figures-Supermobile and Lexor 7/Superpowers ACtion Figures-Hall of Justice Playset/Superpowers Action Figures-Joker,Lex Luthor,Aquaman,Robin/Superpowers Action Figures-Batmobile/Voltron Action Figures-Motorized Lionforce/He Man Action Figures-Spikor/Gobots Action Figures-Boomer Vehicles/Nestle Quik-Gobots Action Figure Giveaway/Smurf Pasta/GI Joe Cereal/Pacman Pasta/He Man Action Figures-Stonedor and Rokkon/Hershey's Kisses Candy with Rocky and Bullwinkle/GI Joe Action Figures-Hydroforce/GI Joe Action Figures-Sgt Slaughter Giveaway/Nintendo Video Game System with Rob the Robot/GI Joe Action Figures-Devilfish and Hydrosled/Thundercats Action Figures-Rataro/Inspector Gadget Cartoon Promo/GI Joe Action Figures-Serpentor/GI Joe Action Figures-Snowcat Vehicle/Ghostbusters Cereal/He Man Action Figures-Terror Claw Skeletor and Flying Fist He Man/PSA for Cerebal Palsey with Tony Danza/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Survelliance Playset/He Man Action Figures-Spydor/He Man Action Figures-Modulok/GI Joe Action Figures-Battle Platform Playset/He Man Action Figures-The Evil Horde/Superpowers Action Figures-Superman with Power Action/He Man Action Figures-Castle Greyskull/Superfriends Safty PSA-Aquaman Teaches Safe Swimming/He Man Action Figures-Dragon Blaster Skeletor/He Man Action Figures-Thunderpunch He Man/GI Joe Action Figures-Sky Striker,Cobra Rattler,Dragon Fly Copter/GI Joe Action Figures-Bridgelayer/He Man Action Figures-Thunderpunch He Man and Castle Greyskull/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Mamba Vehicle/Welcome Back Kotter TV Show Promo/Munsters Today TV Show Promo

Commercials Comp DVD 4
Godzilla vs Gigan Trailer/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-Valentine's Day Cake/Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla Trailer/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-The Death Wish/Super Fuzz Trailer/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Free Dinosaur Puzzle Kits/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Dr Fudgerock/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Super Cocoa Man/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Barney is Hercules/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Barney's Time Machine/Coca Cola Soda-Jackie Gleason/Coleco Handheld Video Games/Donkey Kong Cereal/Dominos Pizza-The Noid Plays Video Games/Afro Sheen Afro Blowout Kit/Players Jherri Curl Kit/Radio Shack Color Computer 3/Cookie Crisp Cereal-Free Spiderman Trading Cards/Cookie Crisp Cereal-Crook Scratches Back with Box/Cookie Crisp Cereal-Free Bubbleicious Gum/Corn Pops Cereal-Free Toy Flute/Eficol Cough Whip Cough Medicine/Count Chocula Cereal-Free Gummy Monster Candy/Micro Machine Toy Cars-Count Micro Machine/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Giant Computer Sale/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Greatest Video Sale Ever/Creepy Crawlers Toy Oven/Crispy Critters Cereal/Super Crocadile Mile Water Slide/Crunch n Munch Snack/Stop Pollution PSA with The Crying Indian/Cybersplash Laser Game/Diet Coke Soda-Batman/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Dinosaur Toys/Disneyworld-Remember the Magic/Dizzy Dolphin Disco Board Game/Dr Dreadful Drink Lab Toy/Dr Dreadful Food Lab Toy/Dominos Pizza-Xmas Buffalo Wings/Dominos Pizza-Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza/Dominos Pizza-The Noid and his Cold Gun/Dont Wake Daddy Board Game/Family Double Dare Live Tour Show Promo/Double Dragon Action Figures/Star Wars Droids Action Figures/Dr Pepper Soda-Guy From American Werewolf in London/McDonalds-Study Break/Dungeons and Dragons Board Game/HI C Ghostbusters Ecto Cooler Fruit Drink/McDonalds-Cowboys Eating a Egg McMuffin/McDonalds-Election Time in McDonald Land/Keebler E.L.Fudge Cookies/Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer/Elvira Mistress of the Dark Trailer/Empire Strikes Back Trailer version 1/Empire Strikes Back Trailer version 2/Empire Strikes Back Trailer version 3/Empire Strikes Back Trailer version 4/Sprite Soda-Ernest/McDonalds-E.T. Happy Meal/McDonalds-Evil Grimace in McDonald Land/Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D Trailer/Famicom Japanese Nintendo Video Game System/Burgerking-Fiesta Whopper/Flex Toy Truck With Power Wheels/Flintstones NFL Trading Cards/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Taste Adults Have Grown To Love/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Flintstones Comic Book/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Flintstones Frisbee

Commercials Comp DVD 5
Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Fred and Barney meet Santa/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Barney the Ghost/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Color Changing Toy Dinosaur/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Beanie Babies/Gator Golf Toy Golf Game/Ghostbusters Trailer/Street Fighter II Action Figures/Viewmaster Liteup Glow Sticks/GoBots Action Figures-Super GoBots/GoBots Action Figures-Destroyer,Cy Kill and Leader 1/GoBots Action Figures-Boomer Vehicles/GoBots Action Figures-Thruster Renegade GoBot Headquarters Playset/Grape Escape Board Game/He Man Action Figures-Castle Greyskull/Grease Trailer/Incredible Edible Gross Eries Maker Toy Oven/McDonalds-McDonald Land is the Happy Eating Place/Harley Davidson Kids Bike/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-Cookie Puss and Cookie O Puss/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Eddie Has Disco Fever/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-Cookie Puss and Hug Me The Bear/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Big TV,VCR and Video Game Sale/Coors Light-Elvira/Godzillas Revenge Trailer/Terror of Mechagodzilla Trailer/Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game/Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal/He Man Action Figures-Dragon Walker Vehicle/Disneyworld Hilton Hotel/Honeycomb Cereal-Kung Fu Louie/Godzilla vs Biollante Trailer/McDonalds-Ronald Meets The Rocking Hotcakes/McDonalds-Green Shamrock Milk Shakes/Japanese Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures/Watermellon Jello-Bill Cosby/Diet Pepsi Soda-Michael J Fox and his Cyborg/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Chicken Nuggets/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Clay People/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Mega Meal with Free looney Tunes Glasses/Killer Klowns From Outer Space Trailer/Karate Kid Action Figures/Knockout Boardgame/Star Wars Action Figures-Land of the Jawas Playset/Laser Combat Game/Laser Tag Game-Laser Stadium/License To Drive Trailer/Lifecall Medic Alert-I've Fallen And I Cant Get Up!/Little Caesers Pizza-Pizza Rock Band/Long John Silvers-Lil Rascals/Long John Silvers-Popcorn Chicken/Long John Silvers-Santa and his Popcorn Fish/Looney Tunes Smush Em Board Game/Crystal Pepsi-Van Halen/He man Action Figures-Man E Faces/Mario Bros Atari Game/Marshmellow Rice Krispees Cereal-Barney the Balloon Salesman/Masters of the Universe Trailer/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Animal Kingdom Toys/McDonalds-Hey Little man/McDonalds-Breakfast Bisqit Sandwich/McDonalds-1st Day of High School/McDonalds-Flintstones Movie Promo/McDonalds-John Madden/McDonalds-Free Gillette Razor Blade/McDonalds-Happy Meal with McNuggets Buddy Toys/McDonalds-McDLT/McDonalds-Evil Grimace Steals all the Cups in McDonald Land/McDonalds-Singing McDonald Land/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Food Changable Toys/McDonalds-Ronald in Hole in One/McDonalds-A Day in the Life of Ronald McDonald/McDonalds-Chicken McNugget Wedding/McDonalds-Grilled Steak Sandwich/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Cabbage Patch Kids Toys/McDonalds-The McPack/McDonalds-Mike the Mentally Handicap Guy/McDonalds-Xmas Gift Certificates/McDonalds-The Wishing Star/McDonalds-The All American Meal/McDonalds-Ronald in Scared Silly/McDonalds-Scrabble Game Contest/McDonalds-Moonman Sing Mac Tonight/McDonalds-Willie Tyler and Lester/McDonalds-Arch Deluxe Sandwich and Deluxe Monopoly Game/McDonalds-McNuggets Square Dance Song/McDonalds-The Happy Meal Monster/Coca Cola Soda-Mean Joe Green/Transformers Action Figures-Menasaur/Pepsi Soda-Xmas with Mickey Mouse

Commercials Comp DVD 6
Mighty Max Board Game/Star Wars Action Figures-Millenium Falcon/Monsterface Board Game/Coors Light-The Workout Beer/Motocyckes Kids Bike/Mr Big Candybar/Pepsi Soda-Miami Vice/Revenge of the Ninja Trailer/Nintendo Video Game System-Deluxe System/New Kids On The Block Action Figures/Dominos Pizza-The Noid and his Pizza Crusher/Dominos Pizza-The Noid and his Pizza Puncher/McDonalds-McNuggets Basketball Game/McDonalds-On The Go Happy Meals/Operation Wolf Nintendo Game/Orville Redenbocker Popcorn-New Popcorn Snacks/Ouija Board Game/McDonalds-Our New Song/Pathmark Grocery Store/Pepsi Soda-Gotta Have it/Pee Wee's Big Adventure Trailer version 1/Pee Wee's Xmas Special Promo/Pee Wee's Big Adventure Trailer version 2/Pepsi Soda-The Pepsi Challenge/Pepsi Soda-Robert Palmer/Pepsi Soda-Be Young Have Fun Drink Pepsi/Pepsi Soda-Michael Jackson/Pepsi Soda-Michael J Fox/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Xmas Sale/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Presidents Birthday Sale/Godzila vs Mechagodzilla Part 2 Trailer/Godzilla vs Mothra Trailer/Godzilla vs The Thing Trailer/Long John Silvers-Carol Ann from Poltergiest/Pepsi Soda-Cindy Crawford/Pizza Hut-Free Flintstones Glasses/Pizza Hut-Kids Pack with Free Star Wars Posters/Pizza Hut-Bigfoot Pizza and Free Blockbuster Video Rental/Pizza Hut-Pan Pizza/Pizza Hut-Kids Pack with Free Xmen Comic Book/Pizza Hut-Free Xmen Video/Playboy Magazine Xmas Offer/Playdoh Fun Factory Toy/PSA for Library Cards with Jaleel White aka Urkel/Pop R Corns Snacks/Alpha Bits Cereal-There's a Robot in my Cereal/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Stoney Scrambler Toy/The Princess Bride Trailer/PSA on Chewing Tobacco with Scott Baio/PSA on Crack Cocaine with Walter Cronkite/PSA on Drunk Driving with Magic Johnson/Time For Timer PSA-Quick Snack Carrot Sticks/Raiders of the Lost Ark Trailer version 1/Raiders of the Lost Ark Trailer version 2/Raiders of the Lost Ark Trailer version 3/Revenge of the Jedi Trailer/Robots VCR Board Game/McDonalds-Summer Backyard Fun/Rubiks Magic Puzzle-Macho Man Savage/McDonalds-Ronald Ice Skates/Little Caesars Pizza-2 Pizzas For $5.99/Wendys-Free World Wildlife Stuffed Animals/McDonalds-Xmas Gift Certificates/How to make a Saturday Ice Cream PSA/Burger King-99 Cent Big King Burger/McDonalds-Free Cinderella Stuffed Animals/Sectaurs Action Figures/Back to the Future 2 and 3 Nintendo Game/She Ra Action Figures-Crystal Castle Playset

Commercials Comp DVD 7
Simon Electronic Game/Sink A Dink Kids Toy Sink/Six Flags Amusement Park-2 Dogs/Orange Slice Soda-Frog Eater/Nickelodian Smud Toy/Smurf Colecovision Video Game/Smurf Xmas Record Offer/Dont Do Drugs PSA-The Snakeman/He Man Action Figures-Snakeman/Snickers Candy Bar-I'm Batman!/Spaceballs Trailer/Space Jockey Atari 2600 Game/Speak and Spell Toy-Bill Cosby/Dominos Pizza-The Noid and his Weather Machine/Dominos Pizza-Free 2 Liter of Coke/Star Wars Trailer version 1/Star Wars Action Figures-Admiral Akbar/Star Wars Action Figures-Han Solo and C3PO/Star Wars Action Figures-Micro Machine Action Sets/Star Wars Trailer version 2/Star Wars Trailer version 3/Star Wars Action Figures-Zuckess and At At Commander/Wendys-Wheres The Beef!?!/Burger King-Kids Meal with M and M Toys/Sugar Crisp Cereal-The Bear Chases Granny/Sugar Smacks Cereal-Bowling Frog/Time For Timer PSA-How to make Sunshine on a Stick/Post Cereal's Create A Supervillain Contest/Japanese Super Mario 3 Game/American Express Credit Card-Superman and Seinfeld/Surge Soda-The Mud People/USA Network Survivor Series Showdown Promo-Bret Hart vs Yokozuna/Swiss Chalet Restaurant-Xmas Dinner Special/Taco Viva-The Really Big Burrito/Electronic Talking Battleship Boardgame/Thundercats Action Figures-Lion O and The Berzerkers/Teddy Grahms Breakfast Bears Cereal/Teddy Ruxpin Talking Bear-Show and Tell/Teddy Ruxpin Talking Bear-Storybook Cassettes/Time For Timer PSA-How to keep your Teeth Healthy/Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer-1970's Version/Cosby Show and Family Ties TV Shows Promo/Pizza Hut-Free Land Before Time Toys/The Lost Boys Trailer/Radio Shack Color Computer 3/Real Ghostbusters Action Figures-Granny Gross/2XL Talking Robot-1970's Version 1/2XL Talking Robot-1970's Version 2/2XL Talking Robot-1970's Version 3/2xl Talking Robot-Batman The Animated Series/3 Musketters Candy Bar-Floating Candy Bars/7UP Soda-What Uncola Stands For/7UP Soda-See The Light/7UP Soda-Disco/7UP Soda-Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran/7UP Soda-Makes Old People Young/7UP Soda-Pacman/7UP Soda-Casino/1 900 Dial A Insult Phone Line/1 900 New Kids on the Block Phone Line/McDonalds-Jumprope/Burgerking-Burgerking Now Has Pepsi/RCA Selectavison Laser Disk Player/Pepsi Soda-David Bowie and Tina Turner/Nintendo Mario Bros and Zelda Cereal/McDonalds-Blind Date/54321 Candy Bar/1 900 999 Luck Party Line/1971 ABC Saturday Morning Promo/Addams Family Cereal/Alexanders Department Store/Smurfs and Alf Cartoon Promos/Alf Xmas Special Promo/Rexall Supermarket-1 Cent Sale version 1/Rexall Supermarket-1 Cent Sale version 2/Alpha Bits Cereal-Its So Good Eating Up The Alphabet/Alpha Bits Cereal-The Hippo/Alpha Bits Cereal-Dracula/Alpha Bits Cereal-The Jackson 5/Alphie Toy Robot/Alpo Cat Food-Garfield/Commadore Amiga Computer/Arbys-Hot Ham and Swiss Sub/Coney Island Astroland Amusement Park/Atari 5200 SuperSystem/Atari Computers and Video Games/Atari 2600 System with Free Pacman Game/Atari Video Games-The Valley Girl/A and W Restaurant-Bear Plays The Tuba/A and W Soda-Peanuts Gang make Root Beer Floats/A and W Soda-Mr.T

Commercials Comp DVD 8
Winston Cigarettes-The Flintstones version 1/Ayds Diet Candy/Back To The Future Cartoon Promo/Bartles and James Wine Coolers-Snow Storm/Batman and Robin Batcoder Walkie Talkies/Batman Batmobile Bigwheel/Batman The Animated Series Action Figures-Batmobile/Diet Coke Soda-Batman/Batman The Animated Series Action Figures-Jetblade/Battle Beasts Action Figures/Robotech Japanese Action Figures/Battlestar Galactica TV Show Promo/Tansformers Micro Machine Battle Masters/Diet Pepsi Soda-Billy Crystal/Beverly Hills Cop 2 Trailer/Big Red Soda/Big Trak Toy Truck/Big Wheel Bigwheel/Bill and Teds Cereal/Bing Bang Boing Board Game/Burgerking-Kids Meal with Dino Crawlers Toys/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Bonanza Restaurant-Montey Hall/Brain Bash Electronic Game/Bravestarr Neutralizer Toy Gun/Burger King-$1.99 Breakfast/Barbie Cereal/Bristle Bear Blocks Toy/Brooke Shields Doll/Bubble Yum Bubblegum-2 Flavors In 1/Budweiser Bud Bowl 6/Bud Lite-Gimmie A Lite version 1/Bud Lite-Gimmie A Lite version 2/Budweiser-Pick a Pair/Budweiser-I'm a Bud Man/Budweiser-Rappers on the Farm/Budweiser-Olympics/Trix Cereal-Rabbit Pretends to be Bugs Bunny/Kool Aid-Bugs Bunny the Cowboy/Tang Orange Drink-Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck/Burger King-Great Balls of Fire/Burger King-Triple Jump Checkers Game/Burger King-Chicken Bundles/Burger King-The King and his Motorcycle/Burger King-The Magician/Burger Chef-The Works Bar and Salad Bar/Burger King-Disco King/Burger King-Whopper vs McDLT version 1/Burger King-Whopper vs McDLT version 2/Burger King-Breakfast Buddy Combo with Evander Holyfield/Burger King-We Made The Switch To Pepsi/Butterfinger Candy Bar-Purely For Pleasure/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Captain Crunch Cereal-New Goldelicious Color/Captain Crunch Cereal-The Indians Attack/Aim Toothpaste-Hurtfull J Cavity/Fruit Chewy Fig Newtons/Alpha Bits Cereal-Nasty McEvil and Free Alpha Bits Stickers/E.T. Atari 2600 Game/Cosmic Kids Pasta/Campfire Bluebirds Promo/Eggo Waffles/Star Wars Action Figures-Zukuss and At At Commander/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal/Nestle Quik-Rabbit Plays Atari/Kit Kat Candy Bar-Deserted Island/Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch Cereal-Free Animal Stickers/Barbie Dolls-Enchanted Evening Costume Pack/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Free Funhouse Mirror Toy/Crayola Crayons/Humane Society Promo/McDonalds-No Snow/Family Feud TV Gameshow Promo/Cherrios Cereal-Drummer Boy/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal/Hersheys Kisses Candy-Frankenstein and Catwoman/Sugar Corn Pops Cereal-Porcupine/Tidal Wave Bubblegum/McDonalds-Ronald Meets The Man in the Moon/Chips Ahoy Cookies-More Chocolate Taste/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Free Tony The Tiger Rub On Stickers/Kit Kat Candy Bar-So Good You'll Roar/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Flintstones Poster/American Dental Association PSA-Pirate Crocadiles/Cookie Crisp Cereal-Free Art Pen/Hersheys Chocolate Syrup-Messy Marvin/Lucky Charms Cereal-Crocadile Steals Cereal/M and M's Candy/Crest Toothpaste-The Cavity Creeps/Chuck E Cheese Pizza-Smile America/Rice Krispees Cereal-The Pirate/Rough Rider 4x4 Toy Truck/Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires PSA/Carpeteria Carpet Store-Once A Year Inventory Clearance Sale/Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal-Free Granola Bar/Lucky Charms Cereal-Giant Catipillar/Cosmic Kids Raviolies

Commercials Comp DVD 9
Stag Beer-Mr.Magoo/Captain Crunch Cereal-Secret of the Crunch/Captain Crunch Cereal-Singalong with the Captain/Captain Crunch Cereal-Captain Meets Robinson Cruesoe/Captain Crunch Cereal-Sweet Tooth Carlile/Captain Crunch Cereal-The Crunch Berry Beast/Captain Crunch Cereal-Pirate LeFoot Cinnamin Crunch Cereal/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Fun and Games Book/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Crunch Combo Lock/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Crunch Cruiser Toy/Captain Crunch Cereal-The Peanut Butter Crunch Bird/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Crunch Dinosaur Spoon/Captain Crunch Cereal-Pirate LeFoot Trys To Blow Up The Cinnamin Crunch/Captain Crunch Cereal-Now With Pirate LeFoot Shapes/Captain Crunch Cereal-Xmas Crunch Cereal/Carefree Sugarless Gum/Carpeteria Carpet Store/Crazy Color Foam Bubble Bath/Cassanos Pizza/CBS Saturday Morning Preview/Star Wars Holiday Special Promo/Bugs Bunny and Fat Albert Halloween Specials Promos/Centurions Action Figures-Doc Terror/Cheech and Chongs Nice Dreams Trailer/Cheerios Cereal-The wicked Witch/Cherry 7UP-Isnt it Cool in Pink/Alvin and the Chipmunks Action Figures/Chiquita Ice Cream Pops/A Christmas Story Trailer/Chuck E Cheeze Pizza-Its Tough Being a Kid/Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal-Xmas Version/Circus Fun Cereal-version 1/Circus Fun Cereal-version 2/He Man Action Figures-Sy Klone/Close and Play Toy Record Player/Coca Cola-Monsters of the Gridiron Game/Coca Cola-Disney Video Offer/Coca Cola-Coke Classic Red white and You/Coco Wheats Cereal/Cocoa Pebbles Cereal-Barneys Time Machine/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Free Wriggle Ring Toy/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Sonny Lost at Sea/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Sonny Strikes Oil/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Sonny on Merry Go Round/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Sonny on a Boat/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Free Bobbin Cucu Bird Toy/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Free Crazy Ball/Coca Cola-Mean Joe Green/Coleco Table Top Video Games/Colgate Toothpaste-Flip Wilson/Arrid Extra Dry Deoderant-Brooke Shields/Raisen Bran Cereal-John Denver/Coors Light-Silver Time/Coors Light-Tap the Rockies/Corn Flakes Cereal-Top Cat/Corn Flakes Cereal-Babe Ruth/Corn Flakes Cereal-Free Captain Power Stamps/Cosmic Ark Atari Video Game/Country Club Malt Liquor/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Greatest Video Sale Ever/Crazy Eddie Electronics Store-Xmas Sale In August/Crispy Wheats and Raisens Cereal/Dairy Queen-Hotdogs and Mister Misty Floats/Family Double Dare TV Show Promo-Weird Al Yankovich and Lou Ferigno/Delmonte Gel Fruit Cup Deserts/Dennis The Menace Cartoon Promo/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/1 976 Dialajoke/Diet Slice Soda-Whos Got the Juice?/Dino Riders Action Figures/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Disneyland-Main Street Electrical Parade/Disneyworld-Be our guest put our magic to the test/Disneyworld-Alice in Wonderland/Donkey Kong Jr Cereal/Double Dragon II Nintendo Game/Dolly Parton TV Show Promo/Dollyworld Amusement Park/Dominos Pizza-Giant Dominos/Porky Pig and Donald Duck Soakie Toys/Cheerios Cereal-Donald Duck/Dont Blow Your Top Board Game/Doritos Tortilla Thins-Chevy Chase/Pacman Cereal/Tunnel Runner Atari Video Game/Dr Pepper-At The Beach/Drag King Toy Car/Dragon Warrior Nintendo Game/Dukes of Hazzard Slot Car Racing Set/Dukes of Hazzard Slam Shifters Racing Set/Dunkin Hines Cake and Pudding Mix/McDonalds-Ronald and his Toy Train Set/Voltron Action Figures-Castle of Lions Playset

Commercials Comp DVD 10
Hostess Twinkies-Twinkie the Kid/Pacman Cereal-now with Ms Pacman Marshmellows/McDonalds-Ronald in Hand Warming/Corn Pops Cereal-Free Wacky Wall Walker Toy/Honey Smacks Cereal-Free Wacky Wall Walker Toy/Cheerios Cereal-Pepperment Patty and Marcey riding a bike/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Free M and M's Candy/Fruit Loops Cereal-Madame Gypsey/Commadore Plus 4 Computer/Transformers Action Figures-Optimus Prime/Kenner Motorized Easyshow Toy Movie Projector/Electro Shot Shooting Gallery Toy/Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Trailer/Star Wars Action Figures-Chewbacca and Imperial Stormtrooper/Star Wars Action Figures-Lando Calrisian/Eskimo Pie Ice Cream Bars/Star Wars Ewoks Stuffed Animals/Fantastic Four Trailer-1990's version/Fast Eddie Marble Board Game/Flashman Japanese Toy/Welch's Grape Jelly-The Flintstones/Welch's Frozen Grape Juice-The Flintstones/Flintstones Cassette and CD offer/Winston Cigarettes-The Flintstones version 2/Winston Cigarettes-The Flintstones version 3/Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs-Foghorn Leghorn/Transformers Action Figures-Fortress Maximus Playset/Frankenberry Cereal-The Wishing Well/Frankenberry Cereal-The Scardy Cat/Frankenberry Cereal-Free Mini Monster Toy/Frankenberry Cereal-Free Super Bubble Bubble Gum/Count Chocula Cereal-The Grandfather Clock/1 900 Freddy Krueger Phone Line/Fresh Prince Of Belair TV Show Promo/Friendly's Food and Ice Cream Restaurant/Fruit Loops Cereal-Sam speaks pig latin/Frosted Flakes Cereal-What Frosted Flakes is Made Of/Frosted Flakes Cereal-The Secret Formula/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Put a Tiger on your Team/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Year of the Tiger/Frosted Flakes Cereal-The Haunted House/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Barney's Video Game/Ghostbusters Cereal-Free Glow in the Dark Trading Cards/Ghostbusters Cereal-What Ya Gonna Crunch?/Ghostbusters Cereal-Free Record/Real Ghostbusters Action Figures-Haunted Car/Filmation Ghostbusters Action Figures/Real Ghostbusters Action Figures-Firehouse Playset/GI Joe Action Figures-Tigerforce Vehicles/Filmation Ghostbusters Cartoon Promo/Superstation WTBS Gilligans Island Contest/GoBots Action Figures-Creepy/GoBots Action Figures-Japanese Version/GoBots Action Figures-Puzzler/GoBots Action Figures-Tux/Wendys-Free GoBots Toys/Godzilla 1985 Trailer/Godzilla Action Figure with Launching Claw/Godzilla vs Biollante Trailer-version 2/Godzilla vs Megaguirus Trailer/Godzilla vs The Smog Monster Trailer/Guess Who Board Game/Popeye,Mickey Mouse,Fred Flintstone Gumball Banks/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Godzilla vs Megalon Trailer/Hangman Board game-Vincent Price/Hardee's-Free Ghostbuster Ghostblaster Toys/Haunted Mansion Haunted House in Long Branch,NJ/Headshrinkers Toy-Make your own Shrunken Heads!/He Man Cartoon Promo/He Man Mighty Cycle Big Wheel/He Man Action Figures-Hurricane Hordak/He Man Action Figures-Ram Man/He Man Action Figures-Snake Mountain Playset/He Man Action Figures-He Man and Skeletor/He Man Action Figures-Skeletor Skull Staff/He Man Action Figures-He Man Power Sword/Hersheys Instant Chocolate-Cow Roundup/Hersheys Candy Bar-The All Time Great/Hersheys Candy Bar-The Haunted House/Corn Flakes Cereal-The Beverly Hillbillys/Honeycomb Cereal-The Biker/Honeynut Cheerios Cereal-Predictable Howard/Transformers Action Figures-Horrorcons/Hostess Snacks-You cant skimp when it comes to your Kids/Hostess Snacks-Its a Kids World/Hostess Cupcakes-The Funhouse/Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies-Twinkie the Kid and Captain Cupcake save the Snacks

Commercials Comp DVD 11
Hostess Chocolate Ding Dongs-King Ding Dong/Hostess Fruit Pies-Fruit Pie the Magician/Hostess Pudding Pies-Brother and Sister/Hostess Twinkies-How do they get the cream inside?/Hostess Twinkies-The Twinkie Train/Husker Du Board Game/Starsky and Hutch Action Figures-Chase Playset/Demon Attack Atari Video Game/Beast Wars Action Figures-Inferno/Jiban Action Figures/Jack in the Box Restaurant-The Firemen/Jack in the Box Restaurant-Ham and Cheese Supreme Sandwich/Japanese Toy Models/McDonalds-Japanese McDonalds Commercial!/Japanese Voltron Action Figures/Japanese Soccer Handheld Video Game/Japanese GoBots Action Figures/Jello Pudding-Bill Cosby/Pantene Shampoo-Kelly LeBrock/Slice Soda-Phil Hartman/L.A. Beer-George Burns/Hot Bites Frozen Dinners-Gilbert Gottfried/Pizza Hut-Free 2 Liter of Crystal Pepsi/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Col Sanders and his Giant Bucket/711 now sells Beer Promo-Dabney Coleman/Pepsi-Madonna/Beverly Hills Cop Trailer/Apple Computers-Kevin Kostner/E.T. Board Game/Burger King-Bacon Double Cheeseburger/Bud Lite-The Black Guy From Police Academy Movies/Tab Cola-Elle McPhersen/Cool Ranch Doritos-Jay Leno/Synth Coke-Fake Cocaine!/Six Flags Amusement Park/Carefree Sugarless Gum-Milli Vanilli/Disneyworld-The Cosby Kids/Slim Jim's Snack-Ultimate Warrior/Coca Cola-Bill Cosby/Wherehouse Records and Video Store/Diet Coke-Whitney Houston/Budweiser-The Window Cleaners/Taco Bell-Free Batman Cups/Bud Lite-Spuds McKenzie in a Limo/Modifiers Toy Truck/Shasta Soda/Cherry 7UP-Amusement Park/They Live Trailer/Stove Top Stuffing-Vanna White/Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Trailer/Michelob Beer-Phil Collins/Life Cereal-Mikey all grown up/Sprite Soda-Kurtis Blow/Pepsi-Lionel Richie/Tab Cola/Panasonic Electronics/Pepsi-Cool Cans and Young MC/Coca Cola-Win the Ghostbusters Ecto Mobile Contest/1 900 Paula Abdul Phone Line/1 900 Sheena Easton Phone Line/Kentucky Fried Chicken-The Special Taste You Cant Replace/NWA Great American Bash 1988 Video Offer/Sun Country Wine Coolers-Charro/Coca Cola-New Coke and Bill Cosby/Sea Breeze Skin Cleaner-Elle McPhersen/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-Cupie Puss/Coors-Steve's Party/Taco Bell-The New Taco Light/Journey Atari Video Game/Disneyland-Fantasyland Promo/Pizza Hut-Refillable Pepsi Jug/Scrooged Trailer/This Is Spinal Tap Trailer/Incredible Hulk Kids Shoes/Jingle Ring Phone Ring Changer/Miller Lite-Joe Piscipo/Michael Jordan Jordan Jammer Toy Basketball Hoop/Joysticks Trailer

Commercials Comp DVD 12
Judas Priest Turbo Record Promo/Transformers Action Figures-Jump Starters/Product 19 Cereal/Rice Krispees Cereal-Free 1 Pound of Bananas/Sugar Pops Cereal-The Cowboy/Sugar Smacks Cereal/Star Wars Action Figures-Sy Snootles and The Rebo Band Playset/Kentucky Fried Chicken-The Boxing Chicken/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Why Cook?/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Original or Crispy?/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Foghorn Leghorn/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Monster That Ate Toyko/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Kids Baseball Team/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Rotessirie Gold/String Racer Toy/King Kong vs Godzilla Trailer/King Vitaman Cereal-version 1/King Vitaman Cereal-version 2/Kiss Kiss Your Face Makeup Kit/Kool Aid-Skateboarding/Kool Aid-Bugs Bunny meets The Monkeys/Kool Aid-Bugs Bunny Kool Aid A Go Go/Kool Aid-Free Kool Aid Man Comic Book/Kool Aid-Nintendo Game Offer/Corn Flakes Cereal-Corney goes to Africa/Corn Flakes Cereal-Corney meets Colombus/Korvettes Electronic Store/Kraft Mac and Cheese-DC Superhero Shapes/Kronoform Transformer Wristwatch/Laser Challenge Game/Life Cereal-Mikey Likes It!/Japanese Metroid Nintendo Game/Log Cabin Maple Syrup/Long John Silvers-Free Refillable Beach Mug/Japanese Transformers Action Figure/Lucky Charms Cereal-With Swirled Up Marshmellows/McDonalds-Ronald in The Great Basketball Playoff/McDonalds-Ronald in The Hamburglar Touch/McDonalds-Rockin French Frys/McDonalds-Behind the Scenes of a Xmas Commercial/Madballs Toys/Mad Magazine Board game/Magic Mountain Amusement Park/Magicworks Magic Trick Sets/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Manglors Action Figures/Maple Leaf Village Amusement Park/Super Mario Bros Rice/Mars Almond Candy Bar/Marvel Superheros Cartoon Promo/M.A.S.K Action Figures-Boulder Hill Playset/Japanese Masked Rider Bikes/M/A.S.K Action Figures-Buzzard and Goliath/Masters of the Universe Trailer/Matchbox Superfast Raceset/Coca Cola-Max Headrom/Mays Department Store/Burger King-The New Whopper/McDonalds-3 Great Tastes/McDonalds-Ronald takes Photos in McDonald Land/McDonalds-Its Mac Tonight/McDonalds-Homework/McDonalds-Its Such A Happy Place/McDonalds-Early Birdie Learns to Fly/McDonalds-Ronald in Back in Time/McDonalds-Ronalds Invisible Car/McDonalds-Michael Jordan vs Larry Bird/McDonalds-Chicken McNuggets Shanghi/McDonalds-Dick Tracy Crimestopper Game/McDonalds-It Was A Great Year/McDonalds-Ronald in Hamburger University/McDonalds-Disney Favorites Happy Meals/McDonalds-NFL Kickoff Payoff Game/McDonalds-McDLT/McDonalds-McKids World/McDonalds-Monopoly game/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Lego Toys/McDonalds-Hamburglar Steals the Cheeseburgers/McDonalds-The Recital/McDonalds-Tic Tac Mac Game/McDonalds-The Backup Oven/McDonalds-You Deserve A Break Today Game/Batman and Robin Action Figures/Merlin Electronic Game/Transformers Action Figures-Metroplex/Michelob Beer-The Night Belongs to Michelob/Mickey Mouse Talking Phone/Microman Action Figures/Transformers Action Figures-Micromaster Bases Playset

Commercials Comp DVD 13
Micronaut Action Figures-Centarus,Cronos and Lobros/Micronaut Action Figures-Equestron The Demon Horse/Milk Bone Dog Biscuits/Milky Way Candy Bar/Miller Lite-Case of the Missing Case with Rodney Dangerfield and Bob Euker/Miller lite-Recliner Ski Jump/Mini Wizzars Toy/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Pepsi-Michael Jackson/M and M's Candy/Transformers Action Figures-Monster Pretenders/Transformers Action Figures-Monster Bots/He Man Action Figures-Landshark Vehicle/He Man Action Figures-Monstroid Vehicle/He Man Action Figures-Figures From The Movie/He Man Action Figures-Spydor Vehicle/Mountain Dew-The Hillbillys/Mr.T Cartoon Promo/Mr.Salty Pretzels/Mug Root Beer-Kid with ESP/Mug Root Beer-The Mug Train/Muppet Babies and Monsters Cartoon Promo/Croonchy Stars Cereal-The Muppets/NBC Saturday Morning Preview with The Smurfs/Nerds Cereal/Nintendo Video Game System Promo with Bill Oreily/Nestle Crunch Candy Bar-Kids at the Movies/Nestle Quik-Rabbit Plays Guitar/Nesbitts Orange Soda/Coca Cola-Deserted Island/Nickelodian Gak Slime Toy/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Talking Turtles/No Holds Barred Trailer/Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs-Foghorn Leghorn/Outta Control Board Game/Pacman Pasta/Pacman Cereal/Panasonic VHS VCR/Paperboy Nintendo Video Game/Parkay Margarine/Dont Do Cocaine PSA-Guy Going In Circles/Cheerios Cereal-Charlie Brown the Boxer/RCA Laser Disk Player-Comes With 2 Free Discs/Atari 2600 Video Game System-Now Under $50/Tang Orange Drink-Bugs Bunny and Yosimite Sam/Tang Orange Drink-Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck/Seven Ex Record Store-Michael Jackson's Thriller Promo/Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-Twin Hearts Cake/Taco Bell-Score 64 Nintendo Game/Creepshow Trailer/Creepshow 2 Trailer/Dragonball Z Nintendo Game/Orange Crush Soda/Trix Cereal-Free Chocolate Ovaltine/Rice Krispees Cereal-Free Wacky Wall Walker Toy/Alvin and the Chimpunks Live Show Promo/Apple Jacks Cereal-Free Wacky Wall Walker Toy/M.U.S.C.L.E Action Figures/Cocoa Puffs Cereal-Sonny at the Circus/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Free Ronald McDonald Toothbrush/Count Chocula Cereal-Now With Crunchy Ghosts/Fruit Loops Cereal-Free Wacky Wall Walker Toy/Frankenberry Cereal-Top of the Castle/Hahn Beer/Japanese Nintendo Video Game System with Gun/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Bacon Cheeseburger Combo/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Col's Crispy Strip Combo/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Popcorn Chicken Combo/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Twister Chicken Burrito/M.A.S.K Action Figures/McDonalds-Big Mac Meal Combo/McDonalds-Its Big Mac Time/McDonalds-Grilled Chicken Burger/Colgate Toothpaste-Mighty Mouse/Ducktales Nintendo Video Game/Pacman Cereal/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Now With Lime Green/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-The Fruity Monster/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Fred Rides The More/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Barney as Bedrock Jones/Pee Wee Herman Talking Action Figure/Pepsi-Don Johnson and Glen Fry/Pepsi-The Pepsi Home Run Sweepstakes/Pepsi-Johnson named City Editor/Pepsi-Guy Opens Bottle With Guitar/Pepsi-Pepsi Free/Pepsi-The Horserace/Pepsi-At Disneyland/Pepsi-E.T. Likes Pepsi Better Than Coke/Pepsi-Pepsiman/Pepsi-The Pepsi Nintendo Holiday Game

Commercials Comp DVD 14
Pepsi-Shaq/Pepsi-Tina Turner and David Bowie/1 976 0300 Chat Line/Pillsbury Pop N Fresh Dough/Pink Panther Flakes Cereal/Pitfall Atari 2600 Video Game/Pizza Hut-Meat Lovers Pizza/Pizza Hut-Hand Tossed Pizza/Pizza Hut-Super Supreme Pizza/Pizza Hut-Bigfoot Pizza/Pizza Hut-Thin and Crispy Pizza/Pizza Hut-Pizza Lovers Pizza Deal with Andy Dick/Planet of the Apes Action Figures/Polly O String Cheese/Popeye Jack In The Box Toy/Kellogs Frosted Pop Tarts/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Powertrons Toy/Prell Shampoo-Christie Brinkly/Transformers Action Figures-Pretender Beasts/Dont Smoke Pot PSA-I Learned It By Watching You!/Puffa Puffa Rice Cereal/Putt Putt Golf and Games Fun Center/$50,000 Pyramid and Card Sharks Game Shows Promos/Quisp Cereal-The Mad Ball of Yarn from Outerspace/Raisen Bran Cereal/Battle Beasts Action Figures-Rampage and Depth Charge/Randazzos Restaurant,Fish Market and Clam Bar/RCA Colortrak Television/RCA Selectavision VCR/RCA Selectavison Laser Disk Player/Real Ghostbusters and Transformers Cartoon Promos/Burger King-Free Star Wars Glasses/Star Wars Cookies/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader,Lando Calrisian and 4LOM/Return of Godzilla Trailer/Revenge of the Cheerleaders Trailer/Revenge of the Nerds Trailer/Rice Krispees Cereal-Free Action Popper Toy/Rice Krispees Cereal-At The Circus/Robo Force Action Figures/Japanese Transformers Action Figures-Robot Base Playset/Robot Battle Board Game/Japanese Robotech Action Figures/Block The Clock Board Game/Rock Lords Action Figures/Diet Coke-Roger Rabbit and Jessica/Ruffles Potato Chips-At the Bowling Alley/Quisp Cereal-Free Gyro Cycle Toy/Quisp Cereal-Quisp vs Quake/Star Wars Action Figures-Speeder Bike Vehicles/Japanese Saint Saiya Action Figures/Transformers Action Figures-Triple Changers/Sanford and Son TV Show Promo/Post Cereals with Free Scooby Doo Poster/Japanese Transformers Action Figures-Scramble City Playset/Japanese Transformers Action Figures-Toy Watches/Seagrams Lime Mist Wine Coolers-Mario Van Peebles/Seal Test Ice Cream/Sears Telagame Video Game System/Sectaurs Action Figures-The Hive Playset/Shakeys Pizza Parlor-Free Frisbee/She Ra Action Figures-Free Mystery Doll Offer/He Man and She Ra Power Hour Cartoon Promo/Shogun Warriors and Godzilla Action Figures/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/ShowBiz Pizza Place-Free Billy Bob School Starter Kit/Silo Electronics Store-Super Saturday Sale/Silo Electronics Store-Spring Clearance Sale/Burger King-Kids Meal Pack with Silverhawks Toys/1 800 Collect-Homer and Bart Simpson/Sisters Chicken and Bisquits Restaurant/Transformers Action Figures-Six Shot/Smash Up Derby Playset/Super Mario 2 Nintendo Game/Smurfs All Star Show Record,Cassette and 8 Track Offer/Snap Cap Party Poppers Toy/Snickers Candy Bar-The Romans/Snickers Peanut Butter Munch Candy Bar-The Slaveship/Special K Cereal-At The Beach/Spiderman Cartoon Promo/Spiderman Triple Stream Web Blaster and Light Up Spider Sense Mask Toys/Spiderman 1970's TV Show Promo/Energized Spider Man Action Figure and Spider Copter/Spiderman Youth Fitness Workout System/Japanese Spiderman Action Figures/Sprite Soda-What is Lymon?/Sprite Soda-Xmas Morning/Sprite Soda-Kid Trades in His 7UP for a Sprite/Mountain Dew-Spy vs Spy/Star Wars PSA-Dont Drink and Drive/Star Wars PSA-Dont Smoke/Star Wars Action Figures-R2D2 Remote Control Figure and Deathstar Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Early Bird Certificate Offer

Commercials Comp DVD 15
Star Wars PSA for Child Immunization/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Frogger and Empire Strikes Back Atari 2600 Video Games/Star Wars The Phantom Menace Trailer/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Star Wars Trailer/Star Wars Action Figures-Large Size Bobba Fett/Star Wars Action Figures-Large Size Darth Vader and Chewbacca/Star Wars Action Figures-Dewback Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Hothworld Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Luke Skywalker/Star Wars ACtion Figures-Y Wing Vehicle/Star Wars HBO Promo/Star Wars Holiday Special Promo/Pepsi-Star Wars/Taco Bell-Feel The Force Star Wars Game/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal-Apricop and Hopsalot/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal-Its Berry Delicious/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal-Sweetscents Toy Oven Offer/Sugar Crisp Cereal-Sugar Bear vs The Blob in Space/Sugar Crisp Cereal-Sugar Bear vs The Blob on a Boat/Sun Country Wine Coolers-Ladies Man Bear/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Superman 3 Trailer/Superman Action Figure with Flyaway Action/Corn Flakes Cereal-Free Flying Superman Toy/Superman Peanut Butter/Tab Cola-Only 1 Calorie/Tab Cola-Bikini Babe/Taco Bell-50 Ways to Leave Your Burger Game/Taco Bell-Grande Meals and Free Blockbuster Rental/Talkboy Toy Tape Recorder/Japanese Transformers Action Figures/Superstation WTBS Super Scary Saturday Promo with Grandpa Al Lewis/Teen Wolf Trailer/Trasformers Action Figure-Train/Dont Drink and Drive PSA with The Thundercats/Tootsie Pops-Mr Owl,How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center?/The Exorcist Trailer/A and W Restaurant-Tarzan and Jane/McDonalds-Jr High School Yearbook/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Cheapskate Vehicle/Pizza Hut-Little League Baseball/USA Network Tuesday Night Fights Promo with Sylvester Stallone/Toys Galore Credit Card Offer/Toys R Us-Atari 2600 Video Game System/Toys R Us-Xmas Promotion/Frankie and Johnie Furniture Store-Free 10 Piece Box of Chicken!/Montgomery Flea Market-The Rappin Furniture Salesman/Pepsi-Britney Spears version 1/Pepsi-Britney Spears version 2/Pepsi-Beyonce,Pink and Britney Spears/Pepsi-Dave Chappelle/Pepsi-J Lo and Beyonce/Pepsi-Mariah Carey/Pepsi-Michael Jackson version 1/Pepsi-Michael Jackson version 2/Pepsi-Michael Jackson version 3/Pepsi-Michael Jackson version 4/Pepsi-Michael Jackson version 5/Pepsi-Coke vs Pepsi Truckers

Commercials Comp DVD 16
Flintstones Yabba Dabba Dew Soda/Corn Flakes Cereal-Yogi Bear version 1/Corn Flakes Cereal-Yogi Bear version 2/Zappers Video Game Store/Zelda 2 Nintendo Game/Zylatron Board Game/Cotton Club Soda/I Cant Believe Its Not Butter-Fabio as Tarzan/I Cant Believe Its Not Butter-Fabio as a Statue/Starkist Tuna-Charlie The Tuna/Star Wars Action Figures-B Wing Fighter/Star Wars Action Figures-Ewok Village Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Scout Walker Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Armoured Centinal Transport Vehicle/Time For Timer PSA-Eat Healthy Because You Are What You Eat/Tranzor Z Action Figures/Trix Cereal-Trix Rabbit Meets Bugs Bunny/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Shredder/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Chrome Dome/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cookies/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Krang/Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles Action Figures-Ooze Torture Machine/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Party Turtles/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Shelltop 4x4 Vehicle/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Pizza Thrower Vehicle/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Shreddermobile and Cowabunga Surf Buggy Vehicles/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-The Sewer Sword/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Technodrome Vehicle/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Live Show at Radio City Music Hall Promo/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures-Wacky Action Windup Turtles/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cereal/KTXA Channel 21 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Contest/Twins Trailer/Two Guys Department Store/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald's 1st Commercial/Visionaries Action Figures/Taco Bell-Viva Gorditas/Voltes V Action Figures/Aunt Jemmima Waffles-Waffle Waffle Bird version 1/Aunt Jemmima Waffles-Waffle Waffle Bird version 2/Wall to Wall Sound and Video Electronics Store/McDonalds-Feed the Wastebaskets in McDonaldland/WCW Wrestlers Giga Fighters Toy/Wendys-Crispy Chicken Nuggets/Wendys-Hotdogs/Wendys-Hot Stuffed Baked Potatos/Whamo Water Wiggle Toy/Win Lose or Draw Gameshow Promo with Burt Rynolds/Woolco and Woolworth Department Store-Xmas Promo/Woolco and Woolworth Department Store-Halloween Promo/World Trade Center Observation Deck Visitors Promo/X Men Action Figures-Water Wars Playset/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald in No Snow/Boy Scouts of America Promo/Fruit Loops Cereal-Free Kalidascope Toy/Cheerios Cereal-Watch and Play Contest/Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Candy/Halfsies Cereal-Free Glow in the Dark Crazy Ball/Lucky Charms Cereal/Star Wars Action Figures-Han Solo/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal/Sugar Corn Pops Cereal/Crayola Crayons/Capri Sun Fruit Drinks/Family Feud Gameshow Promo/Tidal Wave Bubble Gum/M and M's Candy/He Man Action Figures-Castle Grayskull Playset/Apple Jacks Cereal/Hot Wheels-67 Camero/Marshmellow Rice Krispees Cereal/Penny Racers Toy Cars/Balian Ice Cream/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Free Funhouse Mirror/Barbie Doll-Pink and Pretty Barbie/Nestle Chocolate Quik/Crayola Markers/Rough Riders Omni Force Toy Cars/Crest Gel Toothpaste-The Cavity Creeps/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Free Flintstones Poster/Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum-The Hyena/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader,Lando Calrisian and 4LOM/Aim Toothpaste-Hurtfull J Cavity/Superman Peanut Butter/Sugar Crisp Cereal-Free Sugar Bear Stickers/Clutch Poppers Toy Cars/Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum-The Sidewinders

Commercials Comp DVD 17
Spiderman Action Figures-Carnage,Hobgoblin and Spidey Webcopter/X Men Action Figures-Magneto and Wolverine Battle Bases/Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal-Free Olympic Medalion/Bead Magic Hair Braiding System/Digimon Electronic Game/Marshmellow Alpha Bits Cereal-Free Cartoon Drawing Kit/Gigapets Electronic Toy Pets/Bad Boys Of Wrestling Show Promo/Mighty Max Action Figures-The Hand/Born to be Wild Trailer/Barbie Doll-Bubble Angel Barbie/Nickelodian Floam Slime Toy/Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal/Hot Wheels-Top Speed Racetrack/Fisher Price Dream Doll House/Fisher Price Big Things/Captain Crunch Crunch Berry Cereal/Barbie Doll-Cut and Style Barbie/Nickelodian Smell My Gak Slime Toy/Barbie Doll-Highstepper Horse/Oreo Cookies/Hot Wheels-G Force Race Track/Fantastic Sand Jewelery Maker/Halfsies Cereal-Free Fun and Games Book/McDonalds-The Captains Golden Treasure/Rice Krispees Cereal-The Pirate/Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum-The Gum Runners/Moskatels Party Supplies Store/Kit Kat Candy Bar/Hot Wheels-Free Hot Wheels Belt Buckle/Colgate Gel Toothpaste/Capri Sun Fruit Drinks/Tonka Clutch Poppers Toy Cars/Tidal Wave Gum/Milk/Strawberry Shortcake Cereal/Honey Nut Cherrios Cereal/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald meets The Man in the Moon/Kool Aid Ice Cream Pumps/Sugar Smacks Cereal/Santa's Village Amusement Park/Pop Tarts/Trix Cereal-Vote Yes or No Should The Rabbit Get Trix/Solar Power Research Foundation Promo/Nestle Chocolate Quik/Star Wars Action Figures-Return of the Jedi Sweepstakes/General Mills Cereal's Watch and Play Sweepstakes/Hershey's Kisses Candy/Fruit Chewey Fig Newtons/Nerf Boomerang/Frosted Flakes Cereal/Color Sticks Markers/Super Yum Bubble Yum Bubble Gum/Hershey's Chocolate Syrup/He Man Action Figures-Man E Faces and He Man/Different Strokes and Silver Spoons Tv Show Promos/Wide World of Sports Promo/Zips Shoes/Chips Ahoy Cookies/Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park/Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Candy/Cosmic Kids Pasta/Sugar Smacks Cereal/Hot Wheels-1980's Firebird/Belt Racer Toy Cars/Fruit Loops Cereal/Battletech Action Figures/Dr Mario Nintendo Game/Dominos Pizza-Medium Pizza with Unlimited Toppings for $8.99/Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars-Bart Simpson and Apu/Visine Eye Drops/Oxy 10 Acne Cream/7UP Soda-Find the Cool Spot Contest/Profesional Office Supply Store/Dentyne Gum/Extra Strength Rollaids/Greyhound Bus-$68 or Less Special/Kodak Gold 400 Film/Milk/USA Network Tuesday Night Fights Promo/Combos Pizza Snacks/Right Guard Deoderant-Hulk Hogan/R.C and G.O Clothing Store/Jean Dixon 1 900 Psycic Phone Line/Stridex Acne Pads/Energizer Batteries/McDonalds-Surfer Dude at Stoneheng/Nestle Crunch Candy Bar-Chi Chi Rodriguez/Autozone Autoparts Store/Backdraft Trailer/Pittsburgh Paints Store/Burger King-Snickers Ice Cream Bars/Alka Seltzer Plus Sinus and Cold Medicine/Hudson Hawk Trailer/McDonalds-Surfer Dude in the Desert/Clearasil Acne Creme/Tree Tops Tree Trimmers/Sweets Kitchen Center Kitchen Remodelers

Commercials Comp DVD 18
Ghostbusters Ecto Blaster Water Gun/Marshmellow Alpha Bits Cereal/Fat Albert Cartoon Promo/Crest Pump Toothpaste/Smurf Pasta/M and M's Candy/Hostess Twinkies/He Man Action Figures-Fright Zone Playset/3 Musketters Candy Bar/Hulk Hogans Rock n Wrestling Cartoon Promo/Gobots Action Figures-Tux,Fliptop,Zero 1 and Leader 1/Captain Crunch Cereal-Sog Master and The Sogies/Whamo Big Wheel Carwash Water Toy/He Man Action Figures-Roboto/McDonalds-Making Music/Chewey Chips Ahoy Cookies-Free Mystery Poster/Super Fruity Bonkers Fruit Candy/Nerf Baseball/Nestle Chocolate Quik-Free Steve Garvy Baseball/Star Faries Dolls-Lavender the Unicorn/OJ's Cereal/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Pack of Tidal Wave Bubble Gum/Cheerios Cereal-Charlie Brown the Surfer/6x6 High Risers Toy Trucks/Fruit Chewey Apple Newtons/Zooroni Macaroni/My Little Pony-Baby Buggy/Gobots Action Figures-Destroyer/One To Grow On PSA-Get Lots of Sleep/Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal/Jonny Cat Cat Litter/Wet Banana Super Waterslide/Alvin and the Chipmunks Stuffed Animals/McDonalds-Ship Shape Happy Meals/Sunkist Oranges/Colgate Gel Toothpaste/Captain Crunch Cereal-Pirate LeFoot finds Crunch Island/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald in Going Batty/Barbie Doll-Dream Cottage Playset/Saturday Supercade Cartoon Promo/Smurf Berry Crunch Cereal/Slam Shifters Crossfire Countdown Racetrack/Smurf Spin Around Board Game/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald in Good Morning/Q Bert Board Game/Sugar Corn Pops Cereal/Reeses Pieces Candy/Happi Returns Laughing Doll/Pop Tarts/Time For Timer PSA-You Are What You Eat/Rubik the Amazing Cube Cartoon Promo/Keebler Tato Skins Potato Chips/Popsicles and Creamsicles/Barbie Doll-Peaches and Cream Barbie/Rainbow Brite Cereal/He Man Action Figures-Bashasaurus Vehicle/Aim Toothpaste/Honey Smacks Cereal-Free Dairy Queen Sunday/Captain Crunch Cereal-Monster Phone Contest/Oreo Cookies/Honeycomb Cereal-Free Mini Metal Licence Plates/Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum-The Blueberry Bandit/He Man Action Figures-Ram Man,He Man and Castle Grayskull/Keebler Swirly Q's Cookies/Good Humor Ice Cream-The Shark Popsicle/Get Along Gang Stuffed Animals/Spaghetti O's Pasta/Spiderman Energized Wallclimber Action Figure and Spidercopter Vehicle/Speed Burners Toy Cars/Lucky Charms Cereal-Lucky The Surfer/Milky the Cow Action Figure with Pretend Milk Tablets/Weinershnitzel-99 Cent Hamburger and Coke Special/Dancerella Dancing Doll/Koolaid-Koolaid Man in the Mummy's Tomb/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Magic Tricks/Oreo O's Cereal-Free Fortune Finder Toy/Wendys-Kids Meals with Looney Tunes Action Pens/Micropops Popsicles/Burger King-Big Kids Meal with Chicken Run Toys/Hersheys Cookies and Cream Candy Bar/Fantastic Fruity Popsicles/Frosted Flakes Cereal-Now Its Supercharged!/Sprinklers Ice Cream Bars/Pokemon Cereal/Snackums Snacks/Marshmellow Alpha Bits Cereal-With Land Before Time Marshmellows/Lick A Color Popsicles

Commercials Comp DVD 19
Burger King-Snickers Ice Cream Bars/Camay Soap/Kodak Film-Bill Cosby/WWF Prime Time Wrestling promo with Hulk Hogan/Covergirl Liquid Pencil Eyeliner-Carol Alt/Brut Cologne-Kelly LeBrock/Pat McKowen Ford and Dodge Car Dealership/Westmarc Cablevision Promo/Bazooka Bubble Gum/Sega Genesis Video Game System-Free Altered Beast Game/Burger King-Buy 1 Whopper Get The 2nd For 59 Cents/WWF Prime Time Wrestling promo with Sgt Slaughter/Nestle Crunch Lite Ice Cream Bars/Quick Grip Bar Clamp/Plax Mouthwash/USA Network Tuesday Night Fights Promo/Swamp Thing tv show promo/Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars-Bart Simpson and Apu/Energizer Batteries/Scope Mouthwash/Kit Carson Wallpaper and Paint Store/Secret Womans Deoderant/K Mart/Raisenets Candy/General Nutrition Center-The Juice Energy Drink/Thompsons Water Seal/General Nutrition Center-The Right Stuff Amino Acid Powder/Fritos Corn Chips/Stridex Acne Pads/The Sunglass Shoppe/Naked Gun 2 1/2 The Smell of Fear Trailer/Trident Sugarless Gum/Bayview 1 Hour Photo Developing Store/Terminator 2 Judgement Day Trailer/Bacardi Breezer Wine Coolers/Legs Inn Mueseum and Restaurant/7UP Soda-The Spot at a Wedding/Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Trailer/Subaru By The Bay Car Dealership/Burger King-International Chicken Sandwiches/Nu Finish Once A Year Car Polish/McDonalds-99 Cent Chicken Fajitas/General Nutrition Center-Heavyweight 900 Weight Gainer Powder/Kentucky Fried Chicken-Cop Pulls Over Speeder/Sega Genesis Video Game System-Free Sonic Game/Welcome Back Kotter tv show Promo/Swamp Thing tv show Promo/Crest Neat Squeeze Toothpaste/Boys in the Hood Trailer/Soloflex Workout Machine/Mountain Fresh Dial Soap/F1 Race Gameboy Game/Bodyslam Movie Promo/Coast Soap/Barq's Rootbeer/Bear Creek Power Equipment Store/Check for Radon in your Home PSA/Another You Trailer/Troy Bilt Tillers/Milk/Skittles Candy/1 900 Confidentialy Yours Party Line/1 900 Phone Friends Party Line/Wendys-Grilled Chicken Sandwich/Dont Do Drugs or Steroids PSA with Vince McMahon/Long John Silvers-99 Cent Crystal Mugs/Autozone Autoparts Store/Clint Eastwood Video Collection Offer/Hero Quest Board Game/Era Plus Detergent/F Zero Super Nintendo Game/TV Guide/1 900 Womens Confessions and Dreams Party Line/Green Giant Mushrooms/Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix/Fruit of the Loom Underwear/Sudafed Severe Cold Formula Pills/Blossom Hill Wine/General Nutrition Centers-Carbo Hit Weightgainer Powder and Amino 15 supplements/Super Mario World Super Nintendo Game/Burger King-Steak Sauce Burger/Iron Cologne/Star Trek 6 Trailer/Sega Genesis Joe Montana Sports Talk Football Game/Electronic Survivor Shot Lazer Tag Game/Wendys-Big Dave's Deluxe/Metroid 2 Gameboy Game/TV Guide-Holiday Viewing Guide/GMC Trucks/Stetson Cologne/Burger King-Free K Mart Xmas Coupons/Skybox Basketball Cards/1 900 Big,Blonde and Black Girls Party Line/Long John Silvers-Xmas Glasses Offer/Joe Montana Football Game Gear Game/Electronic Hotshot Basketball Game/Sega Genesis Video Game System-Sega vs Nintendo/Puffs Extra Strength Tissues

Commercials Comp DVD 20
Hot Wheels-Triple Color Changer Racers/McDonalds-Early Birdie Learns To Fly/Tang Orange Drink-Free Allowance Contest/Radio Shack-Off Road Radio Controlled Cars/Fruit Loops Cereal-Free Glow in the Dark Signal Flashers/Sunkist Fun Fruit Funny Feet Snacks/Pizza Hut-Free Land Before Time Dinosaur Toys/Hardee's-Free Halloween Hideaway Toys/Teen Looks Jazzie Dolls/Hot Wheels-Drive It Clean Carwash Playset/Fruity Pebbles Cereal-Rappin Barney/Police Academy Action Figures-Mahoney,Jones and Crash Cycle Vehicle/Megaforce Action Figures-Fighter Jet/Bouncin Babies Nursery Playset/Poptarts/PJ Sparkels Doll/Lifesavers Candy/M and M's Candy-Mickey Mouse/Hyper Drivers Toy Race Track/Rice Krispees Cereal/Colgate Junior Toothpaste/Apple Jacks Cereal/Wendys-Halloween Kids Meal with Playdoh Toys/Megaforce Action Figures-Backlash Bomber/McDonalds-Happy Meal with Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Toys/Toys R Us-You'll Never Outgrow Us/Fruit Loops Cereal-The Moviestar/Barbie Doll-Animal Loving Barbie/Little Lost and Founds Stuffed Animals/Captain Crunch Cereal-Free Bike Wheel Rattlers/Legos-Pirate Set/Cherry Merry Muffin Doll and Kitchin Playset/Playdoh-Make A Meal Playset/McDonalds-Ronald and The McNugget Buddies/He Man Action Figures-The New Adventures of Heman Figures/Barbie Doll-Superstar Barbie/Rice Krispees Cereal-Free Xray Viewer Toy/Devils Ditch Racetrack Set/McDonalds-Ronald's Tandem Bike/Instant Quaker Oatmeal-Popeye/Chips Ahoy Cookies-Rescue the Cookie Queen Nintendo Game Contest/Honeycomb Cereal-Free Honeycomb Watches/Captain Crunch Xmas Crunch Cereal-Free Captain Crunch Xmas Ornimants/Teddy Grahams Snacks/Real Cooking Tasty Baking Toy Oven/Trix Cereal-Free Trix The Rabbit Magic Wallet/Little Miss Dress Up Doll/Lucky Charms Cereal/Pocket Rockers Player and Cassettes/McDonalds-Ronald McDonald in Fry Kids/Barbie Doll-Cool Times Barbie Soda Shoppe Playset/The Wizard Trailer/Sweetie Pups Stuffed Animals/Golden Grahams Cereal/Playdoh-Snack Shop Playset/McDonalds-The Xmas Wishing Star/Honeycomb Cereal-Andre The Giant/Barbasol Gel Shaving Cream/Oxy Night Watch Acne Cream/Watson's Hot Tub and Pool Store/Hamburger Helper Zesty Italian/7UP Soda-The Spot Plays Pool/1 900 909 Boys Party Line/Sure Credit Card Offer/Hunter tv show Promo/1 550 Date Partyline/Hairclub For Men/Oxy Clean Pads/Afterburner Sega Genesis Game/Know Your Rights Legal Advice Phoneline/Bay State Aluminum Siding and Remodeling/Andover Tractor Trailer School/Beyond Fitness Electro Muscular Stimulation Workout Store/Lite Beer-Jumpin Joe Piscapo/1 550 Gabb Partyline/The Time Ring/Gary Shandling and Tracy Ullman tv show promos/Mary Dixon Psycic Phoneline/Head and Shoulders Shampoo/1 550 Teen Partyline/1 900 Glow Wrestling Girls Phoneline/Sega Master System Video Game System/Dianetics Book Offer/New Generation Shampoo-Stops Hairloss!/Robocop Video Tape Offer/Coast Soap/Contour Electronic Chairs-Free Panasonic Phone with Purchase/1 550 Date Partyline/Landriver 3 Nail Driver/Hollywood Hits Record,Cassette and CD Offer/Lee Press On Nails/Daniel Rogers Natural Hair Replacement System/Budweiser Winter Nationals Monster Truck Event Promo/Mystic Places Book Offer/The Laserbeam Wristwatch/New Image Hair Replacement System/The Butterfly Diamond Ring/Topps Baseball Cards and Stickers

Commercials Comp DVD 21
Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Troop Transporter Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Creature Cantina Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Death Star Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Patrol Dewback Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Droid Factory Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Mini Action Figure Collector Case/Star Wars Action Figures-Land of the Jawas Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Land Speeder Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Large Size Darth Vader,Luke Skywalker,Chewbacca/Star Wars Action Figures-Large Size C3PO,R2D2,Han Solo,Stormtrooper/Star Wars Action Figures-Death Star World Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Tie Fighter and X Wing Fighter Vehicles/Star Wars Action Figures-Greedo and Luke Skywalker X Wing Pilot/Star Wars Action Figures-Radio Controlled R2D2/Star Wars Action Figures-Radio Controlled Jawas Sand Crawler Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Hoth World Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Bespin Guard and Lando Calrisian/Star Wars Action Figures-Yoda and At At Driver/Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot,4LOM,Zuckuss/Star Wars Action Figures-Boba Fett and Bosk Alien Bounty Hunter/Star Wars Action Figures-Han Solo and C3PO With Backpack/Star Wars Action Figures-Twin Pod Cloud Car Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Cloud Car Pilot/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader Collector Case/Star Wars Action Figures-Empire Display Arena/Star Wars Action Figures-At At Vehicle and Daygobah Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-R2D2 with Sensorscope/Star Wars Action Figures-Imperial Attack Base Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Hoth Ice Planet Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Large Size Boba Fett/Star Wars Action Figures-Millenium Falcon and Imperial Tie Fighter Vehicles/Star Wars Action Figures-Bespin World Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Yoda Puppet and The Force Lightsaber/Star Wars Action Figures-Micro Collection Line/Star Wars Action Figures-IG88 and Bosk Alien Bounty Hunter/Star Wars Action Figures-Ughnaught and Lobot/Star Wars Action Figures-FX7/Star Wars Action Figures-Hoth Luke Skywalker/Star Wars Action Figures-9NOM/Star Wars Action Figures-Return of the Jedi Sweepstakes/Star Wars Action Figures-Slave 1 Vehicle and Frozen Han Solo/Star Wars Action Figures-Rebel Armoured Snowspeeder Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader Star Destroyer Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Taun Taun Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Rebel Transport Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Turret and Plobot Playset/Star Wars Action Figures-Hoth Wampa and Taun Taun with Open Belly/Star Wars Action Figures-Darth Vader Tie Fighter Vehicle/Star Wars Action Figures-Yoda,Obi Wan Kenobi,R2D2 with Sensorscope/Sega IR7000 Handheld Message Sender/Selsun Blue Shampoo/Sega CD and Sega 32X Video Game System/McDonalds-Bacon Double Cheeseburger/Magic Works Magic Tricks-The Severed Skeleton/Power Gladiators Radio Controlled Fighting Robots/The Interactor Video Game Vest/Skittles Candy/Steel Tec Toys/Singer Tiny Tailor Sewing Machine/Wes Cravens New Nightmare Trailer/Got Milk? with Marvel Superheros/Shick Desposable Razor Blades/WWF Magazine Promo/The Sidewinder Emergency Flashlight and Radio/Kodiak Chewing Tobacco/Remington Micro Screen Electric Razor/Tegrin Shampoo with Lyle Alzado/Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Bars/Kawasaki Motorcycles/Levi 501 Blues Jeans/WWF LJN Thumb Wrestlers/Seagram Wine Coolers with Bruce Willis/Hostess Pudding Pies/Franklin Mint Woodland Suprises Porcilin Figures/Rub 3 For Free Hostess Snacks Contest/Sun Country Wine Coolers/Disney Channel Promo-Free Mickey Mouse Beach Towel/Big Brothers Big Sisters PSA with Fat Albert/Lee Press On Nails/Players Club International Gold Card/Vinyl Mender Repair Kit/Mathew Lesko Book Offer/The Gator Grip Drill Attachment/Fubu Fat Albert Clothing Line/Preffered Stock Cologne/F1 Race Gameboy Game/General Nutrition Centers-Victory Anabolic Mass Kit/Lady Stetson Perfume/TCI Cablevision Promo With Super Dave/Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires PSA with Smokey The Bear/Fritos Corn Chips/GMC Trucks/The Wagner Power Painter/7UP-The Spot at a Wedding/Topps Baseball Cards-40 Years of Topps Contest/1 800 Uppercut Boxing Phoneline/Burger King-The BK Broiler

Commercials Comp DVD 22
GI Joe Action Figures-1981 Figures Preview/GI Joe Action Figures-1982 Figures Preview/GI Joe Action Figures-1985 Figures Preview/GI Joe Action Figures-1990 Figures Preview/GI Joe Action Stars Cereal/GI Joe Action Figures-Air Commandos and Attack Cruiser Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Arctic Blast Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Breaker and Attack Cannon/GI Joe Action Figures-Awestriker and Bridgelayer Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Badger and Paralyzer Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Destro and Battle Tank Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Battlebear Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Battlecorps/GI Joe Action Figures-Battleforce Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Bar B Que and Shipwreck/GI Joe Action Figures-Claw and Skyhawk Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra and GI Joe/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Commander/GI Joe Action Figures-Evil Twin Brothers Tomax and Amol/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Launch Base Playset/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Mamba Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Night Raven Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Rage and Dictator Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Cobra Zartan and Chamellion Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Defiant Complex Playset/GI Joe Action Figures-Dreadnoks and Swampfire Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Drug Elimination Force/GI Joe Action Figures-Falcon and Viper Glider Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Havoc Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Hydrofoil Vehicle and Tactacal Battle Platform Playset/GI Joe Action Figures-Legend of GI Joe Figures/GI Joe Action Figures-Mirage Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Mobile Command Center Playset/GI Joe Action Figures-Ninja Force/GI Joe Action Figures-Phantom X19 and Cobra Bug Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-William The Refrigerator Perry/GI Joe Action Figures-Road Toad Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Rolling Thunder Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Sgt Slaughter/GI Joe Action Figures-Shadow Ninjas/GI Joe Action Figures-Shark and Water Moccasin Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Skystriker,Rattler,Dragonfly Vehicles/GI Joe Action Figures-Snowcat Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Swampmasher Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Thunderclap Vehicle/GI Joe Action Figures-Tommahawk Vehicle/GI Joe Action figures-USS Flag Aircraft Carrier Playset/GMC Trucks/Clearasil Clearstick/Finish 2001 Car Polish/Swamp Thing TV Show Promo/Heinz 57 Sauce/Vanish Dropins Toilet Bowl Cleaners/Hillshire Farm Sausage/Semicid Vaginal Contraceptive Inserts/7UP-The Spot on a Deserted Island/McDonalds-Surfer Dude's Vacation Photos/Butterfinger Candy Bar-Bart Simpson and Psyciatrist/Wendys-Bacon Mushroom Melt/Autozone Autoparts Store/General Nutrition Centers-Genesis Real Strong Stuff Powder Drink/Dentyne Gum/Extra Strength Rolaids/Counterstrike TV Show Promo/World League Football Promo/7UP-Spot and The Blues Musician/Dominos-Medium Pizza for $8.99 and 2nd Medium for $4.99/Twix Candy Bar/Mountain Fresh Dial Soap/Swamp Thing TV Show Promo/WWF Primetime Wrestling Promo with Hulk Hogan/Thompsons Water Seal/Nestle Crunch Candy Bar-Chi Chi Rodriguez/Holiday Inn Hotels/Turtle Wax Car Wax/Vidal Sasson Ultra Care Shampoo/K Mart/Butterfinger Candy Bar-Homer and Bart Simpson/3 Musketeers Ice Cream Bars/Right Guard Deoderant with Hulk Hogan/Fram Oil Filters/Combos Pizza Snacks/Profesional Office Supply Store/Jean Dixon 1 900 Psycic Phone Line/Hudson Hawk Trailer/Tallberg Geo Tracker Car Dealership/Become A Nurse PSA/Treetops Tree Trimmers/Tallberg GT Cavalier Car Dealership/Burger King-The Whopper with Bacon/Crest Neat Squeeze Toothpaste/British Knights Shoes/Bic Wavelength Pens/USA Tuesday Night Fights Promo with Larry Holmes/Dominos-Free NFL Trading Cards/ICS Home Schooling Program with Sally Struthers/LA Gear Shoes with Joe Montana/Encyclopedia Britanica/Barq's Root Beer/Long John Silvers-Baked Fish Lite Meals/Noxzema Skin Creme/1991 WWF Summerslam Spectacular Promo/Mystery Date Trailer/Hulk Hogan Children's Vitamins/Woolite Tough Stain Rug and Carpet Cleaner/Rid X Septic Tank Cleaner

Commercials Comp DVD 23
The Survivor Survival Knife/Flight of the Navigator Trailer/Burger King-Double Deluxe Burger/Transformers(1986) Trailer/Gillette Microtrak Razor Blades/WWF All American Wrestling Promo with Bobby Heenan/Bowcraft Amusement Park in New Jersey/Sun Country Wine Coolers with Morgan Fairchild/Levi 501 Blues Jeans/Lee Press On Nails/Battle of the Monster Trucks VHS Tape Offer/WWF LJN Action Figures/Burger King-Double Deluxe Burger/Help Find Missing New Jersey Children PSA/Super Strength Clearasil and Clearasil Soap/Dianetics Book Offer/Zest Soap/Seagrams Golden Wine Coolers with Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone/National Alliance of Senior Citizens PSA/Flight of the Bird Windup Flying Bird Toy/One Crazy Summer Trailer/Cocaine The Big Lie PSA/News Week Magazine Offer-Free Walkman with order/Bullies Trailer/Prevent Child Abuse PSA/Sports Illustrated Magazine Offer-Free Football Follies VHS Tape/Manhunter Trailer/Nestle Crunch Candy Bar with Pete Rose/Wrestlemania 2 VHS Tape Offer-Now Only $39.95!/Sporting News Magazine Offer/Peach Riunite Wine/Advanced Dreamaway Diet Pills/Right Guard Deoderant/Flex Toy Truck with Power Wheels/YWCA of New Jersey PSA/Dance Party USA TV Show Promo/Oxy 10 Acne Cream/The All Niter Record and Cassette Offer/Seagrams Wine Coolers with Bruce Willis/Herbalife Diet Pills/Riptide TV Show Promo/Macgyver TV Show Promo/Active Length Lee Press On Nails/Maximum Strength Clearasil/Metamucil Fiber Drink/Time In Sports TV Show Promo/The Better Half Clothing Store for Large Size Women/Perfect Strangers TV Show Promo/Proline Sports Handicapping TV Show Promo/Brut Deoderant/Ivory Soap with Steve Largent Quarterback for the Seatle Seahawks/Take A Bite Out Of Crime PSA with McGruff The Crime Dog/Wear Saftybelts PSA with The Crash Test Dummys/Autolite Spark Plugs/GMC Trucks/Edge Gel Shaving Creme/Crest Toothpaste/Tegrin Shampoo with Lyle Alzado/The Living Planet TV Show Promo/Buisness Week Magazine Offer-Free Solar Calculator/It Figures Workout TV Show Promo/WWF LJN Bendies Action Figures/Hulk Hogan Hulkamania Workout Set/Castrol GTX Motor Oil/Thurocrete Concrete Mix/Seneca Frozen Grape Juice/Stick Trailer/Monroe Car Shocks/Kawasaki Eliminator Motorcycles/Night Flight TV Show Promo/Rolaids/Sinex Nose Spray/Tulsa Welding School/Crisco Cooking Oil/Shop Vac Wet Dry Vaccums/The Company of Wolves Trailer/National Buisness Employment Weekly Magazine Offer/The Sidewinder Emergency Flashlight and Radio/Pepto Bismal/Super Mario World Super Nintendo Game/Fram Extra Guard Oil Filters/Womens Confessions,Fantasies,Private Dreams 1 900 Phone Line/The Royal Family TV Show Promo-Redd Foxx/Ricochet Trailer/Electronic Survivor Shot Laser Tag Game/M and M Peanut Butter Candies/McDonalds-Surfer Dude at a Rich Guys House/General Nutrition Centers-Cybergenics Kit/Necessary Roughness Trailer

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